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The Riches of the Father's Grace in Christ - A Sermon on Ephesians 1:3-10

Before we come to the actual substance of the message I wish to present a few goals for this message which I hope to accomplish. I have four goals: firstly, to see that it is the very heart of the Father to lavish His grace upon us, undeserving and wretched people; second, to see the quality of His grace which is lavished upon us; thirdly, to see how, or in what manner, He lavishes His grace upon us, according to the text; and lastly, to close with a few applicational remarks. 3,401 more words

Reformed Theology

Confident Evangelism: Meekness

Recently I began teaching a class at my local church, which I titled “Confident Evangelism without a PhD in Apologetics.” This is Week 5: Confidence in our Faith Leads to Meek Apologetics. 216 more words


Series on Calvinism: Part Nine

Here is the link to the latest message in my husband’s sermon series on Calvinism:

Irresistible Grace – September 19, 2016

Previous sermons from the series, “Calvinism and the Bible”: 33 more words

Doctrines Of Grace

Why Don't Calvinists Preach "Save Yourselves" as the Bible does? Jesse Morrell

This is a post I made in my Facebook group Calvinism, Arminianism, Pelagianism, Wesleyanism, Finneyism, Lutheranism…



Someone was recently arguing that Calvinism is nothing more than teaching that “God saves sinners.” I assumed he was alluding to their doctrine of unconditional election and monergistic or passive regeneration. 250 more words

Yakkity yak, don't talk back...

“But who are you, O man, to answer back to God?”
Romans 9:20

I have written before describing how our relationship with our children are good reminders of our relationship with God.   888 more words

Faith And Practice


If I were to ask any Christian the question: For whom did Christ die? I believe a simple answer to this question is “for the sinner”. 935 more words


God's Will - Man's Will

  1. I believe every person who sees the depth of their need and the beauty of Christ will willingly come to Christ
  2. I believe that no one is able or willing to see the depths of their sin or the beauty of Christ unless God reveals it to them.
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