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"Let There Be Light" - My First Translation Job

Back in April, my Taiwanese friend from church approached me with a job opportunity to translate a film. My friend Stacey does translating work on the side quite a bit (she was the interpreter for Katy Perry in Taiwan 2 years ago, no biggie). 429 more words

Taiwan Gap Year

In Case You Missed It

This Week on Fandor: We’re Talking Politics (Then, Now, Here and Way, Way Out There)! 421 more words


Life in Asheville: Launch Trampoline Park

It was a rainy summer day in Asheville, North Carolina, and my girls kept after me to take them to Launch Trampoline Park. Because one of the girls won a complimentary pass at the local high school basketball camp (Hot Shot Champion!) they’d been before with my mom and wife. 340 more words

Documentary Film

Our Documentary Team Needs Your Help to Film Narwhals In The Arctic!

We’ve just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring our team to Clyde River to coincide with Greenpeace’s flotilla protest training for the residents fighting Seismic Cannon Blasting for oil in Baffin Bay. 39 more words

Arctic Production

Playfully Surreal Mother

Tony Luciani created a very touching, funny, and quirky series of photos with his 91 year old mother. As her full-time caregiver, Luciani created a collection called… 30 more words

18/07/16, 19:32                                                                                                 Barcelona

It’s been a while since the last blog… Lots brewing… All the while adjusting to life in Spain, creating a network and establishing a client base here and eh, learning the language! 438 more words


A Stunning Mirrored Vision of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is impressive, no matter how you view it. But when visually mirrored and paired with a beautiful soundtrack, it becomes something amazing. Visual Suspect… 16 more words