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The body in art: Why don't men wear skirts?

In the lecture, we talked about power and control. Main forms of control to the human body include:

  • Covert (personal style) and overt (a uniform is needed for certain jobs) types of control,
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Experimenting with fire

Above I have begun to experiment with the effects of smoke on paper, the black smoke allows me to brush away at it, leaving vague outlines of a ‘memory’. 32 more words


Titles in Portraiture

I have begun to experiment with the idea of whether titles are important in relation to portraiture. From looking at works by Annie Kevans I have started looking into my own work. 79 more words


Figurative Modelling: Combustables and Slip Casting

Exploring clay in a different state – a fluid state.

  • The workshop has influenced my Subject work, with allowing clay forms to acquire their own shape in my hands – here, I…
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Third stage of Alzheimers

My grandma’s been developing Alzheimers for 6 years, in the beginning the symptoms were slow, barely noticeable. However, over the past few months the symptoms are approaching a rapid speed leading her to forget how to talk, walk, eat, drink and the most basic human functions. 123 more words


Field week 1 day 1

Figurative Modelling

We began with life drawing. 10 seconds for each pose, and it was as difficult as it sounds. But as I got more confident with just putting a few lines to hint at the curves on the body, I was really enjoying myself. 108 more words



Use the industrial landscape as a stimulus:
-Non representational instead derived directly from the visual and sense of “the industrial”
– colour texture and form -Simple shapes to perhaps show an expanding space… 166 more words