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S01E02 – Doctor Doctor!

PATIENT: Hello, Doctor. May I come in?

DOCTOR: Oh, please do. Come, sit.

PATIENT: Good Morning doc.

DOCTOR: Uhhh, 11:00 AM is it morning or afternoon?! 757 more words

Routine eye examination keeps you away from many eye problems

Most of us visit an Arizona eye specialist only when we experience any problem with our eyesight or have any kind of emergency. But it is sensible to take proactive steps in eye care rather wait for any symptom to come up or an emergency to arise. 219 more words


The Start

On Tuesday i had an appointment to see a bariatric surgeon. We discussed options. I had initially only thought about the gastric sleeve, but he let me know about a gastric bypass, and said ultimately it’s my decision but those are the two choices he’s comfortable with to perform on me. 833 more words



You’re a spearfishing surgeon
Looking for that sturgeon
Hiding in me
Behind a lobotomy


What ifs

I wanted to go to uw in Seattle. My mom talked me out of it and told me my family wouldn’t help move me anyways. I would have been away from the hillbillies , I would have not have been talked out of my degree. 104 more words


You cannot think straight when depressed ( if only doctors help with this, one day )

I love placebo effects.

It is hard to think when suicide is the best option. It is like having a doomsday device in the center of the office , it is hard to work around.