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Day 178: small

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel incredibly small? Like, you’re amazing that your pants and shoes still stay on because inside you feel minuscule. 1,338 more words

Russian cancer patients are killing themselves because they can't get pain meds

In Feb. 2014 in Moscow alone, 11 cancer patients committed suicide.

“There’s no end to the pain. It won’t stop the next morning, or tomorrow, or the day after,” whispers Tanya, 29, a Russian cancer patient. 3,630 more words

Three Russian jokes.

Tonight I received from my friend an email with Russian jokes.

Below are three of them.

- Doctor, I broke a leg in two places!!!
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Why don't we take better care of our health professionals?

It is no secret that the mental health of those in the health professions is alarmingly low. Many doctors struggle with mental illness, including depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation. 534 more words

Mental Health

He has a plan

It has been a year and a half today March 26, 2015 since my son Liam was born. It has been the greatest yet hardest time of my life. 738 more words


Have a Personality : How to get a Rebellious Patient to Like You

I am a huge pain in the ass when it comes to being a patient.  I am a control freak, so naturally, having a chronic illness takes away some of that control, add in the doctors who seem like they are just dictating the remaining happiness in my life… and there’s me.   1,205 more words

Life Lessons

What the medical community doesn't tell you

Multiple times in the past few months I’ve been to see doctors who haven’t told me the whole story. I suppose there’s a fine line they need to tread – some patients don’t want to know. 455 more words