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Many not following up after health screening

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Even after red flags show up in a health screening, it can take a lot to get people to see a doctor for a proper check-up. 545 more words

Current Affairs

When you don't see 50 patients a day

This blogpost was inspired by One Woman’s Quest who wrote in response to my blog Profit or Prophet:  Stick to your ideals! 25 people is more than enough, but 50?

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A Surgeon's Hand

The first slide of her hand was effortless, easy, done before she had thought through just how to begin. Flesh parted like rubber beneath her scalpel. 232 more words


Strike a day keeps the Doctor away

It’s said that “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away” but it seems that in the present scenario a new proverb best suits in i.e. 1,831 more words

Common Man

That Girl! 101 (Phoebe Chi, MD, MPH)

A traveler. A hugger. A laugher.
Less a giggler.
A 5-foot-5 mound of poofy black hair. 

  An owner of a cat
  but also a dog person.

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Tales from the ER...

I have found it quite helpful talking about my work experiences; on one hand, it feels like I am sharing part of my joy, or burden… it depends… on the other, I’m portraying what kind of world we are living in… the good and the bad. 576 more words


The death

Being in medical filed, death is common thing to see in every day life. I remember once our senior told us that”you’ll always remember the first person died in front of your eyes, rest you’ll get used to” . 156 more words