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Husband Documents Reasons Wife Is Crying For 1 Month Straight (PHOTO)

I hate how accurate this is…mostly because I’ve shed tears at the majority of these reasons.

For 1 month, this guy wrote down everything that made his wife cry…

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Wrap up!

It’s a bitter wind today. At, scarves and gloves needed!

Rain overnight, thankfully I think it’s too cold for snow 😆


A certain stillness

There is a silence that is only heard before sunrise. No time to wait for the warming rays, I have to go out.


PFUがドキュメントスキャナとクラウドサービスを直接連携する新サービス [ #cbajp ]

PFUは11月25日、パーソナルドキュメントスキャナ「ScanSnap iXシリーズ」と11のクラウドサービスを直接つなげるサービス「ScanSnap Cloud」の無償提供を開始した。「ScanSnap」でスキャンを行うだけで、PCやスマートフォンなどを起動することなく、スキャンしたデータを自動的に最適なクラウドサービスと連携できるサービス。



UMP Review - Five Star

The life of a notorious gangster was always portrayed as a forbidden fruit for the ordinary people – and cinema embraces that philosophy by sketching cold-blooded criminals like romantic characters. 889 more words