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Urgent Humor, or Why I (Try To) Write Funny Stuff

Why, with the world in the shape it’s in, do I write funny stuff?

I suppose I should be angry, like so many other people these days, but I just can’t. 426 more words

The Writer's Life


Hi all, Ru back here.

Time is a precious commodity we have, we need time to do things. We need time to go to work, relax and play. 255 more words

The Foundry

This illness is ruining my life...

So this week has been the worst week in a LONG time.

Only as recent as last week I was feeling the happiest and most positive I’d ever felt. 679 more words


Rural Doctors’ Training May Be In Jeopardy

In nearly two years as a medical resident in Meridian, Mississippi, Dr. John Thames has treated car-wreck victims, people with chest pains and malnourished infants. Patients have arrived with lacerations, with burns, or in a disoriented fog after discontinuing their psychiatric medications. 856 more words

The Health Law

A Spoonful of Strength

Living with a chronic disease reminds me a little of some of my previous plane trips. I’d start off full of nervous anticipation with a little fear of what lay ahead once on board. 667 more words

Edge of Glory

Can’t seal wounds like doctors,

Can’t heal minds like therapist,

Can’t rule the world like leaders,

Can’t teach knowledge like teachers,

Dream heals others with my human touch, 54 more words

Looking for a Decent Doctor

My GP, the Ancient One, retired a couple of years ago and I am still without a GP.  I have seen a half dozen doctors but not one I would call decent. 491 more words