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Historical Memory in Levees

I found it interesting how much Historical Memory played into the New Orleans citizen’s suspicion of their levee being blown by the government. There was a certainty among a number of people who were interviewed that there was an explosion that caused the Levee to break during Hurricane Katrina. 246 more words

Film Through Video Game

When I saw the character of Rasheeda in Chi-raq (one of Lysistrata’s companions), I knew she was familiar. It was only after I looked Chi-raq’s cast up that I realized where I had seen the face. 308 more words

When The Levees Broke: Off-Beat

Early on in WTLB (I’m sticking with this acronym from now on), it became clear that the combination of talking-head interviews and found footage would represent the aesthetic crux of the documentary. 265 more words

When The Levees Broke: A Blog Series

Preface: This will be one of several blog posts that concern our screening of When the Levees Broke. Due to this film’s lengthy runtime and countless topics of discussion, I believe this serial response to be the most fitting way to frame my response.  240 more words

How to finance your film with your D.P.'s reel.

Many cinematographers underestimate the importance of their role in the packaging, presentation and procurement of financing for a film. Since most cinematographers have little interest or experience in the development and financing phases of independent features, it’s quite understandable. 607 more words

Mark Archer

Congratulations, Oscar Winners!

Heartfelt congratulations to ALL the winners and nominees last night at the 88th Oscars!

I want to especially congratulate Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees who are the director and producer behind the phenomenal documentary feature, “Amy”. 169 more words


Crossing Borders: Calling All Angels

In mountaineering, there is a phenomenon known as ‘Summit Fever’ in which the heightened anticipation of summiting out weighs all reasoning. It is a step into the Twilight Zone where one’s critical faculties take a leave of absence and reckless decision making begins. 336 more words