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Short Trips Collector's Item review

If you subscribe to the Big Finish main range and your sub includes the March 2017 releaseĀ Zaltys, please don’t forget to download Paul J Salmoff’sĀ  85 more words

Doctor Who

We have a new TARDIS Team

TARDIS teams seem to have gone out of fashion in the modern series of the show. In the classic era, they were common place. The very first season of the show back in 1963 had a four man crew of the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. 995 more words


Doctor Who: 10 things we want to see in series 10

It’s not long now until a new series of Doctor Who starts, and with a new companion.

As the clock ticks oh-so-slowly towards Doctor Who Series 10, what are our hopes and dreams for the 2017 season? 808 more words


How on Earth do you draw quickly?

It’s been a few years since I stopped drawing due to medical school and mental illness. I came back to the art world after a year of medications, feeling calm and confident enough to start a drawing and finish it. 224 more words

My Artwork

Picture of the Day: Enter Stage Left

From 1977: Tom Baker waits for his cue while filming Nightmare of Eden


The power of nightmares.

This week I have been quite excited, mainly because a certain book is on it’s way through the post. Although I am a very keen reader, it’s not that often I get over excited by the release of a book. 656 more words

Doctor Who