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Doc, please make me look like Ivanka Trump

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

LONDON • Detractors will tell United States President Donald Trump to his face that they hate his policies, but customers at plastic surgeons’ clinics are electing to look like his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania. 475 more words

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Inmate becomes fifth man to 'unexpectedly' die at Two Rivers Correctional Institution this year

A 23-year-old inmate at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution died suddenly Sunday morning, becoming the fifth unanticipated death at the state prison this year.

Staff at the Umatilla facility were responding to complaints from Kenneth Allen when he became unresponsive, said Betty Bernt, an Oregon Department of Corrections spokeswoman. 17 more words

The Oregonian

Visiting Doc Martin's Fishing Village | Luxurious Nomad

Have you seen the TV program, “Doc Martin”? Well, today we (my friend Karen who has been visiting from Hastings) went exploring and decided to find the fishing village where the series is filmed on location. 21 more words

My Tribe: 22 and counting

I didn’t know they sucked so bad when I fell in love with them. Given my life-long love of the underdog, I might have picked the Cleveland Indians as my team anyway. 1,907 more words

Rights and responsibilities

I flew into Lisbon, arriving at my hotel just after midnight on Monday. I get that Australia is a long way from everywhere, but the 38 hours’ transit was a record for me and as I tumbled into bed, I dreaded the alarm that would sound a mere 6 hours away. 968 more words


||đọc|| 1984 - George Orwell

Thế là mục tiêu tập đọc của mình đã được đặt ra tròn một năm :) trong những ngày cuối của năm tập đọc, thì mình được hân hạnh đọc truyện 1984 của tác giả George Orwell… một cuốn sách rất ám ảnh mà 2 tuần sau khi đọc xong sách rồi mình mới có thể lên blog viết lại vài dòng cảm nhận được… 1,618 more words

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Bought 5 New Operators: Rainbow Six Siege

I played more Siege yesterday and this evening with my friend. I’m still not ready to grace the multiplayer with my lacklustre presence.
Part of me is still stuck in the run and gun mentality of the other shooters I am more familiar with.
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