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Documentum D2: DM_STORAGE_E_BAD_TICKET Error

Users were getting the following error just after logging in to D2:

In our case the object id of the object appeared in the log file. 33 more words


Documentum D2: XML Cache

D2 has cache files in the following location on the app server:


The file names that can be safely deleted to clear the cache are… 42 more words


Documentum: Getting multiple folders / files in DQL result

If you are getting multiple results in your DQL results for single objects, modify the server.ini file on the Content Server to add the following line… 90 more words


Documentum: DQL to List all groups a user belongs to

The DQL to query the list of groups that a user belongs to:

select group_name from dm_group where any users_names = ‘<user id>’;

To query all groups to which a user belongs whether directly or indirectly, use: 42 more words


Documentum: 3 Ways to Create a User in Documentum

Here are the three ways to create a user in Documentum:



IDfUser dfcUser = (IDfUser) getSession().newObject("dm_user");

dfcUser.setString("user_source","inline password");
dfcUser.setString("description","new user description");

dfcUser.setDefaultFolder("/Temp", true);
dfcUser.save(); 95 more words

Documentum D2: Restricting creation of folder to a folder type

In order to restrict the creation of a folder to a particular folder type, we need to do the following:

Go the D2-Config

Go to the menu for that application

Click on the down arrow next to "New" under the "Main Menu"

Click on "Folder"

Add the following text to the "Message:" text box under "Action"


Replace <custom_folder_type> with your folder type

Click Save