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Picture of the Day: Thames After Time

From 1964: A Dalek cruises the riverside near the Tower of London bridge in a publicity shot for Daleks Invasion of Earth.


The Rescue - The End of The Daleks!!

Tonight is going to be short and sweet – I’ve got laundry to fold, The Walking Dead to watch, and work tomorrow.  I’m thinking of writing a longer post about the series as a whole later but I don’t know if that will happen.  593 more words

Doctor Who

A Couple of (Unofficial) Words About ReGeneration Who

ReGeneration Who was incredible, but I’m glad to be home! This weekend was so much fun! I loved meeting so many passionate Whovians. A lot of people ask me why I love Doctor Who. 179 more words

#NewToWho - Companions?

In a series of new feature articles, I look at what makes Doctor Who and explain it to the New Whovians.  Today I examine the Companions; Who are the companions? 939 more words

Doctor Who

7 Days of Classic Who: An Unearthly Child (episode)

Two high school teachers, standing around between classes, have a conversation about an impossible student. This girl is an utter genius who knows science they can’t imagine and seems to have an intimate knowledge with the details of history, yet somehow not only is her homework suffering, but the basic minutiae of everyday life escapes. 990 more words

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