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The salt of the earth

The salt of the earth is a documentary-portrait of Sebastião Salgado’s many years spent traveling the globe. Partly directed by his son, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, who followed his father on some of his trips. 306 more words


Earth Heroes: Wildlife Killings Search for Truth

Why is the federal government trapping, poisoning, gassing and shooting millions of wild animals and birds every year? That’s what Tom Knudson, a two-time Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, wanted to know when he wrote the investigative series… 1,036 more words

Endangered Species

Earth Heroes: Gorilla Mother Love

Sometimes your life is on the line – that’s the case for Ranger Andre Bauma, his boss Emmanuel de Merode, and all the caretakers and vets whose efforts to protect the… 714 more words


Earth Heroes: James Balog Chasing Ice

International photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) could be described as a watching a planetary train wreck through time-lapse photography – it is breathtaking, bizarrely beautiful, shocking and worrisome.  430 more words


Using the F word at work

Today at work I looked up synonyms for feminism, and the result left me clutching my face and screaming silently like a mute, eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin. 1,104 more words

Merchants of doubt

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

Edmund Burke

Merchants of doubt begins with magician Ian Swiss doing some card trick and also giving us his theories about the techniques of magicians. 251 more words


Updates on Zak's documentary film "The Demon House" @Zak_Bagans @TheDemonHouse @UncleCreepy @DreadCentral

Attn GAC – @Zak_Bagans Updates Us Exclusively on The Demon House http://t.co/Av7xekrCeZ via @dreadcentral

— Steve Barton (@UncleCreepy) April 10, 2015

“In anticipation of Zak Bagans’ (“Ghost Adventures”) upcoming film, The Demon House, based upon his stay in the haunted home that he purchased following the strange events which befell Latoya Ammons and her family in Gary, Indiana, we got in touch with Zak to see how things are progressing.

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