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Big Experiences Through Small Means

By: China Cox

As residents, we spend a good amount of time talking about our hospital ward experience at the small community hospital that serves as our primary residency home. 803 more words


What I Learned About American Family Medicine in Rural Tanzania

He stands, bent, outside the front of the house, the two steps up to the door being too far to lift himself leaning hard on the old stick, cloth padding the top as a cane or maybe a crutch. 1,139 more words


“Bad News:" Any information which adversely and seriously affects an individual’s view of his or her future.

I teach Physician Assistant (PA) students the art of the medical interview and this morning had just finished teaching the lecture entitled, “Delivering Bad News.”  I walked the students through the S.P.I.K.E.S model, encouraging them to plan out the Setting, think about the patient Perception, get an Invitation from the patient to present information, impart Knowledge to the patient, explore Emotions and Empathize and then Summarize the news.  569 more words


The patient's narrative & hospital medicine

Mary Fissell, “The disappearance of the patient’s narrative and the invention of hospital medicine,” in British medicine in an age of reform, eds. Roger French and Andrew Wear (London: Routledge, 1991). 579 more words

Thesis Research

Nurse, Doctors, and Intimate Relationships with Patients

Most health care related professional licensing schemes contain a uniform proscription against engaging in sexual intimacies with clients.  This sexual conduct bar does not depend on consensual or non-consensual acts.     1,149 more words

Medical Nursing

Why Doctors Don't Come Clean To Their Patients

Brian Goldman, Leana Wen, Archie Cochran, are all doctors who dared to challenge the status quo.

When Leana Wen decided to become a doctor she was inspired by her childhood pediatrician, a woman who allowed her patients to know her, not only as a doctor, but as a person, showed a sense of humor, and treated them not as merely a body, but as a human being with dignity, relating to each patient person-to-person. 2,431 more words

Human Rights

Data About Patients Should Be Patients’ Data

I think that almost everyone would agree that making good choices requires access to good information. That may be especially true with regard to choices about one’s health, where the stakes are high, the issues are often complicated, and there is a lot of uncertainty. 53 more words