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The Lair of the Yeti

This is a first draft, the bare bones of a story. I need to work on characterisations and ironing out a few plot points but would be interested to hear any feedback. 15,565 more words

Announcing a new game from Looney Labs: Doctor Who Fluxx!!!

I’m really looking forward to this one! I’ve seen the card list, and it includes the twelve TV Doctors, Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, and the Ponds! 136 more words


Review: Doom Coalition 4

Here we are: the final installment. Looking back, Doom Coalition represents an interesing Big Finish transition, as they got the rights to and, naturally, wholeheartedly embraced New Who. 891 more words


Dr. Who

Recently I found out that I have access to all the Dr. Who seasons thanks to Amazon Prime! Once I’m on maternity leave I’ll most likely have a marathon with from season 1 through 9. 209 more words

Amy Pond

Five TV series to watch when you're feeling down

We all experience inevitable bad days. Whenever you feel like nothing can help make you feel better, you might want to try to watch these shows that are perfect companions to your hard times. 711 more words


Harry Potter fangirl escapes into stories, knits cutest toys you've ever seen (no, really)

If you’re a geek, to see the adorable knitted creations of Dawn Branch is to love them. And want to take them home.

A die-hard Harry Potter fan and anglophile, she began knitting whimsical toys when her youngest niece was born. 2,694 more words

DW: The Behemoth Review

The Main Range loops back round to the Sixth Doctor, and a new dose of his adventures with both Constance and the returning Flip. The Behemoth is an odd story, in that it’s pretty much an old fashioned First Doctor historical, with literally no aliens or sci-fi/fantasy things in general present, beyond The Doctor and his time travelling ways, obviously. 903 more words

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