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New World Order: 9/11 Predictive Programming In Movies & Wrestling

Search this blog for 9/11 to see more on the many inconsistencies regarding the greatest False Flag ever seen in modern history. I have posted a video by Barely Human that covered the Back To The Future movies, but in looking it up, I see that it has been updated for July of 2015. 46 more words


Archaeofest 2015

Highlights from Merrion Square’s Archaeofest 2015


Flat Earth Theory: Chicago Skyline 'Mirage' Proves The Earth Is Flat

Are you ready to accept this yet? Or do you want to stick the the Nashole official story of the pear-shaped Earth, the bulging equator Earth, or the two pictures from space in 40 years Earth? 20 more words


Hidden History: The Vendee Genocide by Ann Barnhardt – Part 4

I’ve been listening to Barnhardt’s presentation for about an hour now. She’s got some great points, but her condescending, holier than thou attitude doesn’t cut it for me, because she’s basically defending a book commissioned by Rome, which was used to massacre and control the masses. 93 more words


New World Order: Moon Landing Hoax, Lies In News, Truth In Movies

This is a simple question, do you trust Never A Straight Answer, or do you trust all of the ancient civilizations who believed the Earth was flat and had a dome over it? 54 more words


Hidden History: The Vendee Genocide by Ann Barnhardt – Part 3

From the Youtube description: Part Three of Four of Ann Barnhardt’s presentation on the Vendee Genocide during the French Revolution and the terrifying similarities to the U.S. 16 more words