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Why We Need Fandoms

When I began college, I was going through a rough time – definitely the darkest time in my life up to that point. I felt broken, alone, and forgotten, but I hid it and pretended to be fine. 340 more words


Stubbed Toe - A Doctor Donna Fic

‘Ow ow ow, it hurts!’ The Doctor complained, hopping on his foot, clutching his left foot in his hand. Donna didn’t even bother to look up from the magazine she was reading in the jump seat. 141 more words

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'Junglos 4198'– Part Four

Hello everyone! :)

There is now one more story of ‘The Salvador Trilogy’ left!

This is to let you know that ‘Junglos 4198’ is now complete on… 314 more words

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Picture of the Day: A Time Lord's Best Friend

From 1989: Sylvester McCoy and a furry companion take a break from shooting Ghost Light.


A Movie A Day #54: Daleks -- Invasion Earth: 2150 (1966, directed by Gordon Flemyng)

When London Special Constable Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins) spots a robbery at a jewelry store, he runs into a police box to call for backup.  But this is no ordinary blue police call box.   459 more words


The Heralds of Destruction by Paul Cornell

An alien invasion draws the Doctor, Jo and UNIT into a battle against an old foe.

A new Doctor Who story from acclaimed writer Paul Cornell is always cause for excitement, but when the gorgeous cover above Third Doctor title was released anticipation reached new levels. 1,556 more words

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Tenth Doctor: Fires of Pompeii

Writer: James Moran

Director: Collin Teague

Producer: Phil Collinson

Series: 4, episode 2

Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Summary: The Doctor takes Donna on her first trip in the TARDIS, landing in Pompeii on the day Vesuvius is about to erupt ( 240 more words

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