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In Memory Alone

The first unofficial Doctor Who spinoff video was Wartime, in 1988.  This was made by Reeltime Pictures, known for their Myth Makers interview tapes, and is the only one of its kind that was made while Doctor Who was still on television.  1,897 more words

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Doctor Who: The Beginning [Big Finish - The Companion Chronicles]

Back in 2013, lots of people connected with Doctor Who was finding ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the adventures of everybody’s favorite Time Lord…unless you’re a really big fan of Morbius or something.  586 more words

Doctor Who

Denver Comic Con brought out the best in 2018 cosplay

Pop culture conventions tend to bring out the best in cosplay, and Denver Comic Con can boast another great year. The Colorado Convention Center was teaming with costumes that people had poured passion and hard work into this past weekend June 15-17, 2018. 364 more words

Doctor Who Season 9: The Cycles of an Immortal Life

Genre: Sci-fi

Synopsis: A Time Lord, the Doctor, travels through time and space, answering calls for help and saving humanity. He’s almost always joined by a companion–currently, a teacher named Clara–who keeps him company, and keeps him from doing anything too terrible. 724 more words


Look book: 60s Companions

60s Doctor Who is full of charm, wonderful stories and amazing characters. We’re obsessed with the fabulous women aboard the TARDIS and their amazing 60s style – yes, even Dodo’s! 856 more words


Rating: Doctor Who, Season 8

We have carried on our rewatching and rating to season 8 of the modern Doctor Who. Here’s our take:

  1. “Deep Breath” – 5.5
  2. “Into the Dalek” – 5…
  3. 749 more words
Seen On Screen

Most Exciting: Dr. Who & the Daleks on the Big Screen... IN COLOUR!

When I first got into Doctor Who fandom in a big way in the late 1980s, the received wisdom amongst fans was that the two Peter Cushing films from the 60s, … 2,222 more words

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