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Trailer and Synopsis of “Memories of a Forgotten War”: A feature-length documentary film on the battles of World War II fought in Northeastern India

Memories of a Forgotten War National Award-winning film critic-turned-filmmaker is a forthcoming documentary film on a very relevant topic, the battles of the 1940’s in the North-East which seem to be now forgotten by most people. 665 more words


In Jackson Heights (Dir. Frederick Wiseman) 2015.

This portrait of a community in Queens, New York prominently features its City Council representative Danny Dromm.  The film opens with his commemoration of the Julio Rivera annual march in honor of a gay man killed twenty five years ago because of his sexuality. 710 more words


Congress Shall Make No Laws! MARBURY V. MADISON ...

SCOTUS May only interpret the Law

Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 is unconstitutional to the extent it purports to enlarge the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court beyond that permitted by the Constitution.

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1400 Year Old Ginkgo Tree's Annual Leaf Drop

How many golden leaves does a giant, 1400 year old Ginkgo tree drop? A lot. A beautiful flood of leaves captured falling off of this stunning tree in China. Autumn is lovely. Via Colossal:

Announcing New Composer!

We have a composer!! His name is Raphael Costa, he’s from Brazil and as the Lord would have it…he’s two doors down from us! Rafa is a professional (a musical genius in my opinion) and has a heart of absolute gold. 43 more words

Casey Childress Walker

RIDM 2015 Review: The Unknown Photographer

Like the Polar Sea 360° project, The Unknown Photographer has one component that you can explore with an Oculus virtual reality headset for the duration of RIDM, and several other parts that you can enjoy at home whenever you choose to do so. 627 more words

Liz Ferguson