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Monica and David

Monica and David is one of the truest and sweetest love stories ever made into film. Monica and David are madly in love and also both have down syndrome. 40 more words


The Ups and Downs of Having a Lengthy Netflix Queue

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the student center doing homework with my friend Becca and excitedly telling her about all the documentaries I would be watching for my… 898 more words


Mortified Nation

Netflix gold. This film documents Michael Mayer’s ‘Mortified’ live shows around the nation. In the ‘Mortified’, grown adults share old journal and diary entries from their pre-teen/teenage years on a stage. 31 more words


It's A Girl

It’s A Girl brings insight into the incredibly sad world of gendercide. In countries like China and India where baby girls are not valued, mothers face the difficult decision of keeping their child or not. 32 more words


Vanguard of the Revolution

New film on the rise of the Black Panthers & the FBI’s war against them.


Black America

Fermat's Last Theorem..

Here is an excerpt from interview of Sir Andrew Wiles.
This story of a mathematician who worked for seven years in complete isolation and secrecy to solve world’s hardest unsolved problem in mathematics is an inspiration for all budding researchers and students. 17 more words