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Friday Dog Blog

Happy Friday everyone! 95% of the workforce is #done at this point, just thinking about Memorial Day Weekend, yet here I am working my ass off to get this dog blog post. 388 more words


9/16 Thiên Môn công tử

Tác giả: Phương Bạch Vũ
Đỗ Đình Huấn dịch

Thiên môn công tử là tập đầu tiên của Thiên môn hệ liệt gồm có tất cả 7 quyển, được Nhã Nam phát hành lần đầu năm 2011 với 2000 bản in. 1,618 more words


Fuck This 6 Month Old Baby Water Skiing

I’m back bitches and fuck this baby.

I took a week long vacation from blogging and I still haven’t learned how to water ski. 26 and 6 months old and I’ve never even tried to water ski. 171 more words

We have a new team member :)

David met a new doctor yesterday. His first GI doctor to be exact. The guy was great and so was the student he brought in that was shadowing him for the day. 151 more words


My Interview Debut

Here is an interview of me in which I talk a little about the history of the involvement of music in my life, and my saxophone playing from my younger years. 135 more words