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Thirteen years ago Aleksandr Sokurov’s Russian ark came out. It was a single-take film, but it was not much of a technical challenge. It is an elongated visit to the Russian Hermitage Museum with historical characters coming in and out of the frame while a narrator (Sokurov) is telling us- we, poor, uneducated souls- what it all means. 272 more words


Song of Lahore

In Song of Lahore, the Pakistani musicians from Sachal studios in the capital city of Lahore are trying their hands at improvisational jazz. Although there are traditional instruments, like the tabla, the sitar, a flute and other less well-known instruments, the group is augmented by a string section and a guitar. 257 more words


NOVA: Citizen Science at its best

NOVA, the 42- year- old PBS television series, is citizen science’s best friend – thoughtful, balanced, free  of charge,  and available to millions of people via several media platforms. 458 more words


Earth Heroes

Every day for the next two weeks, we are going to introduce you to men, women, indigenous groups, doctors, scientists, broadcasters, rangers and fearless activists who stand for the planet. 196 more words


Best Documentary Movies

What are the best documentary films you’ve seen?

Contribute your top 10 favorites—in order—in a comment below, and we’ll compile the responses to create an overall community consensus. 132 more words

Best Of

Film Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

A film which images 30000-year old rock art found in the Chauvet Cave in the Ardeche District of Southern France. Only Werner Herzog could carry this one off! 46 more words


Charles Mattocks’ “Trial by Fire”

Simone Morgan (Jamaica Observer) features Jamaican chef, actor, and now, director Charles Mattocks, who has directed the documentary film Trial by Fire, which centers on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and the people who suffer from it, with particular focus on the director’s mother, Constance Marley. 393 more words