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Doctor Who-The Eleventh Hour

A fanedit of The Eleventh Hour with a few minor additions and trims,  cheif among them being the end of “The End of Time” for the pre-credits, and the omission of the fish fingers and custard scene, Jeff’s dirty internet history, The Doctor changing clothes and confronting the Atraxi, and The Doctor and Amy’s conversation outside the TARDIS


Doctor Who Fan Art Spotlight: Amanda Albert

The art of Amanda Albert

When did you first realize you had artistic inclinations?

I think I was about 2 or 3. Small enough to still need a booster seat. 1,066 more words

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Modern Series Marathon - Series 2 - Episodes 11-13

Episode 11 – FEAR HER

Series two’s mid season slump continued with Fear Her in an episode that just had so much wrong with it. If you’re keeping up with this marathon, you’ll probably think by now I enjoy criticising episodes and I really don’t, but some stories are just not good at all. 1,215 more words


From the Cloister Room Floor (#14 Leftovers)

What was cut from episode 14. Partially due to poor sound quality. Sorry about that podcast listeners. This is definitely one better to watch on YouTube. 25 more words

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FANFIC FRIDAY: The Resurrection of Evil, Episode One

If you enjoyed “The Masque of the Baron“, it gets better.  I learned from the experience of writing that one and did another, following straight after “ 2,338 more words

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In Remembrance to Elizabeth Sladen

Elizabeth has been gone for 5 years now and she is still greatly missed. A lovely lady and an excellent actor. For us Doctor Who fans it will be an eternal sorrow knowing that we never get to see Sarah Jane in another episode.


Modern Series Marathon - Series 2 - Episodes 8-10


Last year this two parter was ranked 28th in an all time best story list for Doctor Who. While I think it’s a solid story, I just can’t fathom how it has been so highly rated. 962 more words