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ICYMI: President Trump Signs Executive Order on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System

If you haven’t been paying any attention for the last two weeks, you may have missed that on February 3, 2017 President Trump signed an Executive Order setting forth his administration’s core principles for regulating the United States’ financial system. 196 more words

Reviewing Dodd-Frank, What Does It Mean?

The new Trump Administration has just begun, and already there are several things happening and in the works around banking and housing regulations and laws. With the… 477 more words

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Buy & Sell: These fund managers are taking U.S. regional lenders to the bank

The global regime change in favour of a rising interest rate environment, coupled with the success of populist leaders around the world such as Donald Trump, is creating a lot of dispersion in financial markets. 868 more words

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After the Repeal of the U.S. Publish-What-You-Pay Rule, What Happens Next?

As most readers of this blog are likely aware, despite the valiant lobbying efforts of a broad and bipartisan swath of the anticorruption community (as well as a last-minute… 2,343 more words


Liz Warren Wants To Know If Goldman Sachs Is Running The Country Instead Of Trump

In an ironic twist, on the day that President Trump announces that former Goldman COO Gary Cohn will be in charge of the “phenomenal” plan that will “massively cut taxes,” 1,313 more words

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The Trump Critics Need to Calm Down

The New York Times editorial page is unremittingly hostile towards Donald Trump. My last post reports on an essay in the Atlantic magazine, “How to Build an Autocracy… 319 more words

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TRUMPs, the show, part 12

Why bother with this coverage of TRUMPs? American presidents come and go. On shows and in real life. True, but so far the two have been separate. 1,289 more words

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