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Five Tips for Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor can be a daunting or scary experience, even as adults. But if you’re ill you have to go in order to get better. 625 more words


Waiting room magazine stack

in the tiny sketchbook (I included my thumb for scale). With the New York Review of Books on top. (That one always makes such a satisfying shape.)

Margaret On The Spot

Dialing the mood up

Spotted this in an exam room at a doctor’s office while we were waiting for the doc. It struck us as funny and also as a “wouldn’t it be nice if” moment where we wondered how things might be if changing the mood was as easy as turning a dial. 54 more words

Indoor Signs

Doc's Office

I’m back to pencil drawing for a while. I used the doctor’s office as the subject of today’s sketch. There was a range of tones, from the darkest of the television screen and door to the white of the book case. 13 more words

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3 digit number.


              The fluorescent lights make everything look dingy and washed out. The smell of various disinfectants wafting through my nose makes it impossible to forget where you are. 553 more words


Eye Exam

Visits to the eye doctor are not too bad except afterward, when everything is blurry. 10 more words

Personal Stories

Where Depressors Live

After my abbreviated waiting room visit yesterday, I was ushered into a little room. After the nice nurse (who liked my work) took my signs and left, I was left alone. 65 more words

Personal Stories