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Experimental piece

Looking at this piece and how I’ve tried to develop from this point, it has become clear that when I have tried to make the pieces larger in size I loose some of the key elements that I like so much in this piece. 146 more words


Landscape #5

On Thursday, I organised some boards to be delivered through the fine art technician. But, they hadn’t arrived yet and we don’t know when they will arrive. 326 more words


Subject: further distortion manipulations

Blocking out areas of your life you wish not to see anymore or the pure fact of having no control over which you wish to see, is an issue in itself. 33 more words


Listening to Take Five by Dave Brubeck

Lagi bongkar-bongkar arsip record nemu koleksi lama kesayangan. OMG! Jadi ingat lagu ini memang bagus banget. Selalu suka mendengarkannya. Jadi semangat.
Lagu ini sudah dimainkan ratusan musisi dari yg amatiran hingga profesional dgn berbagai versi. 80 more words


Portable art work

In todays key concept lecture we spoke about portable artwork

loved the idea of art work in boxes

carrying around artwork

no longer in portfolios… 69 more words


SQL VNext sp_configure on Windows and Linux with dbatools

This weekend I set up some SQL vNext virtual machines, two on Windows and one on Linux so that I could test some scenarios and build an availability group. 889 more words


Love Songs.

Having watched a number of films recently that deal with relationships between human and A.I relationships, I have found myself beginning to imagine cyberspace – and the interfaces that communicate with the ‘real world’ – as a being, or beings, that communicate with humans but are somewhat different. 148 more words