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Tilting Paradise

I can feel the world as I know it tilting beneath me. I am caught in an unraveling chaos. A chaos that echoes in my head as loud as the bombs they drop outside. 413 more words



Fanart of Dobby! I really liked how his eyes turned out :D


The Best: Harry Potter books

Everyone knows the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling’s internationally bestselling books now exist in at least 69 languages and sold nearly 450 million copies for a staggering $7.7 billion total. 577 more words


Character analysis: Dobby

-Dobby was one of the kindest and bravest characters in the series. He had all the positive traits of a Cancer Sun: kind, sensitive, protective. He grew up believing that he was nothing. 463 more words

Harry Potter

Where is My Book?

I wrote my book, and then foolishly, I gave it to the Farm Manager. I thought she would print it up, but days went by and I didn’t see a stack of books like I was expecting. 300 more words

Dobby News

Foodie Friday - The Lockhart

If Fred and George Weasley opened an underground bar for underage Wizards on the Hogwarts grounds, I like to think that it would look something like… 257 more words

Adventures In The Six

Procrastination Station

Allow me to tell you about a little friend — rather, an acquaintance — I have who tends to pop in uninvited a bit too often. 1,683 more words