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Meals which make my soul happy.

All i miss is home made food. living a city as versatile as mumbai i realized that it was all about moving fast and eating junk. 83 more words


Why you should (probably) NOT buy a timeshare (and the only question you need to ask when dealing with a timeshare salesperson)

Note: The usual disclaimers apply. I’m only relating my experience, and this post is more of a reminder to myself than anything else. If you find it useful – awesome, and if not then no worries. 1,827 more words
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The Sanders Campaign's Historic Achievements

  • Won 23 caucuses and primaries, over 13 million votes and 1,846 pledged and unpledged (super) delegates.
  • Raised $222 million almost exclusively through small donations (
  • 105 more words
Bernie Sanders

オープンソースのオフィス統合環境「Apache OpenOffice」に脆弱性、修正版は未提供 [ #cloud ]

The Apache Software Foundationは21日、オープンソースのオフィス統合環境「Apache OpenOffice」に脆弱性“CVE-2016-1513”が存在することを明らかにした。執筆時現在、本脆弱性への対策を施したバージョンはまだ公開されていない。開発元はホットフィックスまたはメンテナンスリリースが利用可能になるまで脆弱性を悪用した攻撃への警戒と回避策の適用を呼び掛けている。



Invitation: Socialist Caucus at the DNC

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) invites all Democratic National Convention (DNC) delegates, members and friends to the Socialist Caucus, featuring:

  • Rahel Biru, New York DSA, activist in Debbie Medina NY State Senate campaign;
  • 162 more words
Democratic Party

Island Girl

The same eyes. I met again this girl after many years ago..

Ani adalah seorang gadis bajau laut yang tinggal di Pulau Ketam, Pelabuhan Klang. Kali pertama saya rakamkan potret ani ketika dia masih dibangku sekolah rendah lagi yaitu  pada 9 tahun yang lalu. 71 more words