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Don't Ignore The Doorbell

Ahhh pets… For those of us who don’t have kids, our pets are our children.  Bogie my dog, is highly intelligent yet slightly neurotic.  We’ve trained him to ring a doorbell when he wants to go outside.  514 more words

My dog is such a fly!

Don’t go by his name. Hulk is nothing scary; he’s actually more like a fly. He flits around, his attention span absolutely minimal and if he finds you intimidating, he will cower instead of attacking. 292 more words


Below 15 degrees celsius, 5 Fahrenheit

when we went for the long walk with Frost this morning it was below 15 degree celsius ! that’s 5 degrees Fahrenheit ! quite cold…. 30 more words


Kevin Hart - Paws to the face at 7:40am....This is basically her way of t...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Kevin Hart – Paws to the face at 7:40am….This is basically her way of t… in our article… 6 more words

Life With A Puppy

Lets get a puppy…Romeo… Oh Boy.

He was tiny and cute when we brought him home. Now at fifty lbs and not quiet five months old he has become Devil Dog. 951 more words

Dimka and Mavis: Jan 1, 2017

Dimka with her angelic smile, and Mavis with her “Harrison Ford” smile. Moroi in the background. And not to forget Dimka’s beloved planet dog snowball. 6 more words