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Doctors Dissected: Dr John Bretton, Villette, Charlotte Brontë (1853)

It’s tempting to characterise the host of doctors in Victorian fiction as a gallery of rogues and romantic heroes. But how do medical practitioners really feature in nineteenth-century narratives? 1,960 more words

Separating Post-It Notes

Zoloft: Day 3

Of the roughly twelve quadrillion articles floating around on the internet, there is only one that has had a long term effect on how I view the world, and it’s about ADHD. 485 more words


The New-ro's Apprentice.

At last the snow dwindled to a few flakes that did not stick and I had the honor of perching on the creepily stained chairs of the big glass hell hole that is the lair of New-ro, the neurologist whose waiting room I’ve sat in for over 25 hours. 450 more words

Figuring It Out

Asking doctors to disclose: What do you want to know?

What do you know about your doctor? And your medication?

If you take medication, you should know why you are taking it. And why your doctor recommended that specific treatment, approach or brand. 205 more words


Blogging 101 assignment to write with readers in mind

Hmmmmmmmm.  Where does one begin?

I want to reach other human beings so I guess my subject options are pretty wide open.  I told a friend what my assignment was and she suggested I write with her in mind.  982 more words


Visiting My Two Psych People...

Well, let’s do another Wednesday. Noon-time and I meet with the Psychiatrist lady that I’ve been seeing every one of these new Wednesdays (except last week). 138 more words


Lucy...you got some 'splainin to do

Without anyone else to walk me through the hellacious insurance nightmare, I figure Lucy could provide a better explanation than what’s been offered so far.  This is today’s exercise in futility. 172 more words

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