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Gimme shelter......

After all of the recent precipitation Bree displayed a great deal of forward thinking today.

“If you walk with a big dog you should make the most of him…” she opined. 23 more words


AorAneve Presents: Nero Callas - The Doberman

Nero by Nero Callas

(Instrumental – In The End by Linkin Park)

Verse 1: It starts with…. One word, one name, it’s Nero. The prophecised leader of the new world heroes. 3,018 more words


Dog Behavior And Walking Your Dog

When I do a consultation, the first thing I want is for the pet parent to tell me what issues his dog is exhibiting and what is it that they want to accomplish.  307 more words


Hero dog dies saving family from mountain cobras.

A dog’s bravery has been acknowledged after it died trying to save his owners from killer snakes.

The male Doberman lived in the village of Sebekapur in the Gajapati region of Odisha, east India with his owners. 174 more words

Brave Dog

Black Cats and other delights

Lily, looking at a newspaper cutting “How to be a Writer”, scornfully says, “You just pick up a pencil and do some writing!” Her eight-year-old take on the world is clear. 281 more words

Pooches on the couch...

It’s a common misconception that allowing dogs on the furniture will “ruin” their temperament.   There is no magic respect switch that is flipped in a dog’s brain when they are not allowed on the furniture, and we’ve seen thousands of dogs maintain perfectly sweet and polite dispositions while enjoying the couch and bed with their people.  297 more words


The dogs of BoJack Horseman

Couldn’t think of anything meaningful to talk about… so here’s a bunch of dogs from season 1 of BoJack Horseman, in celebration of the upcoming third season. 427 more words

Bojack Horseman