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Our dad, the pre-"House" House

When dad was an intern at Fordham Hospital they said he was one of the best diagnosticians they had. This was partly because he began every relationship by intensely questioning the patient rather than looking at reports about the patient. 25 more words

If Auto Insurance Worked Like Health Insurance, We Couldn't Afford to Drive

Once upon a time, you wake up one cold January morning to an email alert from your auto insurance company about a business deal with an alliance of preferred providers that will give you discounts on all sorts of auto service and products.

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Economic Issues

“But, I want YOU to deliver my baby ….”

“I want you to be there when I have my baby…”

The words sting every time I hear them. The guilt flows like a broken dam and pulls at my heartstrings, making me feel so heavy inside… 625 more words

"Medically Unnecessary": Scott Walker Doesn't Get Why His 'Cool' Ultrasound Remark Was So Offensive -- And That's The Problem

Gov. Scott Walker was chatting recently with right-wing radio host Dana Loesch about his efforts to set up regulatory hurdles to abortion access in Wisconsin, when he… 452 more words

Women's Health

Humanizing the Healthcare Machine: On Not Getting Lost in the Warehouse

One summer afternoon, when I was eight or nine, I impulsively chose to ride my bike down a steep hill near my childhood home.   From the top of the hill my bike accelerated at a frightening rate and I remember for brief moments somehow being airborne before landing in a pile of bent metal and bloody asphalt.   1,116 more words

Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks

The Grandiose Genius

The KHAMIR poison.
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“Doctor, we think that doctor treating my mom is giving her the wrong treatment. She is in the ICU, unconscious, for last three days” said the angry and crying son. 942 more words