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Is Clara Leaving at the End of Doctor Who Series 9?

Here’s the evidence that this particular rumor is based on.

This is the picture from the official Doctor Who account. It’s from the table read for the Series 9 finale, and Clara’s script is nowhere to be seen. 21 more words


Doctor Who: Missy's Garden Matters

Last season, when we met Missy–before we knew who she was, and only that she clearly had a think for already outdated 21st century technology, the Doctor’s “victims” would find themselves meeting her in a beautiful garden, in which they would take tea. 150 more words


Marvel Agents of Shield Tardis Quote

Agent Koenig:  “You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in the box?”

Simmons: ” The tardis”.

DVD Review: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks (Story 78)

Great for classic Doctor Who fans

I am a longtime fan of Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. I had last seen this episode as a child, and am happy to see that the episode holds up well as a story. 42 more words


Doctor Who: Why are the Doctor's Companions called Girls?

For the most part I think Doctor Who has great female representation. The women companions and all the female friends of the Doctor are shown to be intelligent compassionate people. 477 more words

Doctor Who Quote: Amy Pond

” My name is Amy Pond. When I was seven I had an imaginary friend. Last night was the night before my wedding night. My imaginary friend came back”.

How my Sunday was...

Awesome day, full of walking and sweating and walking more…

Yes… Film & COMIC CON DAY! Yaaay

If we ignore the anger of my debit card of spending him every two seconds, it was great! 206 more words