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Doctor Who Speculation post after s10 e11

Ok, let’s speculate, how do you deal with two Masters (or a Missy and Master), Bill as a Cybermen and a huge spaceship full of Cybermen? 514 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who s10 e11 - World Enough and Time.

Cold Open.

The Tardis lands somewhere in snow.

The Doctor stumbles out onto his knees saying ‘No’ whilst regeneration energy pulses out from his arms. 770 more words

Doctor Who

The Eaters of Light Unreview

The Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire, last seen in the Netherlands, and Bill wants the Doctor to show her what happened. So, of course, they travel over to Scotland which is over 700 miles away from the Netherlands. 2,567 more words


Pardon Doctor?

The next episode of Doctor Who is called (no joke) “World Enough and Time”. And I’m so confused. I don’t know how to deal with the awesomeness I’m hoping for vs the awfulness that line conjures up.


Fantastic Writing - Doctor Who!

So here it is. The first partial chapter in what I hope will be a full novella. It’s Doctor Who, and I am a very knowledgeable writer. 1,851 more words

Bernice Summerfield

Dr. Who and the Lazarus effect...

Yes I know – I haven’t blogged for a bit have I? Sorry, what with being in the final of The People’s Book Prize and putting on the play wot I wrote, I’ve been a bit busy. 876 more words