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Documentaries - The Targeted Perpetrators

As good and educational documentaries are, they tend to make you feel a certain way towards particular companies. What we fail to do though is look at it from a greater perspective. 301 more words


9/24 Doom: East Coast Tsunami, Predictive Programming & Fresh Water

Let me add Major Ed Dames to the Prof Doom’s list of prophets who saw the East Coast becoming submerged. I had a lucid dream myself, where I saw New York being flooded from three different angles. 256 more words


Okinawa Peoples' Rally Against Henoko Relocation

Thousands people demanded shutdown and removal of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, and protested against American and Japanese governments’ Henoko relocation plan at Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan last Sunday. 28 more words


Matt Forney: The Widening Rift Between Men And Women

For related content, see my post Justin Garcia: The Problem With Rewarding Weakness.

From the Youtube description: In this program, Forney talks about how he stumbled upon the “manosphere” and became interested in the men’s rights movement (MRM). 76 more words


Jared Taylor: The Suppressed Conversation About Race

From the Youtube description: Mr. Taylor is with us to make a contribution to the extremely one-sided debate of racial equality and the delegitimization of race, human biodiversity and kinship. 62 more words


Documentaries: Ancient Discoveries Mega Structures Of The Deep -

Published on Jan 21, 2013

Ancient Discoveries Mega Structures Of The Deep! https://youtu.be/y0OexbB-EXM !! Try the best Hosting 25% off follow the link http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-778533… – … 168 more words


Get in the Know: Documentaries

Here is a list of documentaries I have watched/loved/liked/want to watch!

Want to Watch:

Cowspiracy (as far as I know you have to buy this one) 246 more words

101 Reasons To Go Vegan