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How to Write a Good CV for Professional School or Residency

Everyone hates writing their Curriculum Vitae but who can blame us? It’s difficult to talk about yourself, especially when your whole life you’ve been told to embrace humility- a characteristic particularly sought after in the healthcare professions. 501 more words


Mississippi Passes Law Banning Abortions Based on Race, Sex, Disability — Beyond Patriots Membership Portal

Gov. Tate Reeves (R., Miss.) signed the Life Equality Act into law Wednesday, banning abortion on the basis of a fetus’s race, sex, or disability in the state of Mississippi.

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Abortion Pill Cost

So you want to end abortion? — theshooklook

So you want to end abortion? Perhaps you’ve marched in the streets, donated to the anti-abortion cause, and shown your support on social media. What else can you do?

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Abortion Pill Cost

Damnation is something within all of us. What it’s worth is not the implication of eternal suffering, but the promise of intermittent joy and happiness. That’s what the doctor said. 242 more words



🥀It is an odontogenic developmental cyst

🥀it is a benign but locally aggressive cyst.


🥀More common in mandible than in maxilla.
🥀In mandible angle-ascending ramus is most commonly affected. 69 more words

Pyogenic granuloma

🥀Common inflammatory hyperplasia.

🥀Non neoplastic

🥀Tumor like nodular growth in oral cavity.
🥀ulcerated surface

🥀red to purple in color
🥀bleed easily because of increased vascularity… 38 more words