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The men in my life

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in here.

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been painting and drawing, in my free time I’ve been obsessing over a couple of TV shows: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones ;-)

Picture of the Day: Pertwee Without Pants

…at least without his trademark Dandy pants. From 1970, rehearsing for Inferno.


Stories v.3.something

To start off, let’s have a look at what might have been my best story ever, written at the tender age of 21. It has a certain purity. 5,579 more words

Genesis of the Daleks Unreview

Phil Collins creates the Daleks so that he can exterminate the New Romantics who are ruining music.

Well, almost.

A nutter invents nutjob killing machines because he is nuts. 938 more words


Bowties Are Cool...

With as solemn as the world has been lately, sometimes we need an escape. People find it in different ways, whether it’s rockin’ out to your favorite band at a concert, heading to the movies, or binge watching hours of your favorite TV show. 2,036 more words


The Time Traveler

After visiting the Doctor Who Experience, I felt compelled┬áto write a tribute to the character that inspires awe and adventure…

The ship whirred and groaned as it materialized upon its destination, a moment that always stirred excitement in the time traveler’s stomach. 221 more words