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Documentum LDAP Sync

Documentum Active Directory Sync

ทำการ sync active directory กับ Documentum โดยใช้ DA พบ error ต่อไปนี้

2018-05-16 17:13:58:926 ICT : ERROR: DmLdapException:: THREAD: default task-32; MSG: error:  "A NULL string was passed to function expecting a valid one"; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: null

at com.documentum.ldap.internal.sync.SynchronizationContextBuilder.setBindPswd(SynchronizationContextBuilder.java:260)
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Opentext iHub integration with Documentum

One of the new features of Documentum 16.4 is the integration with Opentext’s iHub analytics software. If you don’t know what iHub is, it’s something like a preconfigured set of reports (if you’ve used Jasper Reports, it’s quite similar) which now comes with a bundled OOTB reports for Documentum. 171 more words


OpenText Documentum Server 16.4

End of February 2018 OpenText released Documentum Server 16.4.

From now on Documentum releases will have the 16.x version numbering instead of 7.x thus bringing it in line with the OT Content Server products version numbering. 31 more words


Opentext Documentum 16.4 PostgreSQL Developer Edition

This is a step-by-step guide to install Documentum 16.4 in a Linux environment with PostgreSQL 9.6 (as we don’t have/I haven’t found the compatibility matrix, I’ve used the same version bundled in the docker image). 880 more words


Opentext Documentum Server 16.4 released

You can find it in the downloads section.

New features:

  • Independent JMS
  • OpenText Directory Services integration with Documentum
  • Support for parallel indexing
  • Support for Amazon S3 store…
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Documentum in the cloud

Yesterday I attended the latest Documentum webex from Opentext. It was a review of  last year, with some use cases explained by customers and partners, and a review of the roadmap (It seems that they aren’t delaying the new Documentum version, and that it will be released by the end of this month). 608 more words


Opentext Documentum is coming next month

I didn’t realize that roadmap documents were updated last month. It looks like the February release is still going to happen (and I’ve been told a definite date, so it looks it won’t be delayed). 137 more words