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Why is breakfast served so early? And what’s up with milk that I need a nap afterward?

Sometimes milk jumps out of the bowl onto the rug. 696 more words

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Master presented Dobby with clothes! Dobby is free now!



Have you ever felt discouraged to read a book because everyone has read it but you? It’s kind of an odd feeling because we usually feel encouraged to read a book when they’re popular. 1,855 more words


A Regular Day

I’m dreaming about yesterday. Every once in a while I snore out a little whistling sound. The Farm Manager will never get a video of my snore, though she has hours of videos of me quietly sleeping after I snore. 781 more words

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Daily Drama 69 - April Goes Wild

Even without Dobby and the rescues, it would be wild and crazy here, especially in April. The songbirds are singing, the hummingbirds have migrated from the feeders to the flowers blooming in the yard, and I listen for peeps that might mean an imperiled duckling. 1,208 more words

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Tappet And Dobby Looms PDF

Tappet and Dobby Looms: Their Mechanism and Management on Amazon. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Tappet and Dobby Looms: Get this from a library! Tappet and dobby looms : their mechanism and management. 313 more words