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I stumbled on a documentary on YouTube about Young Nuns in Britain and it reminded me about that Lifetime “docu-series” The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns which was on last fall. 132 more words


That Sugar Film

Sweet and deadly

Now this is a film which is right up my street, as I am enormously interested in the politics of the food industry and how it deliberately dupes us and deceives us – and even more interested in matters related to health and wellbeing. 1,150 more words



Flavorwire’s list of “25 Essential Punk Rock Movies” is pretty good.  But it never really gets around to establishing its criteria.  Obviously if it’s a documentary like… 171 more words


A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs/Cinemagraphs/Documents

A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs/Cinemagraphs/Documents is a comprehensive monograph on the pioneer filmmaking team that set the standards of contemporary documentary filmmaking. 292 more words


Lights! Camera! Quiet Please... A New Documentary by Jeffrey S. Gould That Explores Misophonia - Which Means “Hatred of Sound”

(Read more and watch the trailer here)

Film Courage:   What was life like sensory-wise as a young child?

Jeffrey:  I was always a quiet kid… I always needed my own space/place to go even as a child but up until the divorce I had a lot of friends.   395 more words


'The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe' (WORLD PREMIERE) - Watch It Now!

The 19-year old actor Haider Rifaat re-released his first documentary film ‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe‘ on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in HD format. 70 more words

Haider Rifaat

New Zealand's Bioluminescent Cave Worms

Arachnocampa luminosa, known as glow worms, shine an amazingly dramatic light on the caves on New Zealand’s south island. Joseph Michael took these beautiful photos.   14 more words