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Waiting for Doctor Running Behind As Usual

How long is an acceptable time to wait in a doctor’s office?  I posed this question not long ago on Facebook because I had been waiting in a doctor’s office for an hour and a half. 987 more words

Waiting room Utrillo

Again and again it happens: when I draw, my feeling about the subject changes.  This Utrillo painting, I have never liked it.  Too drab I thought, almost monochromatic, winter tree limbs, barren street.   45 more words

Margaret On The Spot


This is the stage where you’re just shocked. All sorts of information was being thrown at me but I was just shocked. Shocked this happened. What happens to my job? 261 more words

Broken Ankle

Out of Office

The next day is foggy. I called the surgeon’s office, no answer after 9am. Really? Then finally this conversation:

“Hi, I broke my ankle yesterday and I need to schedule a follow up with Dr. 144 more words

Broken Ankle

Being Sick


Bless you.

Cough sniff groan.

The doctor’s office

fills up fast

but empties out

quite slow.

Men with canes

a woman in crutches

a Mexican lady… 21 more words