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Doctor Who: "Heaven Sent" Intro & Clip

Like last week, Doctor Who only released one clip along with the introduction. In the intro, since it’s now just Moffat and Capaldi, really highlights how eloquently Capaldi speaks of the Doctor’s predicament. 20 more words


Who Matters: Nevermore?

Carey Fleiner on Matthew Waterhouse, Author – or Life after Wiping out the Dinosaurs

After the many slo-mo alternate angles of death of the Doctor’s  companion in ‘Face the Raven’, I remarked to ‘im indoors, ‘You know, at least Adric went out with a bit of a quip and a sad little shot of him clutching his brother’s belt before spectacularly blowing up and wiping out the dinosaurs and even got a quiet set of rolling credits over a black screen.’ Well, actually, I didn’t say that; what I did say about Clara really isn’t family friendly, but it was short and to the point, so let’s move quickly on. 351 more words

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Leaving London

Okay, I’m not leaving until tomorrow, but today was my last real day here and I have to wake up early enough tomorrow that it will still be today… 1,224 more words


Doctor Who: "Heaven Sent" Images

With only two episodes to go, it’s time to check out the images from the first half of the finale, “Heaven Sent.” As a reminder, at the end of last week the Doctor was sent somewhere, alone, by Mayor Me, who made a deal with whomever is where the Doctor is going to keep them from threatening Trap Street. 93 more words


Face the Raven Unreview

The Doctor and Clara are invited onto the set of the BBC’s latest Saturday night gameshow, Face the Raven. Ten contestants must sit opposite a raven and outstare them. 2,826 more words


Doctor Who: Under the Lake review


Under the Lake

The Doctor: So who’s in charge now? I need to know who to ignore.

Doctor Who Season: S35 (Ep3).
Story Number: 255a. 323 more words


Doctor Who Extra: "Face the Raven"

The loss of Clara this past weekend has hit the Doctor Who community particularly hard. This is the first companion to die on the job since Adric. 77 more words

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