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Riley, K., & Mackiewicz, J. (2011). Visual composing: Document design for print and digital media (pp. 1-15). Boston: Prentice Hall.

This chapter covers choosing and modifying typefaces for greatest readability in your documents. 307 more words

Internet banking




Scott H's First Document Analysis

Summary: In this article, Eric Schlosser shows several Americans’ addiction to fast food and how it is so bad for these same people.  Schlosser wrote a book on these issues, and in this particular article, he answers questions behind his motive to write the book.   440 more words


Silent Lecture // Thoughts (160MC T2)

On friday morning, we had a silent lecture. This involved all of us going on our macs and accessing a Google document that we could all communicate on. 392 more words


Tell the public more than just project results

Most video documentation about development projects focus on the results. The believe is that more complex messages cannot be absorbed by the public in a short span. 286 more words


Connor K's 1st Mini Document Analysis

Summary: Noel Brinkerhoff discusses how the nutritional value of fast food is devastating to the American public in an AllGov article, which was published on May 9th, 2013. 592 more words


New "evidence" of Russian aggression


I read in the tape application means “Poroshenko gave new irrefutable evidence of Russian aggression.” Well, I think, wow, now I was bombarded with searing truth. 594 more words

Civil War In Ukraine