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Documentum: Software to Download Documents and Metadata

I have written a software in Java using DFC. This software performs the following tasks:

  1. Performs export or import of documentum data
  2. Download all documents given a folder/cabinet in Documentum…
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DQL: Listing documents with their Folderpaths

Here’s a DQL to get a listing of Documents along with their folderpaths in the repository:

select fld.r_folder_path, 
doc.object_name, doc.r_content_size, doc.acl_name, doc.r_creation_date, doc.r_modify_date, doc.r_creator_name, doc.title, doc.subject, doc.keywords 
from dm_document doc, dm_folder fld
folder('/<CABINET_NAME>', descend) and 
fld.r_object_id = doc.i_folder_id 
and any r_folder_path is not nullstring 
enable (ROW_BASED)

DQL: Total Document Content Size By Cabinet

Here is a DQL statement to find the total document size by cabinet:

select cab.object_name, sum(doc.r_content_size) 
from dm_document doc, dm_cabinet cab
where doc.i_cabinet_id = cab.r_object_id
group by cab.object_name

Updated roadmap, webinar and FAQ from OpenText Documentum

If you registered for the webinar OpenText held a few weeks ago (if you didn’t, maybe you can check Andrey’s post on the subject), you should have received an invitation to some site from OT with a FAQ about the Documentum stack. 111 more words


Support almost got it right

I was dealing with a problem with D2 (ha!), and suspected that I couldn’t be the first one having this issue so I decided to check support page. 69 more words


Some "news" about Documentum from OT Innovate

This are “rumours”, but here you go:

  • New Documentum version (rebranding?)
  • New unified client “WDK+D2+xCP” (worst of each one? CenterStage 2.0?)
  • Push for LEAP apps.
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