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I met Billie Piper! Yerma Theatre Review 

On Saturday I got to fufill one of my dreams I’d had for a long time. I got to go and see Billie Piper on stage. 679 more words

Step Back in Timebase III - The Bottom of the Barrel

It’s time for more nostalgia. I think I can just about squeeze one more batch of it from the toothpaste tube of Timebase past…

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Article: Doctor Who Goes X-Rated

This article, unsurprisingly, features images of naked people. If you are in a place where naked people are not deemed acceptable, maybe you should wait until you get home to read it. 815 more words


Thoughts on Night Thoughts

Big Finish Folly, Part 152 – Night Thoughts, by Edward Young

‘I warn you, things could get very nasty here before they get better.’

A remote Scottish mansion. 539 more words

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Tom Baker

Recent acrylic acrylic painting of actor Tom Baker


I was nominated for a "Unique Blogger Award"

A while ago, I was nominated by fellow blogger PJ over at Gallifreyan Ramblings for something called the Unique Blogger Award.¬† So thank you PJ for thinking of me, and even listing me as a “fave”. 1,905 more words

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