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Webtop ESA-2016-088

EMC has posted an ESA for Webtop: ESA-2016-088: EMC Documentum Webtop Unsafe Deserialization Vulnerability.  Here is the text of the ESA:

Documentum Webtop has a java deserialization code which may not validate if the input stream contains any malicious code.

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D2 and Google Charts

I saw this 3-part tutorial on the EDN this week discussing how to integrate Google Charts with D2 and thought it was worth sharing.  See what you think.


Captiva 7.1 Certified on Windows 10

I recently read in the ECD Product and Solutions Bulletin:

“The Enterprise Content Division continuously improves products to fit your needs and we’re glad to announce that Captiva 7.1 is now certified for Microsoft Windows 10 x64.

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Documentum: DQL to get folders and permissions

To retrieve the folder paths and permissions on each folder, use the following query:

SELECT sr.r_folder_path, ar.r_accessor_name, ar.r_accessor_permit, ar.r_accessor_xpermit 
FROM dm_acl_s a, dm_acl_r ar, dm_folder s, dm_folder_r sr
WHERE a.r_object_id = ar.r_object_id
AND s.r_object_id=sr.r_object_id
AND a.object_name = s.acl_name
AND sr.r_folder_path like '/CABINET_NAME%'
AND sr.i_position = -1

Documentum: How to encrypt password

In order to encrypt a password, go to where the dfc.jar is located using command prompt

Type in the following command, and the result is the encrypted password: 13 more words


DQL:How to get count of all documents by folder

Here is how to get a count of all the documents in a cabinet by folder:

select count(*), f.r_folder_path from dm_document d, dm_folder f

where d.i_folder_id = f.r_object_id and folder('/CABINET_NAME', descend)

and f.r_folder_path is not nullstring

group by f.r_folder_path


Selecting Documentum for content management, a simplified infographic for decision-makers

The decision to purchase a technology platform for content management is often driven by Technology (department), and not so often by the Business. Technology claims that it has based its decision on Business requirements. 657 more words