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How Jesus Defeated The Saturn Cube by Round Saturn's Eye

RSE takes a pro-Christian point of view.

First off, if you believe the god of the Old Testament and the god of the New Testament are the same god, you’ve already lost the game. 328 more words


Lucky China Town New Year

I went to Lucky China Mall after I filmed the old street of China Town. It is great to see that the mall prepared a lot of activities and photo opportunity for the people thus inviting more customers to them.


Saturn: Jesus, The Sun And The Number Of The Beast By Sun Of Saturn

SOS makes¬† some claims regarding Jesus being the same as Saturn, but I’m not convinced by this video. Jesus, a Sun god, replaced Apollo, also a Sun God. 136 more words


The New Biographical Documentary

Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) was written and directed by Brett Morgen. Aired on HBO, now available for rent and purchase.

Amy (2015) was directed by Asif Kapadia.

2,532 more words

Documentary: The Lost Vikings by PBS Home Video

The Lost Vikings by PBS Home Video (2000) – 4 stars

This is a 52-minute documentary. One of the most intriguing historical mysteries is the fate of the Viking colonies on Iceland, where an estimated 6,000 Norse people vanished without explanation. 348 more words


Allegheny City Talking Docubox Drills Into 'Groundswell Rising'

On the third Thursday of each month, Allegheny City Talking Docubox provides screenings and discussions of important and timely documentary films at the Pittsburgh public-access station, … 157 more words


NerdTV Documentary: Deep Web

“This video shows in depth analysis and experience of how the web in rooted in our daily life.”

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