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Hidden History: Exposing Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe – Ancient Tracks – Part 3

From the Youtube description: Elf Castles, Underground cities, Extremely Ancient “Cart Ruts” Documentary. All the other videos on this topic

based on the research of Dr. 64 more words


Hidden History: Exposing Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe – Ancient Statues – Part 2

Search this blog for Exposing Turkey’s Gobekil Tepe Part 1.

From the Youtube description: Gobekli Tepe (Göbekli Tepe) museum exhibition

Title: Turkish megaliths part 2 of 3, Angel and Dinosaurs at Gobekli Tepe (Göbekli Tepe), ancient statues ( 6 more words


'Weiner' Is the Most Relevant Documentary Since 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

“Weiner,” the juicy, exciting, and revelatory new documentary about Anthony Weiner’s 2013 campaign for mayor of New York City in the wake of the scandal that torpedoed his political career, is the story of an addiction — but not the one that you think. 980 more words


New World Order: Sacred Commercialization, Quantum God And More

Lots of topics covered here, revolving around the idea that The Powers That Be are co-opting Sacred Geometry as part of their NWO agenda. I have posted one or two Sacred Spirit videos in the past, but they seemed to be too all-encompassing with all kinds of stuff and I didn’t like that at all. 74 more words


Hidden History: Exposing Turkey's Gobekli Tepe - Tool Marks - Part 1

Translated from the Russian language. The tool marks are remarkable enough, but these Russian archeologists are tying Turkish megalith sites to Peru, and that goes a long way toward proving either Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Fallen Angels of the Bible or the Annunaki of Sumeria. 96 more words


Crrow777: The Lunar Wave Displaces The Entire Moon - Twice (Original)

This is from the original 2012 clip that started it all. I’ve been following Crow since around Fall of 2014, and have plenty of his videos and interviews posted. 97 more words


Baseball: 1978 Regular Season Playoff Game - Yankees At Red Sox

From the Youtube description: New York Yankees 5 at Boston Red Sox 4, F — For two bitter rivals, it all came down to this one-game showdown at historic Fenway Park. 126 more words