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Me and You

When looking into this project I had my attention caught  by the artist, Gillian wearing. She captures photos of people sharing their thoughts. to me it feels like all the photos are taken of people who don’t normal have a say or a voice, or the issues are never recognised. 78 more words

Subject Yr1

'Colour Theory' 

  • Gloss, four pages of colour-matching attempts on cupboard door

After going through my Foundation and First Year work I’ve hung on, I pulled out the Tests made during David’s colour theory workshops from First Year. 19 more words


'Kitchen Window'

  • Gloss, kitchen window blind on bed sheet.

The found object in this painting is a square cut-out from my Gran’s old blind that used to hang in her kitchen. 49 more words


Painting This Week

After spending a few weeks doing pastel drawings, I decided to go back into doing what I like best, painting.

One of the tutors, whose name was Laura, had a rather large canvas she sort of made with me in mind for some reason and she gave it to me so I could work on it, the support worker I was with did the gluing in of some of the wooden panels to keep the canvas in place as well as stapling the canvas onto the board, I then used primer to make it whiter and then got started on the painting… 166 more words


Photo workshop week 3

This week for the photography workshop I’ve been doing, the first thing I did when I arrived was that I was shown the negatives of the photos I took using film photography last week… 328 more words


Salah satu kebiasaanku yg masih kulakukan sejak SMA adlh. mengumpulkan, mendengarkan dan menikmati satu lagu dengan berbagai versi bergantian sekaligus supaya bisa makin meresapi indahnya lagu tersebut. 51 more words


Vietnamese migrants could be on borrowed time in Cambodia

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

The Cambodian government is threatening to deport any “newcomers” unable to produce correct and legal documentation.

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian government has illegal Vietnamese migrants in its sights, threatening to deport any “newcomers” unable to produce correct and legal documentation. 994 more words

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