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Sugar Coated -Documentary Film

Sugar Coated investigates a once secret public relations campaign, dating back to the 1970s, where the sugar industry deflected threats to its multi-billion dollar empire from scientific research emerging implicating processed sugar with adverse health effects. 76 more words

Ex Libris (Directed by Frederick Wiseman). 2017.

The subject is libraries, NYPL and the title refers to books, but very few books appear in the movie.

The opening scenes show expert patron handlers answering the phone as questions come into the reference desk.  569 more words


Hubris squared

Sometime in May or June of 2008, I stumbled across an absolutely unbelievable podcast that explained the burgeoning housing crisis and soon-to-be catastrophic turmoil on Wall Street.  251 more words

Random Musings

Let's Get Emotional

Let me feel your psyche talk. Reading a recap of the news this morning made me want to break into song, sorry Olivia Newton John. It seems that Mr T is on a Twitter tear, which obviously means he’s not happy, and he’s setting the stage for his United Nation’s address today. 422 more words

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Rumble: The Indians who rocked the world

Here’s a story that’s never been told. Rumble: The Indians who rocked the world is a new exciting documentary about the influence of Native Americans and Canadians in pop music. 279 more words


Review: Trophy, 2017, dir. Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau

I’m of the mind that we’re all animal lovers, even those of us who include animals in our diet, whether in the form of products derived from, say, their milk (like cheese) or in the form of their meat. 76 more words