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Poseidon stole my ID badge

When stepping onto Oswin from the marina dock, you have to mind a small gap of Puget water. It’s not large enough to fall in, but small items like a work ID badge, ORCA transit pass, boyfriend’s multi-tool, cockpit seat cushion or a shoe (lost while sailing) can fall and sink to the bottom of the marina. 338 more words

The End of an Era

Recently, I was over at my favorite geek-hangout, Nerdalicious, talking about my favorite episodes of the Moffat Era on Doctor Who.  Stop over and check it out: 7 more words

Catch-Up Post - California in February

How did it get to be mid-August already?!? Or perhaps, more accurately, how have I managed to not blog about the LA trip I took months ago?? 2,315 more words


Doctor Who: Creating TARDIS

Creating the Thirteenth Doctor traveling away from some undefined threat, is joyful about her new body shape, thankful she’s not fat, and gazing out at the stars as she travels slowly through Space. 380 more words

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Clara Oswald-Steal Her Style-White diamond print shirt Mango

Attention all shoppers, while on the hunt for some updates to my own personal wardrobe, I came across a shirt in Mango, that while not entirely the same, could still do a good job of passing for Clara’s amazing diamond print white shirt, from The Caretaker.

Printed flowy shirt-Mango 19.99