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Purpose based living

Travelling in Japan 2007

Life isn’t simple. Maybe it should be, but it isn’t.

The last thirty-five years I have lived my life based on a set of principles that I came to after taking a series of personal development courses. 663 more words


Doctor doctor

Is it getting near impossible to get good service at a doctor’s office any more?

I was reminiscing the other day about how when you used to go to the doctor that they would actually spend some time with you and actually show concern for you, not just your physical self but for other aspects of your life. 417 more words


New Doctor, No Fish

I’m at yet another doctor’s office; this time for my knees. There’s no fish tank so my theory is that it will take a while. So far, it’s standing firm.


Fun Things to Do at the Doctor's Office

Take a lot of blood pressure medicine before your appointment. That way, when the blood technician tries to get a sample, it will take forty five minutes. 181 more words

Avoid stress-related problems!

75% of general doctor visits are for stress-related problems! That’s because stress can worsen symptoms of other conditions, and cause problems like headaches. So, we’ve gotta learn to cope with our stress. 35 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

All of the little moments...

My mother and I sat in the electro cardiologist office waiting to be called. We both fidgeted with our fingers and said innapropriate jokes to take our minds off of the nervousness we felt. 318 more words

Get the Best Care for Your Diabetes Problem

Diabetes is one of the chronic health issues to most of us. Different factors can cause this problem. We need to take medications and control our regular diet. 270 more words

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