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Aging Parents: Is It Better To Have A Friend Be Your Doctor?

January 20th’s NY Times, Science Section’s “Hard Cases” column, Too Close to a Patient for Comfortmakes the case, based on AMA guidelines and other sources, that objectivity in medical care may be compromised by doctor-friends. 712 more words

Aging Parents

Trust me, I'm a doctor...

Sickness can return us to a frame of mind resembling childhood dependency. We need mummy or daddy to make us better. We are vulnerable and upset when we are in pain or danger and naturally cling to the one who might rescue us. 255 more words

Doctor-patient Relationship

Similarity and Probability

This week is school vacation week (because the kids are so exhausted from all the snow days they’ve had this month) and, as usual, many of my 6-year-old’s friends are away.  628 more words


How NOT to choose a doctor: Part 2 – Referral patterns and bedside manner

People choose their doctor for a host of reasons, some logical, some not. In this second of a series of blog posts, I’ll review several more points to consider as you make your choice of care provider. 986 more words

Feeding on the leviathan. Conflict in the doctor-patient relationship

Giovanni Scarafile

My paper is related to applied ethics with special reference to the ethics of communication. The task of this discipline is to defend otherness in the various contexts where it exists. 1,095 more words

All about law and medical ethics- Zabdi S.

Despite the great amounts of research and effort that my Vertabend team placed on designing a perfect pillow, I decided to venture down a new path of computer game coding and medical ethics. 983 more words


To Be Known & To Be Understood

WEEKS 26 – 27

January 11 – February 8, 2015

I know it has been a long time and so much has happened! I had some fabulous clinical experiences (saw a BUNCH of colonoscopies), made some tough decisions (like quitting orchestra), found a lab I am super enthusiastic about (and will share in a later post!!), grieved the death of a very good friend, finished block III and started a new TV show! 1,700 more words