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Kickstarter Launches For Cleanin' Up The Town Documentary

Anthony and Claire Bueno have been working on the first Ghostbusters documentary, Cleanin’ Up The Town during the last 8 years! In a year where Ghostbusters (2016) will be premiering in theaters globally… 314 more words


Wilding pine control with DOC

After tramping through Nelson Lakes Nationalpark my sweat-inducing journey through New Zealands various wilderness continues. This time the Department of Conservation (DOC) introduces me and four other volunteers to New Zealands desert: Central Otago – Oteake Conservation Park in particular. 373 more words


Doc Johnson The Realistic Uncut Foreskin Cock 8-inch, White

When you think innovation, you think Doc Johnson. When you think rubber, you think Doc Johnson. When you think Made in USA, you think Doc Johnson. 48 more words

Dating Diabetes 1 Year

Yesterday was David and my first anniversary :) We’ve had an amazing first year together, it has been filled with many new experiences, some struggles and a lot of learning. 653 more words


Первичный анализ очередного фишинга

Краткий разбор свежего семпла подручными средствами (а-ля сам себе sandbox)

И так, приступим к вивисекции.

Пример письма опубликую как только получу разрешение. Если вдруг кто-то забыл, как выглядит типичный современный фишинг – смотрите пример из … 39 more words


Girlan Pinot Nero Patricia (2013)

Cork still in my bottle opener, I lift it up to my nose and am reassured by the pleasant fruitiness. I pour a few drops in my glass and find the typical color of Pinot noir, transparent with ruby red and granate hues. 367 more words

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Dictionary.com defines the verb as “to give or lend, as from a supply, especially without inconvenience or loss.”

At that rate, why wouldn’t we… 405 more words