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The Birthday Boy is Nine

I was born on Valentine’s day in 2009. If my math is correct, I’m nine years old this year. That’s why this valentine has nine Dobby-heads. 807 more words

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The Big Oh Three | Capybara Madness

Mudskipper turned three years old last week! My birthday is tomorrow, so I’m going to copy her blog and call it good.

Not really, but the thought did cross my mind. 18 more words

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Listening on Australia Day

In the lead up to the January 26 public holiday, my social media feeds were flooded with news articles, opinion pieces, status updates and long threads of back and forth comments. 624 more words


My Dear Mudskipper

Dear Mudskipper;

Your proclamation is sincere, yet I feel you have somehow misunderstood my position here. Perhaps I am more rugged than you, or maybe the climate here is more agreeable, but I vastly prefer the great outdoors. 762 more words

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2018 Stacy's Funny Farm Calendar

Facebook fans selected the photos for a 2018 calendar, and then I couldn’t find a good, cheap way to publish it. So, here is a FREE calendar! 22 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

2.01 The Worst Birthday

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Episode 22

Kim and Felicia are BACK in the saddle! The potterheads discuss Estelle from Friends, Proctologists, Rugrats, and eventually Harry Potter. 99 more words

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How to actually free a House Elf

“What’s with Lucius freeing Dobby by accident?”, I hear you saying.
“Does this mean that House Elves don’t do laundry?”, you ask.

Fear not, an explanation exists. 312 more words