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Thursday, October 8

I thought the saga of the moon-shaped cut was over and done with. It was bandaged, needed to remain so for 48 hours, and we’d be good to go. 282 more words

Single Motherhood

Waiting Room

A brief week off of my story of my journey to motherhood to talk about one feeling that came up while struggling through my miscarriages. 449 more words

The 7th floor

The hospital’s 7th floor contains the neurology/neurosurgery and the geriatrics departments. Geriatrics is a medical specialty dealing with the diseases of old people. The color for the 7th floor is a light green. 547 more words



First, I have to start out with an addendum to last week’s post. Ross brought to my attention (because we have been talking about the disable/destroy button for so long,  I’d forgotten), he instituted the disable portion. 420 more words

Death Of The Waiting Room Magazine

I’ve come to eulogize an old friend. The waiting room magazine is dead. Long live the beep-beep, click-click, tap-tap of the outpatient smartphone!

Sick people used to avoid eye contact at the doctor’s office with a dogeared… 107 more words


Holding Hands

Recently changed healthcare providers. When I visit one of their facilities it’s all new to me so I enjoy learning about the mechanics by watching other, more seasoned patients. 476 more words


answering machine

“You have reached the office of Dr. S. Melly Foote. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1. If you are a physician or a physician’s office staff, please touch #1.  163 more words

Answering Machine