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A step-by-step guide from doctors to getting the most out of your next visit

Here’s the thing about going to the doctor: It’s never going to be a great time. Yet it doesn’t have to be terrible.

“One of the biggest factors in whether or not a visit is good or bad is communication,” says Matthew Zuckerman, an emergency physician at the University of Colorado. 1,036 more words

Silver Linings....

There I was today sitting in the doctor’s office when it dawned on me I’m old! No really, I’m OLD! I went from being this young teen mom to this adult woman sitting here amongst all the other adult patients. 483 more words

Life Lessons

What the heck's a Vaccine??

Yesterday I went to the doctor’s office and let me just say that peeing in a urine cup was traumatizing. My doctor has a really difficult name to pronounce so I’m not even gonna bother with that. 135 more words

Being more efficient at your Doctor's office

We don’t think about it much, but when going to the doctor there are a few tips that we can use that will help to be more efficient with our visit. 451 more words

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Doctors’ Office

I work for a local doctor, as the front desk receptionist. I assist with different billing aspects, answer the phones, schedule patients, and check them in and out. 379 more words

Being a good husband

Sometimes being a good husband means giving your partner emotional support when she’s dealing with all the difficulties of pregnancy, or doing the pelvis squeeze thing when her hips hurt. 35 more words

Checking In


I go to the doctor’s because it’s essentially something to remind me that there’s a world

out there  beyond myself,

The stack of health forms look like golden pancakes piled high…

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