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Checking In


I go to the doctor’s because it’s essentially something to remind me that there’s a world

out there  beyond myself,

The stack of health forms look like golden pancakes piled high…

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Knowledge is Power... But Can Also Suck

There is so many good reasons to get testing done. You have a 50% chance of finding out why you keep having miscarriages. You can learn of ways to prevent another one. 303 more words


No pressure...

Hanging out in the doctor’s office.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4



Nice try, local doctor's office

I had to look up my doctor’s name to get a prescription filled yesterday so I went to my local clinic’s webpage to find a list of doctors. 252 more words


The Dermatologist

Here’s another guest photo. Marty has sent me pictures before, so he is a full-fledged member of the Waiting Room Project. I am intrigued by this one. 61 more words

Doctor's Office

Waiting Room + Worry 

“Okay, I’ve got you checked in. Take a seat in the waiting room and your counselor / doctor will be right out to get you.” … 344 more words

Mental Health

Doggy Doctor

We were here last year with our cat, Dudley. He developed a limp that wouldn’t go away. At first our regular vet, Dr. Dean thought it was tendonitis and treated him for it. 329 more words