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Stars and Stones

Stars and Stones

In every team you’ll have stars, who overachieve and improve the performance of your whole team. You’ll also have stones, who struggle to meet the minimum performance goals you’ve set for them, and who drag the team back. 336 more words


These questions can help you estimate the time you will need to complete a documentation project.

Studies of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center revealed that documentation accounts for 11% of the effort in a software project, meaning that documentation plays a crucial role in the overall costs of the project.  568 more words

Developing my Skills

Throughout my education I have used collage and texture in different ways to create a range of artworks. However, I never felt totally content with my work because it was very heavily influenced by my tutors and didn’t reflect my personality. 334 more words


How Good Are Your Desktop Procedures?

If you win the lottery, will your colleagues be able to take over your processes?  The mere mention of desktop procedures in any accounting related department is usually met with a groan… few people enjoy slowing down their processes to document each step.  460 more words

Process Improvement

Self-Directed FlowLearning

An acquaintance at a recent community event asked SP how is school going. SP told her she was homeschooled and which led to a series of questions like, what are you learning right now and what are your favourite subjects?  1,395 more words


“This Is Me!”

Throughout the year, the Green Side (4 and 5 year olds) have been focusing on different projects centered around the idea of self-identity. The teachers have been thinking about different ways for the children to explore and express who they are. 526 more words

Level 6 Summer Degree Show

Unfortunately, I missed put on a critical writing workshop due to the dates overlapping with my papermaking workshop. Also, admittedly I recently haven’t been up to date with my student emails, as I missed an important email I missed out on a viewing of the exhibition last Wednesday. 400 more words