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To Bonnie Scotland (or Not...)

From the Diary of Doctor Watson

It wasn’t until Hannay and myself had boarded the 18:47 to Edinburgh (having avoided the usual ticket-buying process) and squeezed ourselves into the toilet compartment on the Flying Scotsman, that it occurred to me we’d neglected to do anything about the body. 371 more words

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A Deadman's Pockets...

From the Diary of Doctor Watson

There was little need to check the man’s vital signs, but I went through the motions nevertheless. Given my companion’s somewhat heightened sense of terror, I decided to break the news to him as gently as possible: 520 more words

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From a Window...

From the Diary of Dr Watson

It was dark when Hannay and myself arrived at his apartment. My companion’s initial enthusiasm (spurred by the knowledge of the gun in my pocket), had by this time dissipated somewhat. 430 more words

Detective Fiction

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story by Michael Dibdin

‘You could be Holmes, I’ll be Watson/

Every hero, yes even me /

Everybody has their Moriarty’

As Belle & Sebastian put it so melodically, all superheroes need a supervillain. 345 more words

Sherlock Holmes

The Spy at Night...

To Sherlock Holmes Esq from Doctor Watson

Dear Holmes

As you appear to be ignoring my messages, I have taken it upon myself to investigate the matter I brought to your attention the other day. 505 more words

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A Timely Missive...

Hand-delivered by Urchin

Deer Docter Watsen

I am sure yule forgiv this intrushon inter your privat life, but I have come upon a situashon what you might be abel ter help with (or indeed, your pal Mister Holmes). 244 more words

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And From the Comfort of His Armchair...

From the diary of Doctor Watson.

“I still don’t understand why you let that man go, Holmes,” I muttered, spreading a dollop of butter on one of Mrs Hudson’s hot muffins. 769 more words

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