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Great Continental Railway Journeys Season 5 Episode 1 - Transylvania To The Black Sea

With Bradshaw’s 1913 Continental Railway Guide in hand, Michael Portillo ventures east through Romania. He uncovers an unlikely fan of his Bradshaw’s.



Vibrant Coral

Around the globe, coral is in danger. Ocean acidification, warming temperatures, and pollution have all caused huge damage to reefs, and slow growing corals. Antonio Rodríguez Canto… 37 more words


The Bakeshop

The generic name, The Bakeshop, seemed as good a place as any for me to realize how apathetic you were. Focused on your goals, as it were. 1,041 more words

Genna Rivieccio

Sony's Glitter Bombs

Sony has a long running series of high-end adverts that speak to the glorious color (colour) of their TVs. As ads go, they’re pretty fantastic, and some of them have jumpstarted careers of… 69 more words


"rave" friend Film na Daroca & Prison festu:Las raíces del mal

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Título: Las raíces del mal

  1. Dirección: Zelimir Gvardiol.
    Producción: Pradok / Biljana Stanojevic.
    Intérpretes: Dragan Jankovic, Dragan Vencel, Caba Fazekas, Biljana B.
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Disney's Classics, Minimalized

A bright, colorful, lovingly recreated tribute to some of the best known moments in Disney’s catalog, 2veinte of Buenos Aires have taken a modern, minimalist design to scenes from… 36 more words


Perfectly Preserved Mid Century Home in Dallas

Fans of mid-century 50’s charm, get ready to wipe the drool from your chin. This time-capsule home on Dallas’ “Disney streets” is a faithful and beautiful specimen, something I’m sure photos don’t do justice. 87 more words