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Documentary Idea: Art Students/DMA program

For my documentary I would like to have the focus be DMA students at Alfred, in a sort of mockumentary or joking style. There will be some serious elements in it, or real info about it, but then some light humor and funny sections. 100 more words


FUKUSHIMA : The silent voices

Documentary: A young Japanese filmaker expatriated in France goes back to her birthplace near Fukushima City.
Six years after the nuclear disaster, she’s aiming to re-open the debate…
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Fukushima 2017

Sugar Coated -Documentary Film

Sugar Coated investigates a once secret public relations campaign, dating back to the 1970s, where the sugar industry deflected threats to its multi-billion dollar empire from scientific research emerging implicating processed sugar with adverse health effects. 76 more words

The Vietnam War

The newest Ken Burn documentary film about The Vietnam War is a deep dive into the Vietnam War the often forgotten war since it was one that America lost.  283 more words


Sharni Jayawardena

Sharni Jayawardena is a photographer and a documentary filmmaker with decades of experience working in the visual media. In this interview, Sharni talks about the power of storytelling and her engagements with audio slideshows, photography exhibitions, and documentaries that bring to public attention diverse untold narratives from the four corners of Sri Lanka.

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The Drum Maker - a documentary film

A documentary is like a baby. You plant the seed and nurture it till it is born. For my latest film “The Drum Maker” the birthday is October 15th, 2017. 284 more words

McLendon Will Score Film Music for The John Philip Sousa Foundation

What does an aspiring film composer do? He composes film music!

I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce that I will be scoring music for a film focusing on the various band-related projects (see the information box below) of The John Philip Sousa Foundation. 366 more words

My Life, My Music