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The Hospital

Doctors appointments

and hospital visits

waiting rooms that

are not expeditious.

No one wants to be here

and those that are

try to hide their fear. 123 more words


A Pleasant, Positive and Easy Patient Make Nurses Days Happy

Brigitte Pauzé

My husband’s
aunt was traveling with my spouse’s sister. Both were on the highway on a
beautiful day in July. Nevertheless, my spouse’s sister did a wrong maneuver… 248 more words


'A cover-up just like Chernobyl' Doctors undergo urgent tests after treating blast victims

The Moscow Times said around 60 medics from a hospital near the blast site were undergoing emergency examinations. It said some of the blast victims arrived at Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital naked and wrapped in translucent plastic bags on the day of the explosion but doctors were simply told the men had been hurt in […]


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The 'What If' Moments

I’m famous for ‘what ifs’.

It’s a favorite pastime of mine to sit and wonder, debate conversations I’m going to have or things that may never come to be. 508 more words


I am Sorry

To the baby girl that passed away in my arms last night
I am sorry that despite my efforts I could not save you
I promise you I tried… 128 more words


Chapter 4: Dragonfish

I closed the lounge door and Greg, my social worker, breathes in as he takes in his surroundings, no doubt noticing the emptiness. He opens his notepad, and as if cued on what to say next asks, “Have you thought any more about socialising?” 1,668 more words

Moaning - a Skill for Modern Men

This afternoon I had a call from the hospital. It was slightly confused as I thought he said he was from Haematology and I thought it was about the blood test last week. 351 more words