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On Tour for Release Day of What Heals the Heart (Cowbird Creek Book 1) by Karen A. Wyle and Meet the Author

The cover is so sweet!

What Heals the Heart (Cowbird Creek Book 1) by Karen A. Wyle releases today in the Western Historical Romance genre. 1,968 more words


dear alexa grace

you kept me up last night


your nurse called for help

but i had no answers.

you looked frail in your bed, iv drips running in… 186 more words



see them come and go
thru that broken door
some won’t make it
others won’t see the other end

funny how you think you have time… 17 more words


A Patient's Perspective

The Health-Care System : An insider looking in from the outside.

As soon-to-be medical professionals we all regularly receive feedback and criticism from residents, faculty and colleagues – about our effort, ability and skill as care-givers. 1,430 more words

15 Minutes To Get Over It

It seems cliché when you hear doctors expressing how they sacrificed their youth, family time and etc. for this vocation but it’s true.

This cliche hit me hard that until now, it still affects me. 631 more words

a whole new set of beer goggles

Hindsight is 20/20.  Load of crap. Who came up with that? Even if you weren’t drinking heavily for 20 years, the past is always tainted by perception. 514 more words


How many people do doctors kill?

The authors define medical error as “death due to

1) an error in judgment, skill, or coordination of care,

2) a diagnostic error,

3) a system defect resulting in death or a failure to rescue a patient from death, or…

640 more words