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Doctor Who Series 8 Reviews: Deep Breath

Deep Breath is a story that has a lot of elements of something I love but there’s quite a few big issues with it I can’t ignore. 2,001 more words

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Dr Who Series 8 Reviews: An Introduction

Okay. I originally wasn’t going to do this but I think I need to get this stuff out of my system before I get into Series 8. 758 more words

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The Problem with Martha Jones

          In private, I like to think about Doctor Who, and after hearing many fellow Whovians call Martha Jones “underrated”, I’ve been trying to find a way to express my feelings about the character. 1,648 more words

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Stuart Reviews Doctor Who - Book Two: The Modern Era Now Available

Hi guys,

Just an update to let you know that at long last, Stuart Reviews Doctor Who – Book Two: The Modern Era is now available on Amazon. 258 more words


The epic re-watch begins here, where it all started, with the very first episode of Doctor Who, titled An Unearthly Child.

This four-part serial was broadcast from November 23 to December 14, 1963 (before I even existed!).

110 more words

Doctor Who - Last Christmas Review (or “Nobody Likes The Tangerines? Sounds Like a Classic Case of West Coast Bias To Me")

I’ve written the original introduction to this to review in my Stuart Reviews Doctor Who: Book Two document (available early 2015). It makes sense in that, but not here. 1,529 more words

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