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GABS Brewer 2015: Doctor's Orders

Darren Robinson from Sydney’s Doctor’s Orders Brewing

What beer are you making for GABS?
The plan is to produce a vegetable sour/tart beer this year for GABS. 110 more words


Those Five Things You Should Know About Your Ass

It is pretty clear that gay men have major thing for all things anal. Not to rain on anyone’s patootie parade with this piece (originally published on… 782 more words

Editor's Desk

Back on the roller coaster - why my kidneys can kiss my a$$

It was December 2014 and I was looking forward to getting off all of my medications after a year of remission under my belt. I gleefully said goodbye to immuno-suppression drugs mid January and hoped never to look back. 466 more words

Everyday Life

I'm Back

Broken fingers be darned! I’m back in action, until something else happens, anyways. My orthopedist took an X-ray on my second visit and said everything is cool and healing nicely. 127 more words

Casual Posting

allergic reaction.

If you follow my crafty side business on Instagram, you probably saw my post about being allergic to shellfish…supposedly. Let’s recap. Over the almost 31 years of my life I’ve only had a suspect allergic reaction to crab on two occasions. 427 more words

This Is Life

The One Trip Parent's NEVER Want to Make

Last night, at roughly 2:30 in the AM, my wife and I made the dreaded trip … to the ER.

When you have a baby that’s only 5 months old and seemingly very sick, a ton of things run through your head. 885 more words


The Six-Pack - February 13, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from Doctor’s Orders Brewing

Autumn is coming so it's brewday for this beauty. Going to be awesome to have Iron Lung in bottles early March.

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The Six-Pack