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Doctors - Changes

“Incidents can’t change, but your heart can.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 5.

Doctors - Reflexes and Habits

“Your body moves on reflex when you’re in danger… In a way you learned and practiced or you are used to.”

“You learn the habits you need your body to know when you are young.” 13 more words

Doctors - The Past

“The unresolved past always finds you again, whether its love or hatred.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 4.

Doctors - Trust In A Cruel Place

“Let’s trust each other. We shouldn’t make the world such a cruel place.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 4.

Utilizing the palliative care "loophole" in chronic pain management

DEA rings in 2018 with fear-mongering resolutions

The DOJ is successfully escalating fear among general practitioners, already reluctant to prescribe narcotics above guidelines established by the CDC out of fear for being targeted as outliers by the DEA. 709 more words

Balanced Solutions

Doctors - Sacred Vows

“If I get married, our vows should be considered sacred.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 4.

OET Writing for Doctors: Case Study 4 - Sally Webster.

Task 2 Case Notes: Sally Webster

Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows.

Time Allowed

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Writing Time: 40 minutes…

608 more words