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Sometimes GPs are good

Sometimes knowing too much about health is a bad thing. I freak out when I go to blood tests and have an urgency to tell the phlebotomist that I am a Nurse so she does everything by the book. 487 more words

Here I am

It has been a while since I have published a post. Why so long? I am okay, in fact I am doing really well and have been for a while now. 539 more words


Is it just me, or do all women hide their underwear at the gynecologist office?

See them? Right there, just barely peeking out from between the folds of my jeans and t-shirt.

My underwear.

Why is it that we hide our bra and panties when going to the gynecologist office for our exams? 442 more words


What happens when you wear the wrong undies?

I should never have left the house without first checking that I had my good undies on.  Mum always said “make sure you’ve got good underwear on as you never know what could happen”.  597 more words


Healthy chicka! 

Everything is normal and healthy inside :-) I ovulate regularly letting the max amount of eggie’s each month (meaning I still have plenty)

I signed consent form (for them to accept sent sperm). 174 more words



Whether you have recently moved to a new city or state or plan to live in your current location, how prepared are you for potential health complications. 939 more words

October 2015 Writing Challenge. Day 9 - Eyeball ('Waking Nightmares')

“Okay John, time to take the bandages off.” The doctor sounded casual, as if this were something he did everyday. He probably does, John thought. For John this was not an environment he was used to. 1,925 more words