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On Monday I was sitting in the doctor’s office, awaiting my weekly shock therapy appointment. (What? Dealing with you people is very stressful.) So I’m sitting in a chair surfing… 360 more words


Yay for Abnormal!!

I got a phone call yesterday that made my day. It was my new GP who had called to tell me that my thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test came back abnormal. 244 more words


PR Interview

I had the honor of being able to interview Benjamin Lenderman who is an alum of Indiana State University. I have heard that he was the graduate of the century. 781 more words

It Is Supposed to Tie In The Back

With all the medical advancements made over the past few decades how come no-one has come up with a better idea than the “tie in the back” hospital gown?   1,090 more words

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