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Day 13 - Listen to your Generous Gut

Ever had that moment where you know you’ve got the chance to do something generous, and you just ignore that little voice telling you to do it? 1,164 more words


Day 12 - Kick the Bottle

If you had to live without plastic for a week, could you manage? No bags, no food containers, no toothbrush. Tricky. We need to work out a way to reduce our consumption and recycle as part of a generous lifestyle. 519 more words


Day 11 - Post-it Postman


I love a good sticky note, especially one which isn’t related to revision or memorising information, but a cheery, pick-me-up no-one is expecting. 952 more words


Day 10 - Fix up Look Sharp

I’m a day late, again!

I’m sorry – I’m desperately trying to keep up to day with the blog posts but the hectic-ness of last week has totally thrown me. 417 more words


#StDavidsDay - Why We Love #Wales in #DeanWye

St. David’s Day is drawing near, a time where we celebrate all things Welsh. Children don traditional costume, parades line the streets, and daffodil sales go up. 191 more words

Do Something Different

End it Movement - 27th February 2015

What have you heard about human trafficking?

What do you know about human slavery?

Who’d have ever guessed it was still a problem in today’s society? 675 more words


Day 8 - Tick Tock

sense the irony, a blog post on punctuality which has just missed the deadline of midnight… Whoops.

From the title of today’s 40acts I knew it was going to be a good one. 781 more words