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My crazy heath problems

Hello, my bucket list friends As I’m sure you all know life is a crazy thing sometimes it’s crazy in a good way sometimes not so much . 370 more words

No Fish Tank

Waiting at a new doctor’s office. No fish tank in sight.

It’s been nine minutes since checking in.


Top Things you should know when going to the ER

I have worked as a nursing assistant at an ER for over 6 years and I think it’s about time I let you in on some information that could save you some time if you’re ever planning on going in to be seen. 707 more words

If I were to Complain, I'd tell you about my Ridiculous Day...

Before I started blogging as Part-Time Sunshine, I posted my tales on Facebook. This non-complaining, germy story popped up on my feed from March 4, 2014. 1,247 more words

Wacky World

Magazines in the waiting room

Waiting room sketch, nice to have the Moveable  Paintbox and tiny sketchbook handy to sort out the stacks.

Margaret On The Spot

Plan vs. Reality

I planned to write a blog post yesterday. I’m honestly quite frustrated that I missed a day after posting every day for nearly 2 weeks. I was determined to stick to this plan regardless of what happened in my life, but that is where you realize the difference between a plan and reality. 354 more words


Supermom (N.) A woman who is able to accomplish any task despite insurmountable obstacles.


A label that people apply to moms (we find this term overwhelming). We “supermoms” do not feel special. We do not actually have extra strength or energy. 233 more words