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Doing hard things

Tiring morning, can be excuse for many things. From yesterday’s Ajahn Brahn session however I remember one thought: Is the work really hard, or is thinking about it really hard? 229 more words


NiteangeL® Small Animal Activity Playground Review

Earlier this summer I decided to purchase the NiteangeL® Small Animal Activity Playground, Suspension Bridge, Climbing Wall, Rope for Lucia off of Amazon. When I purchased it I didn’t have high expectations, but what I got let me down. 377 more words



I know that’s a rather salacious title, but would you have clicked on this blog post if I hadn’t used it?

Didn’t think so.

So minor tangent, I was watching  319 more words


8 Gross Things We All Do At Home But Don't Talk About!

When we are in the comfort of our own home and we know no one is watching we do some gross things. There are things that we all do, but would never talk about in public. 317 more words


it would be too late


I think too much
I know
I know hat was something that was…dare I say



but you couldn’t
And I knew… 42 more words



Waiting for that dream to come true as the days go by

‘Til you realize that waiting too long leaves you bitter inside

Sometimes waiting answers your wants, others times, no… 67 more words


Horror Movies + Wine

I’m always down to watch a horror movie, Halloween season or not. I seriously love getting scared! I was that kid at sleepovers who made everyone play hide-and-seek in the dark and always brought my dad on overnight school field trips because I knew he’d have the best scary stories to tell. 1,610 more words