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Being a Family Doctor is a lot like Being a General Contractor

By Erika Sullivan, MD

Being a family doctor is a lot like being a general contractor: you’ve got to know about all the systems that make a home or a building operational and then coordinate the necessary professionals to get the job of building or renovating the home done on budget and in a timely fashion. 564 more words


I don’t always do the right thing.  I don’t always figure it out.  That’s the worst part of this job.  The not being perfect part because not being perfect means I’m flawed and flawed people make mistakes and my mistakes can hurt people. 362 more words


Refugee Experience

By Patricia Avelar

I was shadowing Dr. Kirby as he conducted a refugee screening with a woman from Somali and two of her small children.  As he asked the woman general questions about her and her children’s health, she explained through an interpreter that she had three other children in addition to the two present with her.  822 more words

Who is YOUR Doctor?

Who is your primary care physician?  If you can’t answer this question, then you need a doctor – a primary care doctor – so that when you are ill, when you need preventive care, when you need medication, you have someone to care for you. 416 more words

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Might Hurt You

I had a conversation with a guy the other day. We’ll call him Bill. He told me that when he went to the doctor, he wanted his doctor to be God. 544 more words

Thank You Doctor!

The signboard which clearly stated that it was the office of ‘Dr. Nausheen Khan’ glistened after the compounder wiped it with a damped cloth. The nailed signboard was the only thing that made that ugly wooden door worth looking at. 631 more words

Random Thoughts

Words I’m Not Using Until Further Notice | Robert Nelson, MD | LinkedIn

They all have it.  Every industry seems to have a list of obligatory phrases, two or more of which must be used in any meeting or memo in order to sound professional and lend a sense of credibility to… 13 more words