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From Farb to...Fab? Molly's Journey into Darkness.

Molly’s journey into living history began inauspiciously enough, with a parade.  Those of you who have followed this blog will no doubt have seen the first post about my interest in history as a child, and how I got started in the hobby.  2,159 more words

Living History

Kind of Knowing isn't the Same as Actually Knowing

So far I’ve unofficially made around 1300 keys. I’m not even half way to 5000 but 1300 is still a lot. Like, A LOT!

I… 164 more words

Key Project

Sammelwerk Application — Success!

I’ve just received an email from Sammelwerk admissions notifying me of my success — I’m going to be one of their featured artists in their first edition, entitled ‘New Beginnings’.


School Work Placement (Week 4)

I spent two out of five lessons today in the main store cupboard undertaking general tidying and reorganising tasks. Though a fairly tenuous link, I felt that doing this helped contextualise my practice in some way. 257 more words


4V Particle Patches

This was our outcome after Following a YouTube tutorial for the particles patch:We altered some of the nodes to see how we could change the output. 72 more words


Flat Painting - Board 2 - Stag

After looking into the totem of the wild, I really wanted to do a set of paintings using the animals within it. I had to decide wether I wanted to do paint a stag or a bear as I wasn’t sure if I would have time to do both, I decided to do a stag as I was very interested in the stags Antlers, I thought that if I only had time to do one more, a bear had the same sort of  fur as the wolf and I personally thought it would be more of a challenge to do the Antlers and short hair on a stag than fur on the bear the same as the wolf. 197 more words


Flat Painting - Board 3 - Wolf

While painting the wolf into my board I struggled with colours, all the different tones and shades in the fur and the face of the wolf, when looking into wolfs in detail I seen that they have a variety of different colours from their ears to mouth, and underneath fur to the fur on their back. 255 more words