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"Food Evolution" A Film Which Has Something Important To Add To The Conversation

By: Lori Hoffman 

“Food Evolution” is a documentary From Academy Award®-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy (THE GARDEN, FAME HIGH, OT: OUR TOWN) and narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson showing both sides of the GMO debate around the world. 360 more words


'দ্য আরগুমেন্টেটিভ ইন্ডিয়ান'-এর ট্রেলার ফেসবুকে আপলোড করলেন পরিচালক সুমন ঘোষ

(ছবিঃ পরিচালক সুমন ঘোষ-এর ফেসবুক প্রোফাইল থেকে সংগৃহীত)
ওয়েব ডেস্ক, পিপলস রিপোর্টার, ১৫ জুলাইঃ চারটে শব্দ নিয়ে আপত্তি তুলেছিলো সেন্সর বোর্ড। ‘গরু’ ‘গুজরাট’ ‘হিন্দু’ এবং ‘হিন্দুত্ব’। চার শব্দের ওপর সেন্সর বোর্ডের  আপত্তিতে আটকে গেছিলো তথ্যচিত্রের মুক্তি। তবে তাতে থামানো গেল না অমর্ত্য সেনকে নিয়ে তৈরি করা তথ্যচিত্র … 13 more words


Doc/Fest Diary 2017: Part Two

Christian Abbot makes his annual pilgrimage to the world’s finest film festival which just so happens to take place in our great City of Sheffield. Taking in as many documentaries as his mind can handle, Christian provides us with his diary from the weekend. 946 more words

Reel Steel

Producer Melina Tupa helps change lives stories in Frontline's ‘Rape on the Night Shift’

Melina Tupa is more than a filmmaker, she takes her role and knows how many people she can affect with her work. She adds the responsibility of being a journalist, telling harsh and real stories that need to be told, and she shares them with the world. 735 more words


The Legacy of Paranoid Thrillers | a short film

A film poster chosen from the list below the video. It stood out as one of the my favorite of paranoid thriller films. Warren Beatty is brilliant in ‘The Parallax View’ . 664 more words


BW's Morning Article Link: Steven Spielberg Documentary

HBO is announcing a documentary about famed movie director and producer (and animation presenter, although I bet Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Freakazoid aren’t mentioned once) Steven Spielberg. 22 more words

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