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D2 autologin

There was a document in EDN, which now is lost, named “Useful shortcuts and urls for documentum D2”, and one of the URLs was an autologin url, quite useful for development purposes. 85 more words


D2-Config DQL Editor

D2-Config (at least in D2 4.5) has a servlet (/GetData) that is used internally to run DQLs. I though when I saw it that, in the same way the REST query service is limited to run read queries, this won’t let you run write queries (you know, due to the “Get” in the name). 118 more words


D2 configuration vs. Doclist widget

One weird requirement customer may want is to show different columns for different types. This kind of requirement is very difficult to meet with obsolete, difficult to customize and migrate webtop, because you’ll need to create a configuration such as: 459 more words


D2 configuration vs. a_is_hidden

Recently we came across a requirement that involved showing the a_is_hidden attribute in the content widget, regardless of its value.

At first glance, it seemed an easy goal to achieve, just add the attribute to the column list and it will work. 187 more words


CTF extensions not working on Firefox

As expected, once Mozilla has released the new Firefox Quantum moving its extension framework to WebExtensions, the current Webtop/D2 extensions have stopped working. Even if you try to use the Chrome extension by using the Foxified extension, content transfers won’t work. 10 more words


Assap 7.0 vs msg format

We’ve been facing a weird issue with assap 7.0 sp2 and .msg files in SAP GUI. Any file will open from SAP GUI (PDF, TIFF, JPEG) but trying to open a .msg file will prompt user to download an “unknown format” file named as the repository. 265 more words


Schoolies should vax against deadly disease

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”a344f02819b706251ef2c8e1b308b597″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/a344f02819b706251ef2c8e1b308b597″},”originId”:”f9bd1f4c-baca-11e7-8311-0caee74d4a54″,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”WEB”,”title”:”Schoolies should vax against deadly disease”,”subtitle”:”Victorian Government urges teens to get free meningococcal vaccine”,”description”:”

SCHOOLIES revellers have been warned to protect themselves against the potentially deadly meningococcal disease amid a 30 per cent spike in the number of Victorian cases this year. 5,174 more words

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