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Picture Of The Day: Dinos, Meet Spaceship

From 2012: Matt Smith et al setting up for a shot from Dinosaurs On A Spaceship


ICHF: Daleks

Television series can sometimes present a bit of a challenge when it comes to classifying their genre, as their episodic nature, pool of different writers, and need to keep their stories “fresh” can result in them blurring the lines between genres more often than shorter form works like movies. 899 more words

Creepy Column

Class Episode 1: Tonight We Might Die

The Doctor Who spinoff Class was recently added to iPlayer and it gets off to a great start, like a really really diverse and fun and dark and just great start. 602 more words


If you could go back and read James Gleick's Time Travel: A History again for the first time, you just might

Time Travel: A History
By James Gleick
352 pp; $35.95

The clichés and tropes of time travel in popular culture are so worn, so tattered from use and abuse, it’s somewhat shocking to learn – or to be reminded – that the concept of sending a person through time via scientific means is barely a century old. 825 more words


Review: Class 1x01+2 - For Tonight We Might Die/The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo

The bell has finally wrung for Doctor Who spin-off Class to begin! Here’s our report on the debut two-parter… 625 more words


David Tennant: The Man, The Legend

This year has really made me discover one actor in particular, and that is the one and only David Tennant. I knew who he was before, trust me I haven’t been living under a rock, but I wasn’t really as much aware of him as I am now. 210 more words


Journey across the Whoniverse – Let me introduce you to… The Doctor!

Beneath you’ll find a post I wrote a few years back for the Belgian Whovians blog. It is something I loved writing so I wanted to share it with you guys. 1,235 more words