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The Paper Towel Incident

With the pace I’m holding, I’ll hopefully be done with this challenge by the end of the year. But really, I promise to be better. I truly want to write, but like a lot of writers (maybe all?), I am completely self-conscious about “just writing”. 701 more words

Just Writing

The Doctor's Office

Thanks to Carla for sending this…  Time to smile before the new week commences.

Yesterday I had an appointment to see the urologist for a prostate… 142 more words


Why Do I Only Want a Female Gyno? Because I Said So...

I dial the number anxiously and I dial ahead of the prompts because I’ve called enough times already to know to dial 6 for appointments. 1,384 more words

Childhood Trauma

Here’s a tip if you need to see your doctor fast!

If you need to get a same-day doctor’s appointment, your best bet is to call the office between 10am and 11am. By then, the receptionist will know about any cancellations. 10 more words

Connie Sellecca

the examination (2002)

I sat on the examination table, calmly, expectantly, with my legs dangling over one side. I tried to remain perfectly still as the doctor listened to my breathing, to my lungs, with his stethoscope. 1,060 more words


When you refuse birth control

What form of birth control are you using?


You don’t use condoms, the pill, or patch?


You got a girlfriend, boyfriend? 100 more words


Waiting Room Wonderings

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I had the ‘wonderful’ opportunity to sit in a waiting room for about three and a half hours. Gotta love waiting for the ophthalmologist for an entire afternoon, right? 440 more words

Life Lessons