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Blockage: (n) an obstruction that makes movement or flow difficult or impossible.

Sometimes I forget how it works.

I mean, I understand when I take my car to the repair shop, that there will be a whole list of things presented to me, that need to be done to the vehicle because the mechanic is: 237 more words

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Pacific Surgery Center

Here we are in another doctor’s office. This one is an ambulatory surgery center in Santa Monica. I was there for a minor procedure to ease the pain in my arthritic hips. 143 more words



Waiting is a transitory activity. While you are in the waiting room, you look for things to help pass the time. Magazines, your iPhone, conversation, meditation. 135 more words


goes furniture shopping at the doctor’s office

Every practice does it...

I was debating continuing the joke into inappropriate-land, but my professionalism got the better of me.

By “IT” I mean, no matter how careful the front desk is, the doctors¬†occasionally see a patient that has an insurance the doctor is not contracted with.¬† 1,072 more words

Medical Billing

June 9, 2016 | Dream Journal | My Brother CC Needs To Lose Some Muscle Mass Because Of A Military Rule

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved some of my family, some of my family members, and I going to the doctor’s office of a doctor we knew so that we could hopefully get a free medical checkup because we knew the doctor. 998 more words


Life in Waiting Rooms

I know this is no shock, but I have spent a fair share of my life in waiting rooms. From hospitals to multiple doctors’ offices, I’ve seen it all. 471 more words