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River Song - "The Diary of River Song - Series 1"

The Diary of River Song – Series 1 is one of Big Finish’s biggest and most ambitious releases, taking a much beloved (and somewhat polarizing) character from the revival of… 3,626 more words

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Picture of the Day: Don't Tread On Me

From 1973: Jon Pertwee lays down for a publicity shot for Day of the Daleks.



“She’s as cool as a cucumber.” You’ve probably heard that phrase before. In my experience, cucumbers are only cool if they’ve been in the fridge. But hey, I’m not a cucumber expert; who am I to say? 400 more words


Day 8: Favorite Quote (New Who Edition)

I’m surprised at how quickly I settled on a favorite quote. There’s one that stands out as being the most meaningful to me, though it doesn’t seem to be a super popular quote. 200 more words

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Doctor Who - "The Seeds of Doom"

When scientists unearth two seed pods deep in the arctic permafrost, the Doctor and Sarah Jane rush to investigate. Soon the Doctor’s worst fears are confirmed: the pods house Krynoids, one of the most parasitic and dangerous life forms in the universe. 2,319 more words

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Behind the Scenes of Peter’s First Day.

War Doctor: Only the Monstrous

The Doctor is injured when he uses a Dalek weapon to deal his enemy a devastating blow. Assumed dead, he lands on the peaceful planet of Keska. 1,099 more words

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