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Doctor Who Review: Under The Lake

Review by Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer


Do you believe in ghosts? Peter Capaldi’s first attempt to answer that question only led to a disappointing conclusion (Hide). 410 more words

Chopping Block Review

Review: 'Under the Lake'

Toby Whithouse’s output for Doctor Who has been wildly inconsistent over the years. On the one hand he wrote one of the best episodes since 2005 (‘The God Complex’) – on the other hand he followed it the next year with one of the worst (‘A Town Called Mercy’). 1,345 more words

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9.1 & 9.2 - "The Magician's Apprentice"/"The Witch's Familiar"

On his way to a bookshop, The Doctor accidentally finds himself in the middle of an alien battlefield where a young boy’s life is in jeopardy. 1,199 more words

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Doctor Who - The Magician's Apprentice & The Witch's Familiar Review (or "So Davros Just Couldn't Be Bothered Opening His Eyes Before Now?")

Right then; so as I explained last week, I don’t see the point in doing reviews of single episodes when they are part of a larger story, and that’s why I’ve waited until now to fully review… 1,498 more words

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7.7 - "The Rings Of Akhaten"

The Doctor takes Clara to see something awesome; a bunch of sort-of asteroid type worlds and a whole load of rocks swirling round a big orange planet, the fabled Rings of Ahkaten.  1,173 more words

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