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Power of the Daleks

It’s being reported in the press (well, the Mirror but I’ll take it) that Power of the Daleks is being fully animated for release.

Quite how it will be released I imagine is yet to be decided. 131 more words

Upgrade Failed

Upgrade Failed!

In the wastes of Telos, far away from their tombs and cities, the failed upgrades roam.
The Cybermen have no use for these failures and simply dump them on the planets surface. 59 more words

DisPLACEd: Beginnings is now LIVE on Wattpad!

The time has come! DisPLACEd episode one ‘Beginnings’ is now LIVE on Wattpad.

Click the link below, have a read, and let us know what you think.


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Doctor Who and the Gender Agenda

​I fear this will be a tough (and dangerous) piece to write, one that will probably draw fire from all sides, but I shall attempt to put this in a non biased, non sexist way….. 607 more words

Thank you 

I just wanted to take moment to thank my fellow Blogicians and all of you who shared, liked, commented and got involved with out William Hartnell/first Doctor tribute day. 34 more words

Why the Daleks Work

Instantly recognisable the Daleks are synonymous with Doctor Who. As iconic as the central character and his bigger on the inside Police Box, possibly more so in some corners of the Universe they have become an institution in their own right. 202 more words

The Time War

I’ve been playing around with the Prisma photo editing app, running some of my photo edits through it, and the more I have done the more I realise there needs to be an animated series if the Time War. 25 more words