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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty-Two

Attack of the Cybermen – Poor Colin Baker. Big Finish has proven what a wonderful Doctor he could be given a half-decent script. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I slaughter his television stories. 1,832 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty-One

Warriors of the Deep – This story makes me angry at how unbelievably stupid everyone – particularly the Doctor – acts in it The first thing our hero does is cause a nuclear reaction just to get the guards attention. 2,012 more words

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nuWho: The Christmas Invasion

Not unlike “Rose”, we pan from the Moon down into Jackie Tyler decorating her Christmas Crimbo tree. It’s white and gold with pastel lightbulbs, the better to blend in with the room. 3,325 more words


Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty

Arc of Infinity – You can see why the Doctor left Gallifrey; it really is one of the least interesting planets on the show. Ron Jones’s direction is uninspiring; the scenes filmed on location in Amsterdam are no more interesting than those set in the Gallifreyan airport lounge. 2,128 more words

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Doctor Who Series 3 - My Overall Thoughts

At this point Doctor Who had cemented its identity so the only real task this series faced was to introduce Martha as the new companion but it also ended up bringing back one of the classic series’ most iconic villains, the Master. 334 more words


Doctor Who Series 3 - Episode Ranking

Here in this list I am going to rank the episodes in series three of Doctor Who in order of weakest to strongest. Of course this is just my opinion as of writing and I am counting two-parters as one story as really counting them as separate episodes would be unfair as they are two halves of a greater whole. 480 more words


Doctor Who S3, E13 “Last of the Time Lords” Review

Last of the Time Lords is the second part in the two-part finale and after the previous episode’s great cliffhanger there’s a lot of expectations behind this one. 832 more words