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The Dyslexic PhD

Recently I have reached some sort of impasse with my dyslexia and PhD. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia late into my academic studies (first year BSc) to the tone of: “how did you get grades without support!?” … which didn’t make me feel very good, especially as I was convinced that I was not dyslexic and sunk straight into denial … nothing I had heard about dyslexia at this point had been very positive and now I had this new label on my identity to deal with … This was made worse when, upon finally “giving in”, I looked back and realised that I’d built a network for myself pre-university totally unaware, which was now ravaged by distance and career direction. 1,505 more words


UNAIR-Attracting Global Talent 2016-2020

This program opens opportunities to the applicant to undergo some academic activities under these schemes:

  1. Visiting Practitioner: Practitioners who come in Unair are expected to equip and enrich students with a variety of experiences and perspectives in the application areas, the latest data that only can be obtained from the field and recent developments that occurred in the realm of practicalities.
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Coping with paradox and other spiritual matters

One of the beautiful things about art is that it expresses what words cannot. My current reality can only be described as paradoxical, but the English language does not deal with paradox very well. 558 more words


But ... I'm European?

I’m a little apprehensive about talking politics here … however:

I’ve struggled a lot over the last few years with labels. Sadly it was only after the last night of watching votes come in that I realised there was one label I held close and didn’t take issue with. 490 more words


My 2016 GCU residency experience

This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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For those of you in the GCU doctoral program, you probably have a lot of questions going into residency.  881 more words

Nail Polish

Queen Procrastination

So, I have a rather large and important deadline approaching in a couple of days for which I have had approximately a week to address. I would say that so far the percentage of time I’ve spent on the deadline task is <33% … I’m quite good at reassigning my main stresses into other aspects of my life: less important parts of my project, money, weight, laundry, how many socks I own, how to do anything I might possibly need to do one day but don’t necessarily need to know HOWEVER its somehow important I SHALL learn immediately –> TO YOUTUBE. 1,666 more words


No room at the office (Rousse)

I couldn’t fit into my office because it was overrun by PhD students and the keynote speaker of their forthcoming doctoral colloquium (AB).