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Being an IPO Newbie - Part Six - Let's Talk About Time

I get hassled quite a lot for the amount of time I spend training my dog, mostly by new people just starting to explore the sport of IPO. 832 more words


Being an IPO Newbie - Part Five - Advocating For Your Dog

Today I wanted to take a step away from the choosing of dogs and talk about something that I think is really hard for newbies to the sport, but that is so important to keep in mind. 1,386 more words


Tales of an animal lover: Loyalty

My radar never fails to track a furry friend. It makes my day and any chance to get up close and personal with a furry is something I wish for on a daily basis. 59 more words

Doberman Pinscher Dog Tote Bags - Doberman Pinscher Bags

Carry your passion with amazing Doberman Pinscher Dog Tote Bags from TeeAmazing. Click the link below.
Find your new favorite bags and tote bags with unique designs. 9 more words


No lady in his life at present but he remains faithful to X, his dog, who goes simply everywhere with him.

X has gone up the village and left the puppy with me in my study – which is not conducive to concentration, as I have to be constantly defending my bookcases from being ransacked. 830 more words

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