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You're using wrong numbers


When testing, we often use constants to show that a number used in two places has the same meaning, not only value. How can we apply this when writing documentation or giving examples of algorithms you want to use? 130 more words


How to use CF7 Icons and Labels

Just add below classes in the field for which you want to add label or icon:

For icons :- wpcf7-fa-icon-fa-icon-name* (visit here to copy icon names) 20 more words


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A Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Spreading Like Crazy [Updated]

The page has a very real-looking Google.com URL and clicking on a link to Google Docs appears to confirm the page’s authenticity. It gets worse. That page invites to choose which account you’d like to use to view the Google Doc, and then you’re taken to a page that invites you to grant access to your Google Account. 21 more words


Google Docs Phishing Scam Became Widespread, Affected Many Users – Search Phone Number In California

Many internet users revealed the latest online scam and it is about the Google Docs phishing attack on Wednesday. The problem arises when it starts to land the inboxes of many users, which they consider it as a widespread concern for the popular search engine giant.

Warning: do not click on the google doc's you just received.

Did someone just share a random Google Doc with you?

First of all — Do not click on that Google Doc link you might have just received in your email and delete it immediately — even if it’s from someone you know. 391 more words


Does Your App Need Storage Options? Integrate BEMS Docs Service into Your Application

Does your application open or save files? Maybe it does both.  Does it support saving files to Box?  What about SharePoint, a corporate file share or any other CMIS-based (Content Management Interoperability Services)?  640 more words