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Doctor Who's Wide Spectrum of People

A lot of people argue that Doctor Who has no variety… But I disagree a lot. Doctor Who has so many different people, and no-one has a problem with it. 321 more words


New Doctor Who Filming Pics from Series 9

Doctor Who is currently filming episode 7&8 (yes, another two parter) in Cardiff. This is the episode that will involve Unit, including the currently deceased Osgood and the miraculously non-deceased Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. 196 more words


Is The Doctor really the same person throughout all his regenerations?

The short answer, of course, is yes.  After all, the conceit of regeneration is what allowed the show to continue after William Hartnell left.  The characters and the audience were clearly meant to accept Patrick Troughton as The Doctor, even though he looked and acted nothing like his predecessor.   717 more words

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What is Doctor Who fan wanking?

First of all, if you’re not familiar with the term, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!  Get your head out of the gutter, you.  I am going to try to explain, using my own head-canon, some of the questions that pop up when people start talking about Doctor Who.   275 more words

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