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Rose and Doctor's Wedding (Art)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but here is my first art post. It is a drawing of the wedding between Rose and the 10th Doctor-Donna, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t shown in the show? 29 more words

Newzoids: Wholock Short

It’s about time the 12th Doctor got himself a formidable opponent. Check them out in “The Writing Quality Falls.”

Love the In The Thick of It… 12 more words


Doctor Who

Bem, esse ano vai ser lançada a nona temporada de Doctor Who!! Estou a espera, doida querendo que a estreia aconteca logo.


Doctor Who is not COMPLETELY fictional

Image from wikipedia.com

This article covers arguably one of my favorite topics to swoon over-Doctor Who.  I will be completely honest in saying that my intense interest in studying the solar system and beyond came pretty much single-handedly from watching Doctor Who (and maybe a teensy bit by my mom making me watch old Star Trek re-runs with her when I was a kid…).  226 more words


New Doctor Who Monster Revealed

We’ve just met the monster for “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived” and it looks like The Doctor and Clara are going to have their hands full. 117 more words


Doctor Who-Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Version 2.5)

This is from my forthcoming remounting of “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith“. In the original version of the edit, the part where I have to bridge Parts One and Two proved a little dicey when someone on FE.Org evaluated it, and he suggested a few things, I’ve since taken his advice and tried to patch together a better transition using additional sound effects and some mixing with the existing audio, here is the result

(password: fanedit)