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Mary's Story free until 26 Feb 2017

Thanks to The Doctor Who Companion there’s a code for a free download of the excellent Mary’s Story. It’s an Eighth Doctor  and Mary Shelley story written by Jonathan Morris. 17 more words

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Who is the best incarnation of The Master?

It can be argued that a hero is only as great as the villains he faces. And with someone as intelligent, as cunning and evil as The Master, its easy to see how the Doctor has become so popular. 809 more words

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'Junglos 4198' - Part Three

Hello everyone! :)

If you’ve seen this for this first time, check out ‘Part One’ and ‘Part Two’ of ‘Junglos 4198’ first. But if you haven’t, then this is the news for you that… 245 more words

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Timelapse: Tardis Watercolor

Reggie wants to have a “Doctor Who” themed bedroom… I have decided to give him his first element of deco with a little watercolor.

This video is a first for me, as not only there is our own opening credits, it is also the first time I use the rubber band technique for my perspective. It works!


Picture of the Day: Don't Tread On Me

From 1973: Jon Pertwee lays down for a publicity shot for Day of the Daleks.


Doctor Who: The Invasion (part five)

Now that we’ve got the Cybermen identified as the villains of the piece, it makes Tobias Vaughn an even more interesting character. He certainly seems to have all the angles, and fully plans some backups and contingencies to make certain that the Cybermen will honor their end of the bargain and make him master of earth after extracting the minerals that they claim they need. 237 more words

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