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Effectual Atonement

The subject concerning the extent of Christ’s substitutionary death for sinners has been a matter of debate for a long time. The majority of Evangelical Christians hold dearly to the belief that Jesus died as the substitute for all human beings who have ever lived and who ever will live. 693 more words

Overview of the Doctrines of Grace by Dr. David Murray

This sermon by Dr. David Murray gives a summary of the Doctrines of Grace also known as Calvinism. Dr. Murray presents a big picture view of the Biblical and historical context of these controversial doctrines. 37 more words


A more excellent ministry: A response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 3)

Reminder if you’ve forgotten: you can read Dr. Boa’s paper in full here.

There is a greater issue that must be addressed in light of all this, and is the larger reason why I felt this response was necessary: this is an issue of how we, as believers, view Christ’s work on the cross.   1,294 more words

The importance of context: a response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 2)

In this next section I will address what I view as an incorrect use of Scripture to support his assertion, and show how it has led to a conclusion that is arguably not defensible scripturally.   2,015 more words

Salvation belongs to the Lord: A response to Dr. Ken Boa (part 1)

This began as a single post I started some time ago, but it has grown until it has simply become far too long for a single blog post, so I’ve decided to carve it up into parts and post more of it as I write it. 3,431 more words

My Year in Blogging {2015}

I can’t believe this year is already over. It seems like yesterday we were planning the events of 2015, which began with a visit from our friend  1,209 more words


Does Every Life Matter?

Do you believe every single person is created in the image of God?

Do you believe every single person’s life is valuable and worthy of being protected in the womb from the time they are conceived? 1,491 more words