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And now there’s a comic :D


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Florida Officials Warning Swimmers Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Responsible For 2 Deaths This Year

Beach season is a welcome time of the year for swimmers and sunbathers, but along with the warm weather comes warm water, and a potential health hazard: … 312 more words

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Cannot un-Peep

What has been peeped cannot be unpeeped…
No way I could edit this. It’s pure gold by itself.

Okay, so the story behind this is that in the United States we have this thing called a Dollar Store (in England they have Pound Land I believe with a similar concept).  245 more words


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Just Admitting That I Hate Children.

no, it’s not like i want children to die or anything. not at all in fact. but i hate spending time around them. the smells, the noises, the constant interuptions. 459 more words

An Adventure