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I Can't Make Friends - Anxiety

Mr. Clark stopped talking and walked to the ringing rotary phone on the wall.

We were experts, as 7th graders, in anticipating what phone calls would be about. 1,070 more words


When Doctor's are in the Sick Role

By Lauren Willis-Wood, MD

“I’m so sorry you’re here at 3 AM”, I say for the millionth time and smile sympathetically at parents sitting with their irritable, stuffy and feverish baby in the ER room.  620 more words

A Word On Cyber-chondria

Over the past few years, I have noticed,  increasingly,  that patients are coming to me after  having “done their research,” a process often referred to as consulting “Dr. 366 more words

When a provider systematically surrenders power to a patient - verbally, structurally and physically - the patient is empowered and trust is developed.

By Bob Chestnut, MD

In patient-provider interactions, the provider holds almost all the cards. The provider is on her home turf. She has years of medical training and experience and ultimately holds decision power in pursuing further diagnostic tests or prescribing therapeutic interventions. 641 more words

5 Ways To Step Up Your Patient Interaction

Communication between a patient and a doctor is a key factor in determining the course, duration and outcome of a medical treatment. When a patient approaches a doctor for help, it immediately places the physician in a position of power. 449 more words

Breast Cancer


She didn’t look good.  Just a few months before, she was upbeat, the news wasn’t good, but the treatment seemed to be working, her energy was coming back.   316 more words


Doctor-Patient: Who Is To Be Blamed?

The relationship of the doctor and patient is the most delicate and yet the most trust worthy. But they do have to go by the rule book. 790 more words