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Steven Jesse Bernstein: You Are Asking Me Now If This Is The Whole World And I Am Saying It Is

Seattle-based poet and artist Steven Jesse Bernstein made a name for himself as a poet, performance artist, and writer. Informally dubbed “The Godfather of Grunge,” his street-smart, hard-edged work earned him a reputation that built upon his persona—a rough-voiced, tattooed elder spokesman of the darker side of life, a man who made one of Sub Pop’s best albums of the Grunge era—one, sadly, he did not live to see released; Bernstein would commit suicide on October 22, 1991, just as Seattle was dominating pop culture on a global level. 2,622 more words


Making a Murderer

It has been quite sometime since I have written a review or discussed my opinions on films, movies, shows, documentaries and other things. Primarily I was focusing on theatre for the majority of last year, then I was spending a lot of time working, and then I began work on several writing and editing projects. 1,350 more words



I had the apartment to myself this weekend, which meant DOCUMENTARY FREE FOR ALLLLLLLL. I watched a bunch. Rewatched a bunch. Ate only sushi and drank only La Croix. 561 more words


Must-Watch Documentaries

Hello lovers! After realizing that the “Documentary” section of this blog hadn’t been updated in a crazy while, I thought I would briefly write about 3 documentaries I recently saw that I think are worth making some popcorn for :) (and for those of you that are Netflix and chillers, these are all now on Netflix) : 548 more words


Food Inc

Food Inc is an american documentary that gives some insight into the corporate farming of meat,grain,vegetable & food labelling industries . As consumers we don’t really think about how the food we eat is produced or do we even question if it is clean ?. 121 more words


Top Documentaries I've Seen Recently

-Paris is Burning 

I watched Paris is Burning earlier this year. It shows the New York Ballroom culture in the 80s and the it opened my eyes to how that community has shaped society today and how it is so important that trans people/queer people are protected. 442 more words


THROWDOWN: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead vs. Live From New York!

Once in a while, the Cinephile City team detects the need for a couple of similar or competing films to have it out in a bare-knuckle, winner-takes-all bout for critical glory. 1,050 more words