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Compassion: A Path of Spiritual Evolution: A Course in Miracles' Perspective

When we witness pain in others we always react or emote in response to that pain in some way. The intent of our response is what defines the response as compassionate or otherwise. 1,455 more words

Caregiver Abuse

The privilege of caring

Never underestimate the impact we have on patients and their lives. Life can change immeasurably in the blink of an eye and after that moment nothing will ever be the same again. 584 more words

Doctor-patient Relationship

Pain in the neck (and back)

I have seen no shortage of patients with back problems, and a good 4 out of every 5 have clear spasms in the long muscles on either side of their spine (paraspinal muscles).  646 more words

Health Care

There is Hope America | Jed Constantz | LinkedIn

I just returned from the Mississippi Academy of Family Practice’s one day Direct Primary Care (DPC) event in Jackson, MS.  Pretty impressive I must say.  Truly a new breed of physician is emerging that if welcomed, properly supported, and given the opportunity can drive meaningful and valuable healthcare reform and transformation in communities throughout the United States. 

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Economic Issues

Right Call; Wrong Reason

There were several news stories last week that reported that Pfizer had abandoned its efforts to have its Lipitor brand of atorvastatin made available over the counter, without a prescription. 390 more words


Pay your doctor?

Visiting my GP recently, I asked about having my hearing checked. Tests over past years have indicated a modest loss in hearing. I wanted an update. 330 more words

Political And Economic Issues

The doctor-patient relationship

I took part in a twitter chat yesterday about patient-centricity. Several definitions were discussed, but they all described patient-centricity as a health system where the patient is the focus of care, where the patient’s world is taken into consideration, where collaboration is key. 383 more words