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Theological Commitments of the Biblical Gospel: Preserving True Saints to the End

Preservation of the True Saints

This doctrine will have an impact when we come across a person (whether inside or outside of the church) who says that they received Christ as Savior at an earlier time, but that they have “backslidden” or lost their salvation and need to be saved again (or similarly, “rededicate my life to Christ”). 284 more words

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What To Do When Your Husband Becomes a Heretic {Part 1}

You hear your husband utter the following words:  “Honey, I think that Calvinism might be the truth.”

Step 1: Pause to see if he might be joking. 823 more words


What To Do When Your Husband Becomes a Heretic {Part 2}

Previously on Valerie Write Now: Part 1.

Step 8: Decide to do a bit of research on the topic of Calvinism before discussing it again. Obviously, your husband has been reading and studying the subject for some time. 1,179 more words


Just Do Better...Tell that to Martin Luther!

Is salvation merely a message of “do better?” Is Christianity simply a moralistic religion that teaches that all we need to do is obey God? That is what the self-righteous Pharisees thought, and it is what many people in churches think. 649 more words

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Atonement: The Heart of the Gospel

Our theological term “atonement” comes from the Anglo-Saxon root that means “to be at one with another” and was over time shortened to  ‘atonement” (at-one-ment).

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Theological Commitments of the Biblical Gospel: Election

Election: Who Chose Whom?

The Arminian/semi-Pelagian understanding absolutely rejects any type of election based solely upon the free choice of God. Their understanding of this can be seen in the response of the Synod of Dort (1619): 426 more words


Theological Commitments of the Biblical Gospel: Radical Depravity

Theological Commitments

Theology drives our commitments and practices. Ideas have consequences. In order to have a biblical commitment to evangelism, we must understand what the Bible teaches about five elements that will have a bearing on how we evangelize. 822 more words