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Dobby to the Rescue

As per usual I own nothing. JKR owns Harry Potter and all its characters and I make no money from this piece of work. Not Edited Like most stuff on here atm. 12,335 more words

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Daily Drama 35 (by Dobby) | Stacy's Funny Farm

Stacy let me write the Daily Drama for Stacy’s Funny Farm today! She says she is too busy to write it herself, but I think she’s just getting lazy. 16 more words

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Daily Drama 35 (by Dobby)

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^ See that? I’m leaving it there. Stacy wants me to write this Daily Drama for her because “she is too busy” but she told me I have to use this template, and I think it is kind of insulting the way she set it up. 406 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

Dobby in brutal brawl - help us to save him!

Our little Dobby has been in a brutal brawl last night. :(

There is a female dog in heat close to where we live, which is causing us (and our neighbours) sleepless nights. 283 more words

Dog Rescue

Thankfulness Post: Socks

I love socks. Seriously, love them. You know how Dumbledore tells Harry that when he looks in the Mirror or Erised he sees himself holding a pair of thick woolen socks? 325 more words

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Preparing the dogs for blood tests on Sunday!

We are preparing ourselves and the dogs for step 3 in fulfilling the requirements. Step 3 involves having a blood sample taken from each dog, which the vet then makes into a serum. 159 more words

Dog Rescue