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Why I photograph

A common question I don’t ask me often: why do I take photos?

Naturally because I love it and because I need to take photographs in my daily life to escape from my every-day routine. 416 more words


Gap crit notes:

  • A few people mentioned how the paintings look ‘fuzzy’ and ‘glitched’. A lot of people talked about how they saw rooftops/eagle eye views of cities/ different perspectives of images/ layers are apparent.
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DOM nodes

According to the HTML DOM standard, everything in the HTML Document is looked as a node.

Nodes concept


Setting up for a gap crit:

I’m displaying two paintings: my first one made in this term (on the left) because it characterises my work well, the colour palette works collectively throughout the piece, and it’s one of my favourites (but there is a rip in the canvas, I’m going to cover it soon). 156 more words


Me & Frankie ordered some badges with designs from our paintings.

I’m looking to order more – two or three designs – and sell them at our show at High Street Chambers, Cardiff. 27 more words