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020 - The Idiots Lantern


The newest episode is up!


What if TV’s actually turned your brain to slush. And took away your face when it did. Poor Gramma. 33 more words


Skip the part about the update to Doctor Who Legacy, a match-3 smartphone game, and read the discussion about why it’s so difficult to make a good Doctor Who game.

Imperialism and the Ood

Loomba talks about colonialism and imperialism as “The process of ‘forming a community’ in the new land meant unforming or re-forming the community that existed there already and involved a wide range of practices including trade, plunder, negotiation, warfare, enslavement and rebellion” (1101). 297 more words

My Top TV Shows

Hello there everyone! How are y’all doing this fine evening? :3

For today’s post, I thought I would talk to you about TV shows. I know, this isn’t a very bookish topic, but when I’m not reading, drinking coffee, or cuddling my bf or my cat, I’m watching TV shows! 719 more words



Since today is all about travel, I thought I would flash an excerpt from Black Archive Marco Polo – the book celebrates popular culture as a mechanism for imaginative travel, from Marco’s oral recollections, through to the medieval  224 more words

Some thoughts on Clara in Series 9 (Spoilers)

I should start by saying that I have never been a huge Clara fan – in my mind, Moffat could never figure out how he wanted to utilize her, although I always felt that Jenna gave an amazing performance. 384 more words