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America Relinquishs Control of Internet

At the stroke of midnight on September 30, 2016, America said “good-bye” to its long-time oversight of the internet, and along with it, the certainty of internet freedom. 650 more words


Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review!

L to R: Berry Me, Cork, Brick, Mood, Chocolate Wasted, Teddy, Corset, Scarlet Lace

I’m sure you’ve all seen the abundant amount of pictures on Instagram of what looks like the perfect, deep berry shade created. 638 more words

Brown Skin

The Story of a Syrian Family Treatment -


Tragic news of bombs that have hit the city of Daraa in Syria is heard, along with a black screen. You hear the voice of the reporter explaining the situation. 282 more words

Diversity of thought.

As I was growing up, I imagined that at some point, I would be part of a group of friends and colleagues who retained the things that made them unique, while embracing solidarity in the things that made them alike. 588 more words


31/16 Bạch Dạ Hành

Tác giả: Higashino Keigo
Diệu Thư dịch
Bảo Anh thiết kế bìa

Sau Henning Mankell, Higashino Keigo có lẽ là tác giả tôi đọc nhiều sách nhất trong năm nay, ấy là chỉ tính đến thời điểm hiện tại. 1,476 more words


Guards Are in Prison Too

Earlier today I was doing some reading and happened upon a story about the jail in the city next to where I live. One of the prisoners was telling about how corrupt the guards were, smuggling in drugs to make extra money off the prisoners and the female guards prostituting themselves to the male inmates for cash and/or drugs. 420 more words


A fart in church

One of the best parts about writing for this blog is the diversity of thought and experience of the readership. That’s not me blowing smoke. It’s true. 1,576 more words