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My doctors appointment was meant to be today, after 5 but because it was sorted a while ago, my mum forgot and now it’s gonna be at the end of November or probably the beginning of December. 113 more words

For Second Chances

If I could encapsulate all the things I am forever grateful for, it would breathe life into the dead trees that lost their way in the storm. 226 more words

Personal Journey

The Real Deal on Obamacare

We used to be considered middle class prior to 2008. Then the economy in the United States fell and so did our flooring business. We branched out into home improvement but still felt competition from the big box stores and flooring companies that sell direct to consumers when in the old days, they would have had to buy from us. 357 more words



It appears that the doctor I’ve seen for over a year has a problem with her “credentials”. I’m seeking another doctor and not doing too well in my search. 521 more words

Dr. K- A Long Winding Road of Horrible Doctors

I guess I always saw the world through rose colored glasses for the most part. I have two incredibly healthy parents, a healthy sibling and I’ve always been healthy myself. 1,033 more words

Corneal Neuralgia

How can you be depressed?

I don’t understand how a pretty girl like you can be depressed, if that’s they case then the rest of us are screwed!

This is what a doctor said to me today..

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It's Given Freely To Those That You Treat

When you care for us.

You see, listen and care.

Warm compassion and understanding is felt.

Not something that you have learned.

This is sharing something of you. 53 more words