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Vampires VS. Religion

Most of the myths were based on the ignorance of the people but the really sad part of the vampire legend is that – over the centuries – the Church used these convictions to impose itself and forcefully advance in Europe. 530 more words


The Mihaljevci Vampire

The events supposedly happened in the village of Mihaljevci before the 1900s.
A man died a very violent death by felling of a wagon – he got his head caught under a wheel and died from a crushed skull. 200 more words


The Abbazia vampire

The story takes place around the 1880s in the Croatian town of Opatija .
The authorities uncovered the corpse of an old man who had been shunned by the villagers while he was alive and who was given a rather unusual burial. 139 more words


The Tirnova Vampires

Yet another strange mix of traditions is the story of the Tirnova vampires, based on a letter written by Ahmet Sukru Effendi, that was sent in 1833 to Istanbul. 167 more words


The Derekuoi Vampire

Bulgaria is a focus point for vampiric activity in the middle ages, just as Romania and other countries in the Balkans are. The stories vary but the end result is always the same: the dead are inspected for the specific signs and in many cases the remains are desecrated. 195 more words