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Beware the Slenderman

NOTE: If there is a movie, documentary, play, or book you’d like me to review please let me know. For a while I reviewed television shows but I’m way behind on all of the shows of mine I like, so I will wait to catch up on those before I seek new ones. 1,164 more words


Steven Jesse Bernstein: You Are Asking Me Now If This Is The Whole World And I Am Saying It Is

Seattle-based poet and artist Steven Jesse Bernstein made a name for himself as a poet, performance artist, and writer. Informally dubbed “The Godfather of Grunge,” his street-smart, hard-edged work earned him a reputation that built upon his persona—a rough-voiced, tattooed elder spokesman of the darker side of life, a man who made one of Sub Pop’s best albums of the Grunge era—one, sadly, he did not live to see released; Bernstein would commit suicide on October 22, 1991, just as Seattle was dominating pop culture on a global level. 2,622 more words

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