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Details on the 99 for 99 sale

So, the new sale is 99 titles for 99p (each) and download only. It might be a somewhat predictable mix (see 99 TITLES FOR 99P! 139 more words

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The Middle review

The November 2018 Big Finish main range release was The Middle, by Chris Chapman. It’s about age, and birthdays and makes some interesting points about society while never failing to entertain. 397 more words

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Doctor Who-Orphan Edit: Evil of the Daleks

Inspired by some of the changes Whoflix has been making to some of the availible episodes of missing serials, I thought I’d take a stab at… 18 more words


The Web Planet

The TARDIS is nearly always a safe haven.  Up until this point, only The Edge of Destruction has been the exception to that rule, and that was because it was malfunctioning rather than any outside influence.  1,744 more words

Doctor Who

Re-watching Doctor Who

Re-watching Doctor who has been an interesting experience for me, I really enjoyed watching it as a middle schooler and a little bit into high school. 320 more words

D05 - ANIMALS (and a bit about the lesser episode.)

“Try and do it right this time, Vila.”

As a younger man, I always used to find it tiresome when Blake’s 7 was described as being synonymous with shaky sets and dodgy acting – popular media speak for ‘bad television’.   4,178 more words

My Week In Writing (19/11/17)

Well: I hit 50k this week! I’m on track to finish at 100k but trying not to get too invested – 3,333 words a day is a big time investment on working days and doesn’t leave much time for anything else so I don’t know if I can keep this up till the end of the month. 324 more words