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D7.2 Sizing Tool

The Documentum sizing tool has been updated for Content Server 7.2 with Webtop 6.8.  You can find it here.

Other system sizing tools you may be interested in are here: 47 more words


DQL - Get Object Type Indexes

SELECT t.name AS object_type, i.r_object_id AS index_id,
i.name AS index_name ,i.attr_count,(i.i_position * -1) AS i_position , t.attr_name
FROM dmi_index i, dm_type t
WHERE i.index_type=t.r_object_id
AND… 17 more words


Documentum Bulk Export Tool v1.4

I just updated the Documentum bulk export tool, QuikDIE, to version 1.4.  You can download it here.  More info about the tool can be found in  previous posts… 84 more words


Documentum and Alfresco - Date and Time Zone Updates for HPI

When working with two clients this past week, the issue of dates and time zone display came up. Dates are stored on the server in the server time zone (UTC, for example) but when the date is displayed through HPI, web browsers display the date according to the local time zone settings set in Windows. 547 more words


Truncate string overflow

I was trying to set acl_name for a document using DFC when I encountered the below exception:
DfAttributeValueException:: THREAD: http-8080-1; MSG: value is too big for attribute 'acl_name'. 129 more words


Documentum Lifecycle Error [1800] (Folder)

When applying a (Java-based) Lifecycle to a document, a “mysterious” error with the following message is thrown:

Attaching Lifecycle failed:
error: “The Action failed. Details: folder” 704 more words


Managing All Those Environment URLs

A few years ago I started a project with a new customer. When I was granted access to their DEV, QA, and PROD environments I was given a bookmark file that contained all of the URLs I would need to manage and administer their systems (for example: DA, Webtop, and various D2 applications).  466 more words