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Errol Morris Gates Of Heaven/Vernon, Florida/The Thin Blue Line (Criterion)

Errol Morris is one of America’s premiere documentarians—but he became so almost by happenstance. A student at Berkley, he worked in the film department, making friends with leading underground, independent filmmakers of the day. 895 more words

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Documentary

Another suggestion and another review. This documentary was perfect for what I was using it for, background noise. A few days ago I was trying to work on a project for a play I am in, and instead of sitting in the silence, I decided to put this on in the background. 713 more words


King of Kong - Fistful of Quarters - Documentary

This documentary was filmed prior to and released in 2007. The documentary is about two men, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, and a feud (of sorts) that arose between the two men who both held high scores on the 80’s arcade version of Donkey Kong. 751 more words


Playground: The Child Sex Trade in America - Documentary

*****Note: I don’t go into any graphic details in this post, but it is a sensitive topic for some, so if you are not comfortable with this type of topic do not continue to read this article or view this documentary… 795 more words


Serial Killer Culture - Documentary

First of all, I would not recommend this movie to the faint of heart or easily offended.

From now on, I will no longer follow the structure I set out for myself when I first began writing on here. 933 more words


The Ups and Downs of Having a Lengthy Netflix Queue

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the student center doing homework with my friend Becca and excitedly telling her about all the documentaries I would be watching for my… 898 more words