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10 Saddest Harry Potter Film Moments


Cedric’s Body (The Goblet of Fire) 

This entry in the list is specifically the scene when Harry returns Cedric’s body back to his father. For me what makes a death scene work is the people around the death reacting and Amos Diggory has a powerful reaction when he sees his son’s corpse. 936 more words

Harry Potter

Do You Have a House Elf?

Remember Dobby, Harry Potter’s house elf? Signe Pike, author of “Faery Tale” says that there’s a long tradition of house elves and a respect for their presence. 252 more words

Debra Moffitt

The Capybara Party Candidate

My presidential campaign has turned ugly. False accusations of my dishonesty, my deceit, and my character from many years past are now being exposed to distract voters from the real issues, corn and swimming pools. 816 more words

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Peep Show: The Balancing Act of Cringe Comedy

Cringe is a difficult form of comedy to pull off well. It seems simple enough: put your characters into awkward situations and watch the audience wriggle at the second-hand embarrassment. 1,615 more words

John Berk Reviews

Parents Beware!

Children are getting very sneaky. The older they get, the sneakier they become and I feel it’s my duty to warn you so you don’t fall into the same trap I did. 301 more words


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 review


Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is my favorite book from the HP series. When it was announced that the movie is going to be divided into 2 parts, I thought, “ 738 more words

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