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The Cult of Harmontown

I’m not the biggest fan of Dan Harmon.

I’ve outlined before my inability to connect with Community despite it checking all of my boxes for a thing I should love. 448 more words


Yelp 'Extremely Concerned' About What Investigative Documentary Will Reveal

When the campaign for a film called Billion Dollar Bully hit Kickstarter last week, support began pouring in. The investigative documentary—which will probe allegations of manipulation and fabrication of reviews, extortion and other questionable business tactics by marketing giant Yelp—is quickly approaching its $60,000 goal, but not without one big adversary.  557 more words

Best Limited Releases Coming To Pittsburgh - April 2015 Edition

Ballet 422 – Harris Theater

Cinematographer and documentarian Jody Lee Lipes crafts an intimate, fly-on-the-wall documentary offering a rare peek into the highly-guarded world of professional ballet. 460 more words


Art House (a documentary)

Art House is a documentary film of stunning beauty. Documenting the extraordinary architectural work of some of America’s great artists, it takes the viewer on a journey from landscape to landscape across North America, from New York to Arizona and from house to house. 1,055 more words


Grey Gardens (1975)

Dig those wacky Beales! Funny, twisted, and often heartbreaking, Grey Gardens allows us to intrude into the lives of former Bouvier family socialites, Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter, Little Edie Bouvier Beale. 229 more words