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Community garden competition

Above is an entrant into the universities community garden competition.  Each Piece entered into the competition had to be based on a flower and were marked on their Durability, Physical environmental impact, creative use of materials, appropriateness and the communication of the ‘essence’ of the plant. 394 more words

Colour workshop

I attended a workshop with Steve Murray where I had an opportunity to do silk painting. I explored colours I thought I might find in Morocco, such as different greens in plant life, various colours in zillij mosaics and the orange, mustard colours of camels and deserts. 217 more words


Clearing the "cache"

Assuming that our students are “tech savvy” often places us on the front lines when problem-solving technology issues.

If a student is having issues navigating and/or submitting assignments in canvas, it can be as simple as “clearing their cache”.   57 more words


Gereja itu bukanlah tentang bangunan, gereja itu tentang menjadi kaki dan tangan Jesus. Sudah selayaknya kaki itu harus melangkah dan tangan itu harus melayani. Sekarang bangunlah, bangkitlah, pergilah…dan jadilah GEREJA! 9 more words


The two Mary's, sin and purity

I have recently been looking into representations of Mary in Renaissance art. I used the colour blue in my work as it is often the chosen colour for Mary to wear as in painting, lapis lazuli was the expensive pigment used for this and therefore was a display of her importance. 146 more words