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Yet another Duchesnay Falls hike

Last weekend, right before the official start of spring, before we got another foot of snow (and went back to -30 weather), before everyone got their hopes too high about warm weather… we had a couple glorious days of clear skies and sunshine. 67 more words


Dimka learning to scooter

Dimka has been learning to scooter!!

She’s is really good about “waiting” at intersections and is really good about going to side with traffic. She’s really good at following commands “Slow”, “Lets go!”, “Over”, “Right”, “Left”, etc. 592 more words


Review: Wisdom Panel DNA Test

So, I got the Wisdom Panel DNA Test done for Zoe and it is complete bullshit. I know for a fact her mother was a German Shepherd and that she’s the runt of the litter and all the stupid-ass test told me was that she’s very mixed breed (well no fucking shit) and a possible Beagle x Miniature Schnauzer mix. 254 more words


Trip Wire

Remember the days when you used to have privacy when nature called? Then parenthood happened and you quickly realized that privacy was a thing of the past. 209 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Beheading the Dragon (Tiamat Unbound #6)

My coffee mug spilled its contents onto the stapled documents in front of me as another rumble from below shook the entire structure. With a sigh, I sat the mug upright before picking the forms up and waving them in the air in an absent-minded attempt to dry them. 8,627 more words

Tiamat Unbound