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Documentum DFC: How to get custom attributes

Here is a way to get all the custom attributes of an object in DFC without knowing them ahead of time:

                //Custom Attributes
                String allAttributes = dctmFileObject.dump();
                String customAttributes = allAttributes.substring(allAttributes.indexOf("language_code"), allAttributes.indexOf("SYSTEM ATTRIBUTES"));
                try (BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new StringReader(customAttributes))) {
                    String line = reader.readLine().trim();
                    while (line != null && !line.isEmpty()) {
                        String attributeName = line.substring(0, line.indexOf(':')).trim();
                        String attributeValue = line.substring(line.indexOf(':')).trim();
                        int attributeDataType = dctmFileObject.getAttr(dctmFileObject.findAttrIndex(attributeName)).getDataType();

                        line = reader.readLine();
                } catch (IOException exc) {
                    // quit

Documentum: How to Delete TBO

Steps for deleting a TBO….

  1. Delete the module under /System/Modules/TBO folder
  2. Delete it from the app server cache ($DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/cache/<version>/bof/<docbase name>
  3. Restart application server

Captiva License Decoder

Nicely done little app to decode those pesky Captiva license files to understand what you really have.  Nice work, Jim and Kevin.

Blog postDirect link.


Why OpenText will not Lead ECM

Oh what a few weeks we’ve had in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)!  After the news that OpenText will acquire its competitor Documentum, we’ve seen some  737 more words

Enterprise Content Management

WebTop’s new content transfer mechanism

No doubts EMC have done a tremendous work and it is awesome:


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Spoiler alert: it works :D

ETL 01: Documentum -> MuleSoft -> Filesystem

This post is the first in a series focused on Extract-Transform-Load tools and techniques that I will discuss on this blog.

MuleSoft is an excellent tool to integrate real time updates (such as approved documents) from one system into another system.   878 more words