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David Trott Introduces Bill That Would Indemnify His Former Firm

David Trott Introduces Bill That Would Indemnify His Former Firm from Liabilities Under The Dodd-Frank Act And The FDCPA

Congressman David Trott has introduced a bill (HR 1849) that would allow law firms to sidestep federal laws barring abusive debt-collection practices. 427 more words

Why the Financial CHOICE Act Is the Wrong Choice

> Posted by Robin Brazier, Communications and Operations Associate, the Smart Campaign

Lately, so much has been happening in Washington, D.C. that it feels impossible to keep up. 722 more words

Client Focus

Show Me the Yield: Debt Funds Have Become So Competitive...Is Anyone Getting Paid?

Real estate and finance are competitive industries, especially in New York City, and the alternative finance sector is no exception. As more and more nonbank funds focused on commercial real estate debt open—and with established real estate players… 1,606 more words


At mid-year, repo is like an ancient fable

Today’s repurchase market is like the ancient fable of the six blind men and the elephant, where the blind men offer very different descriptions of what each saw when they touched an elephant in a different spot. 2,349 more words

Finding A Fix

Memoirs of the Addams Administration 24.

Republicans struggled forward with the effort to make the Obama administration go away.  In 2010, the Democrats passed the so-called Dodd-Frank Act.  That legislation led to the imposition of about 28,000 new regulations on banks and credit unions, greatly increasing compliance costs.  679 more words

American Society

Surprise! Trump Chooses Big Business Over Consumer Rights

Guest Post; Lindsey Pasieka – Consumer Rights Investigator

Donald Trump seems to be waging a war against American workers and consumers, and he doesn’t even realize it. 1,489 more words

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