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Sameer Farooq and Mirjam Linschooten in Vancouver

In August interdisciplinary artists Sameer Farooq (Canada) and Mirjam Linschooten (France) will be spending 2 weeks at the Burrard Marina Field House.  Their combined practices aim to create community-based models of participation and knowledge production in order to re-imagine a material record of the present.  347 more words

First Movie Ever Where Survivors Confront Perpetrators While They're Still In Power by Joshua Oppenheimer of THE LOOK OF SILENCE

(Watch the video interview here)

THE LOOK OF SILENCE in Theaters 7/17/15

(Watch the video interview here)

First Movie Ever Where Survivors Confront Perpetrators While They’re Still In Power by Joshua Oppenheimer of THE LOOK OF SILENCE… 166 more words


Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai

Games are the way of feeling terrific. They not only enhance skill but also help in boosting confidence.  A number of game shows are on television including sports, card games, quiz etc… Kya Aap Paanchvi Panch se tez Hai, one of the renowned game show basically known for quiz and was hosted by leading Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan. 23 more words

Corporate Film Makers In Delhi

Crossing Borders: Calling All Angels

In mountaineering, there is a phenomenon known as ‘Summit Fever’ in which the heightened anticipation of summiting out weighs all reasoning. It is a step into the Twilight Zone where one’s critical faculties take a leave of absence and reckless decision making begins. 336 more words


'Do You Own Your Mind or Does Your Mind Own You?' iSyndrome, A New Movie by Barak Shavit


FILMMAKER – ‘iSyndrome

Join filmmaker Barak Shavit in creating a movie about consciousness and increasing an awareness level in our culture with… 407 more words


Lights! Camera! Quiet Please... A New Documentary by Jeffrey S. Gould That Explores Misophonia - Which Means “Hatred of Sound”

(Read more and watch the trailer here)

Film Courage:   What was life like sensory-wise as a young child?

Jeffrey:  I was always a quiet kid… I always needed my own space/place to go even as a child but up until the divorce I had a lot of friends.   395 more words