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Bat Boy

We’re at the doctor’s office picking up forms, having a checkup, trying to avoid Jack getting a shot, the usual Mom fun.. School starts tomorrow! Omg… 57 more words


A call from the doctor

Hello, this is your doctor’s office calling, with an important reminder at a particularly inappropriate time in the evening. We would apologize for calling you during dinner or while you are binge-watching House of Cards except that we are a machine and forbidden to ad lib. 409 more words

Who is at the Helm of This Ship?

I had been receiving antibiotic infusions for the last ten days and had not seen a doctor since that first late afternoon when I presented to their office with cellulitis of the breast.  809 more words

Taking Care Of Yourself

A Blood Test Story

To accompany my doctors office visit last week, I needed a blood test to check glucose and cholesterol levels. I fasted for roughly twelve hours in order to do this, but I mistakenly did not drink any water during that time, as I confused the test’s preparation period with that of a surgery that I had when I was younger. 55 more words


Je Suis Flux

About a month and a half ago I  yet again found myself in a doctor’s office. The events leading up to this I will put to the side for the moment, but there I was sat on one of those waiting-room chairs trying not to feel too exposed. 1,065 more words


Well my IUD is out! I was nervous it would hurt. Then the doctor told me taking it out was less painful than having it put in.

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