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Mandela Effect: Indian Map Expert Is Now Feeling The Mandela Effect!

This video is important because a lot of people have been commenting that all the changes are only happening in the US. (Bluebeard 2011 is in Australia, by the way, and he was on top of it when it comes to US and local map changes several months ago.) 71 more words


Mandela Effect: Bing Maps Show Recent Chic-Fil-A Building Morph

From the Youtube description: Witness account of Chic-Fil-A Building Shift along with the name shift to Chick-Fil-A. In the video I say shift from chic to chik. 56 more words


New World Order: Target's Tranny Blunder Will Cost Over $20 Million

That’s only the cost of the new bathrooms they are building, and doesn’t even begin to cover how much they lost in stock value. Thanks, Obama! 18 more words



Despite two consecutive Canadian federal governments pulling support, and the non-participation of the Ontario provincial government, those working to reinstate the Algoma Central Railway (ACR) passenger train continue their fight. 634 more words


Profiles: Miss Hazard

Meet Hazard. She is a 25 year old graffiti artist.

She has been spray painting for 11 years now and has been voted in the… 178 more words


The Loneliness of the Swimmer

  • You get very tired and depressed, and you wish you had the social life that a lot of your friends have, you wish you could go out with this girl, but it’s so hard to have that.
  • 69 more words

A new Day...A new Learning! By Anna at La Wisdom!

Yet another beautiful day at La wisdom!

I was working today with a Child diagnosed with ADHD, who really has been on the move. This child generally finds it difficult to focus for even little more than few minutes or sit in a place. 128 more words