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Very Cold Comfort at the Farm...

From the Diary of Doctor J. Watson

Having made it clear to my dear wife that I would be catching the early train, I should have expected some kerfuffle on my departure. 719 more words

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English Words, French Letters...

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Doctor J. Watson

(Chateaux Pompadour, Rue de l’Ocean, Pornic, France)

Dearest Johnny

As you will see from my current address, I am holidaying in a quaint little chateaux overlooking ‘Le Mer’ (excuse any shortcomings in my grammar – I haven’t locked lips with the lingo since prep school). 282 more words

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'The House of Silk' by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk: The Bestselling Sherlock Holmes Novel

Sherlock Holmes is dead and now his ageing companion, Dr Watson, also teeters towards death. With no-one left to answer to, the great detective’s biographer puts pen to paper one last time to document two very different, yet inexplicably connected, mysteries. 421 more words


A Curious Communication...

To Sherlock Holmes Esq from Doctor Watson

My Dear Holmes

I trust you’ve heard about the ‘Moriarty’s Ma’ debacle at Scotland Yard? I can’t believe Lestrade thought it was a good idea to let the Evil Genius have visitors, but that’s what a public school education does for you, eh? 295 more words

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The Cutting Table...

From the Diary of Doctor J. Watson

The next few hours passed like a blur as Holmes, Lestrade and I were trussed up and bundled into the back of one of those new-fangled ‘horseless carriage’ machineries and transported to the place of our execution. 1,619 more words

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The Director's Cut...

From the Diary of Doctor J. Watson

As I sit here in front of a warm fire, a mug of Cocoa on the arm of my favourite chair, my dear wife rubbing my poor feet in that special way of hers, I can only thank God that this nasty business is all over. 643 more words

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Time For Your Close-up Mr Holmes...

From the Journal of Inspector G Lestrade

Proceeding in a southerly direction (or easterly if my constable is to be believed) we hurried up the alley after the figure I suspected to be the Evil Genius Professor Moriarty. 433 more words

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