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Doctor Who: "Before The Flood" Introduction & Preview

Today’s clips from Doctor Who include the cast introducing the episode, and talking a bit about what we should maybe expect this coming Saturday. The big thing Capaldi wants to emphasize is the new scary big bad, while Moffat admits that once he introduced the concept of ghosts,. 38 more words


Doctor Who: "Before The Flood" Images

Unlike part one, the BBC didn’t go picture happy on us. Only 20 or so pictures and portraits for the highly anticipated ending to this time loop paradox puzzle the Doctor has walked himself into. 126 more words


Doctor Who Lego TARDIS Is Bigger On The Inside

It’s the Lego set Doctor Who fans have been waiting for since the dawn of time. Or at least since the reboot. Lego finally got the licensing rights and the design for the official Lego TARDIS. 92 more words

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Doctor Who Extra: Under The Lake

For an episode that was more set up for next week than a stand alone plot, there certainly are a few behind the scenes clips for this week. 163 more words


Under the Lake Unreview

The Doctor, Clara and an assorted mix of archetypes are trapped by ghosts that look like they have had teenage girls applying mascara to their faces. 1,481 more words


Doctor Who: "Before the Flood" Trailer

Welp. With the huge Temporal Paradox revelation of this two-part episode, the trailer for next week becomes very interesting.

Including the revelation that back int he past, The Doctor has learned from Clara what’s going on in the future.


Doctor Who: Under The Lake

Much like the premiere episode, this week’s first of a two part installment of Doctor Who was a long set up that didn’t reveal the point of the exercise until the last few minutes of the hour. 1,465 more words