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I met the doctor....and he's fantastic!

I don’t really watch TV. Most of the time, I spend time reading books or comics. I do watch some series though but online or through a copy from someone. 145 more words

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Hỏi đáp tí chút về Doctor Who ^^

Hỏi đáp tí chút về Doctor Who ^_^


Q: anh ơi, doctor who mỗi phần là 1 nội dung ạ?

A: Không em ơi, vẫn là một ông Doctor ấy và vẫn cùng bối cảnh, câu chuyện ấy. 723 more words

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Announcing the first release from kOZMIC PRESS:

Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits: An Unauthorized Guide to the Best Stories From Time and Space

Author R. Alan Siler has put together a list of the top 55  141 more words

Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer

As always, I have no clue what is going on but I’m really excited for the new season! I really like Capaldi’s Doctor so I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes the role again. 22 more words

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The Thirteenth Doctor – Paterson Joseph (2010-2013)

With no time to recover from his regeneration, the Doctor had to defeat Davros and the Daleks almost immediately. He wiped out the Daleks again in an act of mass genocide. 209 more words

The Twelfth Doctor - Bill Nighy (2006-2010)

Profile: In stark contrast to his predecessor, the eccentric Twelfth Doctor used his appearance to appear harmless to others, masking his manipulative personality. Rosie took a long time to accept that her old Doctor had become this tall, older man with greying ginger hair, dressed in a brown 1950s-style chequered suit. 128 more words

The Eleventh Doctor – Michael Fassbender (2003-2006)

Young, sophisticated, and romantic, the Tenth Doctor was the only Doctor to form romantic attachments to his companions. However, as he gained friends he lost them, whether to family, love or even death. 184 more words