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Physicians Must Use Caution in Social Media

Social media is being used in a number of occupations including health care. Some doctors feel that social media is a practical and easy way to communicate with patients. 176 more words

As I Lay Hurting

I had my first pain management doctor’s appointment today, as the new rheumatologist I saw at the beginning of the month doesn’t do pain management.  I went in hopeful.   773 more words


Can You Inherit Cancer?

Forget skeletons: Search your family’s closet for tumors instead. Having a first-degree relative like a parent or sibling with cancer roughly doubles your own risk of that disease, according to Noralane M. 17 more words


Renewed Faith in Pain Physicians

Quote of the Day:

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.  This is how character is built”.                              -Eleanor Roosevelt

“How often we kneel to our weakness, when we might rise to our strength”. 448 more words


Problem List

I thought my doctor knew me as a person. I found out she sees me as a problem list—and with problems that are not even my own. 656 more words

Nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills.

I dread the blood pressure machine sounds that are reminiscent to hospital heart rate monitors. The sounds increase as I ascend to the fifth floor where the pain management office is located. 724 more words


Love to Pee

The little boy was standing in the tennis court by the fence, facing out.  Doing what?  Sure enough. 

“I’m nature peeing,” he said.

Have you ever seen as much happiness than in the faces of little people peeing? 

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