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Pay your doctor?

Visiting my GP recently, I asked about having my hearing checked. Tests over past years have indicated a modest loss in hearing. I wanted an update. 330 more words

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The doctor-patient relationship

I took part in a twitter chat yesterday about patient-centricity. Several definitions were discussed, but they all described patient-centricity as a health system where the patient is the focus of care, where the patient’s world is taken into consideration, where collaboration is key. 383 more words

Making a comeback

It has been so long since I last posted that I felt inclined to use the above title. Then in doing so it dawned on me that this principle can be applied in the lives of my patients, so let me see if I can bring this full circle. 1,099 more words

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5 things that doctors learn from their patients

For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new healthcare paradigm—which is of course the right way forward—the doctor patient relationship will always remain relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. 599 more words


Talking About Death

A few recent experiences have me thinking about death.

The first was hearing a story on the radio about how physicians “manage” their deaths. The gist of it was that physicians are more likely to die at home without aggressive life-extending interventions than the general public. 456 more words

Doctor-patient Relationship

Our dad, the pre-"House" House

When dad was an intern at Fordham Hospital they said he was one of the best diagnosticians they had. This was partly because he began every relationship by intensely questioning the patient rather than looking at reports about the patient. 25 more words