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Views of Framlingham

This has to be one of every Ricardian’s favourite sites and now this article explains how a documentary about a certain song came to be made there, greatly featuring the town and some local students.

Here is the official video.


Oscar Nominated Documentaries

The story of the Negro in America is the story of America. It is not a pretty story.
– James Baldwin

Note: While the main focus of these posts will always be movies, I want to make sure that the idea of tangible, active participation in any ongoing struggle is at the forefront of our efforts. 738 more words

Academy Awards


13th (2016) Directed by Ava DuVernay Written by Spencer Averick, Ava DuVernay Featuring: Melina Abdullah, Michelle Alexander, Cory Booker

A look at the history of the prison system within the United States and the racial inequality that has plagued it. 222 more words


Half The Road

HALF THE ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport. 275 more words

Can't find anything to watch on Netflix

I just finished the anime series Ghost Hunt and already craving for more. Season 2 please come already! Also finished watching the “season 2” of The Seven Deadly Sins, which to some hardcore anime fans is not called season 2. 299 more words


The Rolling Stones 

Just a couple of days ago, The Rolling Stones were discussed on a Black History month special. Seeing how the month of February is Black History month, there are new documentaries that air every night. 429 more words


Behind the sounds of ROY'S WORLD.

Over the weekend I had the immense pleasure of working with a brilliant ensemble of musicians to lay down the score for ROY’S WORLD. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to collaborate in this way: working with a composer and a band to shape the tone and mood of the music during the early stages of a project. 136 more words