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The Commute

I drive a little more than 30 miles to work and then 30 miles back home again.  Most weekdays.  For the past 9 years.  My husband does the same thing.   463 more words


"Less Chips" saves 182 patients from Suffocation

30 February, 0122: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Last Night when the Hospital of Eastern Land Patients (HELP) caught fire, it was theoretically impossible to evacuate the patients from their life support system in the ICUs. 172 more words


A visit to the doctor

Being a mum certainly keeps life interesting!

This week Clare and I had our 6 week checkup (a week late) and when I saw the doctor I was open about how Clare has been; 799 more words


Becoming a Mother

There is nothing more terrifying than laying in the delivery room wondering why nobody is listening to you. Knowing that something is wrong and not a single soul can understand. 437 more words


Doctors ethics

Medical function. N_o placebo.

Which could only study placebo. Med. faculty. at which it arrived. Itself was the _PLACEHOLDER_ for the ethical candidate, same candidate of the placebo studies. 426 more words


Nicaragua Medical Mission - Healthcare Part 3

This is part 3 of the series on the healthcare system in Nicaragua discussing the language and my role in the clinic.

The Language

All of the intake and the visit was completed in Spanish as most of the patients reside in rural areas where English is not spoken often. 574 more words

Naturopathic Medicine