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Bạn Bè & Gia Đình: Những Lời Khen

Tháng trước, Julia vợ tôi đến cửa hàng hải sản địa phương. Một anh chàng tên David nhận đơn hàng. David tỏ ra lịch sự, nhiệt tình và rất cẩn thận khi lấy cho chúng tôi miếng cá hồi tươi ngon. 553 more words

Happiness Now

Naomi Klein & Climate Change

A mini documentary from the fine folks at The Guardian with Naomi Klein about climate change and its link to humans habitually screwing themselves over. Enjoy.


The Martian and Pig-Out Kind of Day!

Me and my good friends have been planning to hang out for the past couple of days, but weren’t able to due to my headache or due to the heavy rains. 755 more words

Slice Of Life

2015 Toledo Film Festival

I went to the Toledo Film Festival tonight. I had one of my pieces in it as well. It was nice seeing every ones work as well as just how supportive everyone was to each other. 157 more words

After #MedX: The Big and The Little

A few weeks before attending Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) 2015, I wrote down my thoughts about life in the “Before #MedX” stage.  I knew that this experience would be life-changing, inspiring, and empowering, but if I multiplied those factors by a billion, I still would have underestimated just how powerful the #MedX experience was for those of us who were so blessed to be there. 1,241 more words


Under the Knife

Filing an early missive because I’m being forced to undergo the first of two carpal tunnel surgeries. Wrote this on Wednesday night, so by the time you’re reading it, I’ll be stoned out of my mind on whatever he gives me for pain, watching whatever Law and Order rerun is on basic cable… 252 more words


Bạn Bè & Gia Đình: Gia Đình

Không buồn cười sao khi nhiều người tiếp đãi người lạ đến nhà còn tử tế hơn với người trong nhà?

Chúng ta muốn bạn bè nghĩ tốt về mình. 402 more words

Happiness Now