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A Brownie by any other Name would be just as Sweet

This week, as well as going back to school (hooray says I!), my little girl will be officially starting Brownies.  Her Brownie pack meet every Friday in the local church hall and learn skills, play games and do good deeds for others.  293 more words


Free Country Mens Dobby Midweight

Mens business attire is one of the most important aspects; therefore selecting appropriate clothing and accessories proclaims social and financial status. Mens white suits are most suitable for many events such as Business meeting, fashion events. 359 more words

I'm pretty sure they could have saved Dobby

When I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in theatres, I laughed at a particular scene that caused the entire audience to shoot eye daggers at me. 1,361 more words

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Harry Potter Crochet Dolls

Planning CJ’s 1st birthday has brought out the Potterhead in me. I’ll most likely post about his birthday another time but I wanted to share these really cute Harry Potter crochet dolls (aka amigurumi). 112 more words


Dobby - A Watercolour Portrait

I decided to do a portrait today of a personal hero – Dobby the House Elf (from Harry Potter).

I began with a sketch. I don’t know if you can see it (below), but made him smile a bit more – I wanted a happier elf. 57 more words


HP Challenge Day 23 - All The Feels

Today’s prompt is which scene (books or movies) made you cry the hardest.

I’ve hinted at this before already: Dobby’s death wrecked me.

“Dobby, is this Shell Cottage?” whispered, clutching the two wands he had brought from the Malfoys’, ready to fight if he needed to.

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Let's talk about house elves

For any one who has read Harry Potter, and even watched the movies (although you’d really have to read the books to understand this one) we all know that Hermione makes a big old stink about house elves, and basically how unfair they are treated and how it’s slave labor. 896 more words

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