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Doctor Who XXX[4].16: The Waters of Mars

A review from the archives, written in November 2009 shortly after The Waters of Mars was broadcast.

When Doctor Who has managed possession, it has done so rather well.  528 more words

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nuWho 2x01: New Earth

It’s a new season and a new incarnation, so we ease in with the Doctor powering up the TARDIS while Rose says her goodbyes. She gives Mickey an extra-long kiss on the lips but he doesn’t seem comforted in the slightest. 2,559 more words


Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - The Movie

Well, it could have been a lot worse. When The Last Airbender came out, I remember wondering ‘who is this for?’ the only people who will see it are fans of the show, and yet fans of the show will hate it because it’s not the show. 205 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty-Six

Battlefield – How wonderful it is to have Nicholas Courtney back; I love that the Brig recognises the Doctor straight away because who else would it be. 1,364 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty-Four

Time and the Rani – In isolation this is bad enough, but to have this be an introductory story for a new Doctor. The dialogue is terrible (“a hologram. 1,063 more words

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Doctor Who: 2017 Christmas Special - Twice Upon a Time

“Letting go of the Doctor is so, SO hard. Isn’t it?”


It’s been a strange Christmas for me, with my life changing so much so quickly. 1,303 more words

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Doctor Who - Twice Upon A Time Review ("I Shall Miss Him; Yes I Shall Miss Him")

There’s been a little tradition on the Stuart Reviews Stuff blog since 2013, and it’s that I never write a Doctor Who Christmas Special review on Christmas Day. 1,758 more words