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The Home of Problems

I’m currently sitting in the poorly decorated waiting room of a doctors office, the bland walls and desert sand chairs point to no sign of life… … 26 more words


It Is Supposed to Tie In The Back.

With all the medical advancements made over the past few decades how come no-one has come up with a better idea than the “tie in the back” hospital gown?   1,090 more words

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Mind Your Own!

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?


At the doctor’s office, before you even get shown into the examination room, the nurse puts you on the scale. 68 more words

Daily Prompt

Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor's Office

It’s time to start having a different conversation with your doctor.

I love essential oils.  I would say I am an enthusiastic about using them for my health care.   764 more words

Essential Oils

Doctor's appointments, do you really ever get in @10:15?

I doubt it.  Success in seeing your doctor at the scheduled appointment time is like a crap shoot, and typically not my luck.  I’m forever on time, I don’t know why, she never is and I keep forgetting to bring my camping gear to set up for the day. 211 more words


Today is biopsy day - Don't judge me.

I woke up this morning not at all sure how to feel about this.  Of course everyone who knows (and I haven’t told many people) is telling me to “stay positive” and that it’s “most likely nothing.”  And that’s likely to be true. 423 more words


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I couldn't make this up if I tried...

The proverbial “they” say that you’re supposed to have your first mammogram at 40 unless you have a history of breast cancer in your family (I don’t).  938 more words