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WebMD making life way easier for NB doctors

New Brunswick — With the declining health of a rapidly aging New Brunswick population, doctors are crumbling under the pressure and are simply searching WebMD for answers in an effort to see more patients in less time. 391 more words


How to Find a Online Doctor You Can Trust

God creates life along with a bundle of joy sees the ray of light by using a doctor. There is no doubt concerning the fact that doctors include the many relied and trusted individuals whom we frequent if we feel virtually any discomfort. 380 more words

Doctors Online

Dehydrated, what a bummer!

So many events in the little world that is mine. Family members in ICU, my trip to the emergency room, pick up family from airport, take care of kids and dehydration to boot! 94 more words


ස්ටේතස්කෝපයක් හෙවත් වෙද නලාවක් යනු කුමක්ද? (What is a Stethoscope?)

රෝගීන් හා අනෙක් පුද්ගලයින් වෛද්‍යවරයෙකු හඳුනාගැනීමේදී භාවිතා කරන ප්‍රධානතම සංකේතයක් වන්නේ ස්ටේතස්කෝපය හෙවත් වෙද නලාවයි. 1816 දී ප්‍රංශ ජාතික වෛද්‍යවරයෙකු වූ රේනේ ලීනෙක් (Rene Laenec) විසින් කාන්තාවන්ගේ ලය පිරික්සීමට නිර්මාණය කල වෙද නලාව, අද වන විට වෛද්‍ය වරුන්ට නැතිවම බැරි උපාංගයක් වී හමාරයි. 56 more words


Saturday and Sunday 23rd/24th 😷

So over the weekend Xappho got really ill and we had to visit the local doctor twice.

After some tests it turned out Xappho had 3 types of salmonella!!!!! 62 more words



Morning. Wanted to see my own GP today to discuss my recent issues. My doctor knows me extremely well and we are able to work out various solutions according to how I feel with mental illness. 157 more words

Ian Fullbrook

April 9, 2015: I am one of many outsider writers

Thursday, April 9, 2015  10:30 a.m. – mornings too short – evenings often too long – unless friends come or a book grabs me – last night… 1,102 more words

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