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Collage Wall Display

A wall that represents a bed room wall, note board, idea diagram, studio wall- compilation of varying piece of art, writing, drawings. Chaotic in display but organised to have a balancing composition. 52 more words


Redwall Pinkwall

adjacent walls painted in clashing colours- anger, power, expression- positivity, sarcasm, childish.

a contrast between beginning and end? making leading to another wall with a final piece. 20 more words


Event Handlers

| Current Record | Get Control Value | Override OnLookup Method | Update Modified Fields |

Get the current record from a FormControl:

InventLocation inventLocation_ds = sender.formRun().dataSource(formDataSourceStr(InventLocation, InventLocation)).cursor(); 356 more words

Event Handler

ASP.NET WEB API documentation using Swagger – Global operation for 500 response code

Some api responses, such as 500 – Internal server error is the same for all API endpoints.
Let’s see how to implement this using Swashbuckle. 142 more words


SSPP: Photoshop Induction

As part of SSPP, we had an induction on using Photoshop so that we could merge images of our designs with the public place we have have chosen to exhibit our work. 13 more words


SSPP: Week Two Review

After the second week of SSPP, I have gained yet even more useful insights about the relationship between public art and the artist. After having lectures from different uni tutors in the fine art department about the artists who create work for the public sector and a talk from a professional who works with artists to commission public art; I have learnt about how we socially engage with artworks and how artists challenge preconceptions about art in the public realm. 86 more words


SSPP: Venue update

So I never got a response after emailing appearhere.co.uk about enquiring more information about The Black Shop, in Duke Street Arcade. This is incredibibaly annoying as it has put me behind in this project as I now need to find a new venue that will that least give me a set of floor plans so I can begin to design my pop up shop.