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Is Salvation An Offer for Man to Choose? Jesse Morrell Refutes Calvinism

A Calvinist recently on Facebook said:

“Salvation is not an offer. So stop offering it.”

Talk about hindering and discouraging evangelism!

I responded:

Luke 14:17 uses “κεκλημένοις” which means to call or invite. 

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Debating "Saved By Grace" in the Open Air | Jesse Morrell Street Preacher

What does “saved by grace” REALLY mean? Does it mean that we are saved while we continue in our sins? Or that we are saved from our sins? 99 more words

Amazing Grace: A Study in the Reformed Doctrines of Grace

The following is part of a series of blogs written for the Covenant Reformed Church website.How are people saved? The answer to this question is pretty simple and is agreed upon by most Protestant Christians – we are saved by faith alone in the work of Christ alone. 655 more words

Series on Calvinism: Parts 10 -11

I’m a tad bit behind on sharing the sermons from my husband’s series on Calvinism, so I am posting the last two messages in one post. 153 more words

Doctrines Of Grace

The Riches of the Father's Grace in Christ - A Sermon on Ephesians 1:3-10

Before we come to the actual substance of the message I wish to present a few goals for this message which I hope to accomplish. I have four goals: firstly, to see that it is the very heart of the Father to lavish His grace upon us, undeserving and wretched people; second, to see the quality of His grace which is lavished upon us; thirdly, to see how, or in what manner, He lavishes His grace upon us, according to the text; and lastly, to close with a few applicational remarks. 3,401 more words

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Confident Evangelism: Meekness

Recently I began teaching a class at my local church, which I titled “Confident Evangelism without a PhD in Apologetics.” This is Week 5: Confidence in our Faith Leads to Meek Apologetics. 216 more words


Series on Calvinism: Part Nine

Here is the link to the latest message in my husband’s sermon series on Calvinism:

Irresistible Grace – September 19, 2016

Previous sermons from the series, “Calvinism and the Bible”: 33 more words

Doctrines Of Grace