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Colossians: Christ Alone

The trigger and the theology of the Reformation

On 31 October 1517 a sheet of paper was nailed to a church door in what is now Germany. 597 more words

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Understanding Grace

Grace is central to the Christian worldview. At the core of the Christian understanding of reality is that although man has fallen from his exalted position in which he was created, God has stepped in to secure his salvation. 1,451 more words


Reasons Women Should Study Theology

A good friend and sister in Christ recently sent me a great article titled: 6 Reasons Why Women Should Study Theology. As a woman who is very passionate about theology, I was excited to see  351 more words


Still working our way backwards through T.U.L.I.P. in response to Rocky Munoz’s critique of Calvinism, we are now looking at the idea of Limited Atonement.

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Following Rocky Munoz’s precedent in his series critiquing Calvinism, where Irresistible Grace is considered to be one of the primary foundations on which Perseverance of the Saints stands, I will now look at this fourth point in the T.U.L.I.P.

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The Foreknowledge of God

I read The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink in 2015 and published a review about this excellent little book. It is written in seventeen chapters, or articles, which are succinct and easy to follow. 726 more words


Although “Perseverance of the Saints” is the last point of the five in Calvinism’s T.U.L.I.P. acronym, I’m starting with this because it’s widely considered the be-all-end-all of the system.

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