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The Doberman Gang (1972)

Rating: PG

This film received the first “No Animals Were Harmed” end credit ever issued to a movie by American Humane Society (the oversight organization responsible for monitoring animal actors during productions). 228 more words

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Doggie Genetics

The What

Canine DNA tests have been around for quite sometime—Wisdom Panel, DNA My Dog, Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0, and newcomer Embark to name a few. 637 more words


Celebratory post

Since this is a big milestone for Mila, I thought I would brag on her here. I plan to post it on the forum I’m on too for Dobers, but here first. 534 more words


Running from Doberman

Tears are running down my cheeks while I run as fast as my small legs can carry me. The pine trees tower over me. Branches hitting my face as I make my way through the dark forest. 1,213 more words


Miniature Pinscher Dog

Country of origin:


Male 8 – 10 pounds (4 – 5 kg)
Female 8 – 9 pounds (4 kg)

Male 10 – 12 inches (25 – 30 cm) 161 more words

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A doberman, sideway look. A dog with character. One of the most famous watch dogs.