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Picture of the Day: Hold Me!

From 1970: Jon Pertwee and Nicolas Courtney laugh it up during filming of Doctor Who and The Silurians


Life Update: Doctor Who Project for My Women's Traveler's Class

Hey Bookworms! I was bored and the last few days have not been easy to say the least, so I thought I would talk to you all! 435 more words

Doctor Who

Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 4x19-22: The Underwater Menace

It was inevitable that we’d visit Atlantis, wasn’t it? At least the food’s pretty boss. 1,127 more words

Classic Doctor Who

Time Travel on my mind

Last week I read Ted Chiang’s ‘Story of your Life,’ in which the primary character learns to see time non-linearly. This of course got me thinking about… 1,022 more words

Doctor Who

Too Much Information

I’m really not good at the whole ‘stay away from your blog until after your GCSE’s so you have some hope of passing and having a good life’ 2,234 more words

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Picture of the Day: Why So Serious?

From 1983: Peter Davison and Liz Goddard strike a serious pose in publicity for Terminus


Hello Random Humans...

Hello random human beings. Welcome to my blog!

My blog is basically going to be a place where I will rant about the many things in life that make me angry, such as: 120 more words

Bus Drivers