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Schedule (2015-2016)

Hey folks!  After re-branding the blog and coming back extremely motivated and energized, I’ve decided to stick to some sort of theme or schedule for each month for the foreseeable future in order to keep me on track.   341 more words


Doctober Spotlight - Dr. Leonard McCoy

Greetings geeks, I’m super stoked about this Doctober month. Being a doctor myself there are so many people I both admire and loathe for their medical prowess. 420 more words


Doctober Spotlight - Doctor Bruce Banner

That’s right, today we’re going to talk about Doctor Bruce Banner as part of ongoing Doctober series. And  you know what? We’re going to call him Bruce, even if the television viewers of the 1970s didn’t find that name butch enough… 440 more words


Doctober Spotlight - Doctor Hurt

At least Summer has released us from it’s sweaty grip and we are free to sit by evening fires and wear hoodies like real Americans. And to celebrate the arrival of October, we here at evilgeeks.com are throwing a Doctober shindig! 581 more words


Doctober Feature #1: The Decline of Western Civilization Parts I-III (1981, 1988, 1998)

Disclaimer: Documentaries are, in my opinion, the absolute most difficult genre to write in-depth about.  These are films about real-life people and scenarios that shed light on various times, subcultures, people, and events, both contemporary and throughout our history.  1,325 more words


A Very DOCtober Edition of FIX!

We at Fandor believe in the power of film to celebrate and illuminate the world’s stories. By this measure, our latest edition of Fandor FIX… 383 more words