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Allons-y! A Sketch

Paper app (53 Studios)

Nothing spectacular, I just got my hands on the “Pencil” stylus for the Paper app. Started sketching the moment I was done with homework. 32 more words


Hello, and welcome!!!

Okay, so I admit that I am super new to this. This is kind of meant to be a review spot, as well as a place for me to share things I think you might enjoy, and overall, just geek out over stuff I LOVE!!! 473 more words


Doctor Who: A Look Ahead

Along with BBC One, BBC America is also ramping up their Doctor Who related promotional clips in anticipating of September 19th. Currently they’re releasing a series of video shorts entitled “A Look Ahead.” Each is about a minute long, and features Steve Moffat, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman talking about what’s in store for the new season and how things are improving in Series 9. 154 more words


Season 8

So this week season 8 of doctor who came out on Netflix. I don’t know if I have mentioned this but, I don’t own cable TV. 169 more words


Doctor Who Series 9: "The Doctor's Meditiation" Prequel Promo Pics

This is a bit of a first. Promotional images released ahead of, not an episode, but one of these Doctor Who prequel shorts. Said prequel shorts began during Moffat’s tenure, but he admits they weren’t something he was interested in at first. 390 more words


Doctor Who: The Magicians Apprentice Pics

It’s still a few weeks until Doctor Who returns, but the barrage of promotion continues apace. We’ve got the first promotional pics for the first episode of the returning series, plus portraits of our major players. 162 more words


City of Death Unreview

DOCTOR: I say, what a wonderful butler. He’s so violent.

This story is a poisoned chalice to review or talk about because it is one of the stories which have been written about the most.

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