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Doctor, doctor, I am sick...

Have you ever had a bad experience with a doctor?

We’ve seen social media posts about doctors who have gone over and beyond the call of duty but it’s sad to know that there are doctors who seem to be unfit for the medical profession. 1,671 more words

Social Media

Direct patient care time: A moral problem in healthcare as much as a practical one

I was dining at a friend’s house recently after a long day in the hospital. He has just bought a beautiful new home with his rapidly expanding family, and like anyone who has just moved into a new house, his spare time is invariably spent working on getting everything in order and undertaking small upgrades to make the new place as perfect as possible. 742 more words


Medical Mysteries

I would like to introduce a fellow author, Ken Brigham. We both have books published by Kellan Publishing. Like me, he is retired. In his case, he is a retired doctor and medical professor. 348 more words

My plumbing experience: Hoping that healthcare has more honor

Within the last several weeks, I’ve had two plumbing issues that have caused me to reflect on the honorability of various professions and the way in which people go about earning an honest day’s crust. 919 more words


The Right to Die: Individual Right VS Sanctity Of Life

Today I have a very interesting topic and I merely intend to ask questions and examine the legal and moral implication, not argue one way or the other. 745 more words

Healthcare IT should be a seamless triangle. Right now it’s a straight line

You may be forgiven after reading some of my articles for thinking that I’m somehow “anti-healthcare information technology”. It’s a subject that I’ve written a lot about over the last couple of years, mainly because I feel passionately that our use of information technology at the frontlines of healthcare needs to drastically improve. 559 more words


Listen More

My first posting on this blog explained why I chose to name it “Auscultation.”  I wrote that I wanted to promote a conversation, and that listening was essential to doing so. 374 more words