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the examination (2002)

I sat on the examination table, calmly, expectantly, with my legs dangling over one side. I tried to remain perfectly still as the doctor listened to my breathing, to my lungs, with his stethoscope. 1,060 more words


When you refuse birth control

What form of birth control are you using?


You don’t use condoms, the pill, or patch?


You got a girlfriend, boyfriend? 100 more words


Waiting Room Wonderings

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I had the ‘wonderful’ opportunity to sit in a waiting room for about three and a half hours. Gotta love waiting for the ophthalmologist for an entire afternoon, right? 440 more words

Life Lessons

My experience today with Japanese health was an interesting one.  I walked to a clinic in my neighborhood late this morning, because I had intense flu symptoms all weekend, and I needed a note to miss work.  

1,280 more words

How to Deal with Being Ill

All my life, I have been in and out of doctors’ offices. I have been poked, prodded, stuck, and drained. This is my experience with handling doctors, diagnoses, and feeling yucky. 721 more words

Baby Peach

Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Boob Job

What happens when Jessica tells her mom three lies?

We all look like boobs!

Join the conversation! Share your opinion on this story with Karson & Kennedy on… 10 more words


Waiting room thoughts.

Returning to places where I’ve had traumatic panic attacks is one of the regular occurances in my life.

Waiting rooms.

The smell of a doctors office, the people around you with unknown health problems, too far away to hide anywhere if I wanted to. 127 more words

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