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Some "news" about Documentum from OT Innovate

This are “rumours”, but here you go:

  • New Documentum version (rebranding?)
  • New unified client “WDK+D2+xCP” (worst of each one? CenterStage 2.0?)
  • Push for LEAP apps.
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Multiple environments with Tomcat/DA

Similar to the previous post about configuring dqMan/DQLTester (Multiple environments with dqMan/DQLTester), a Tomcat with DA can be configured the same way:

Folder structure: 148 more words


Multiple environments with dqMan/DQLTester


Environment with multiple Documentum installations, different versions, repositories with same names in different versions, etc. Cannot install software in your local machine.

Some solutions: 212 more words


Roadmaps – The Ugly Truth

Every one has one question in mind when they ask me about the OpenText acquisition of ECD (Documentum). What about the roadmap?

It is the wrong question. 529 more words

Enterprise Content Management

Mozilla To Drop Support For All NPAPI Plugins In Firefox 52 Except Flash


What does this mean to Documentum? Well, if your Webtop/D2 is using applets (UCF), starting March, you’ll only be able to use it with IE11 and older versions, as no other major browser (actually, Firefox is the only “major” browser that still allows NPAPI plugins, but this is due to their slow pace of development) will allow NPAPI plugins (Java).


xCP Design Patterns

I recently ran across this catalog of xCP design patterns.  It looks like the catalog has been around for a while, but I just recently found it and thought I would share it in case you hadn’t seen it either.  14 more words