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Beware of Confidentiality Agreements with Employees; Make Sure They Don't Stifle Whistleblowing

On April 1, 2015, the SEC announced its first enforcement action against a company for utilizing language in a confidentiality agreement which could discourage whistleblowing. 438 more words

Dodd-Frank Act

FDIC Chief Reveals Global Capital Index

To illustrate this point, a colleague and I at the FDIC have constructed the Global Capital Index, which shows the tangible capital levels for each of the largest global banking firms and the average levels for different size groups of US banks.

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Providing Regulatory Relief for Main Street Banks

The major congressional response to the Financial Crisis was the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, putting many restrictions on U.S. financial institutions in hopes of ending “too big to fail.”  The problem is that the new regulations often apply to the many low risk, traditional, main street banks which did not cause the financial crisis.  277 more words

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Wall Street Is Caving In

GE announced that it will spin off its real estate portfolio and private equity. Last year, it spun off its consumer banking business. What remains is commercial banking. 281 more words


How the Decline in Community Banks Hurts Small Business | Entrepreneur

A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond reveals that the number of community banks dropped by a whopping 41 percent between 2007 and 2013.  100 more words

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Thou Shall Not Muzzle Whistleblowers; The SEC Protects Corporate Fraud Whistleblowing

The Securities and Exchange Commission is serious about protecting corporate fraud whistleblowers. Since Congress passed Dodd-Frank in 2010, the SEC has continually attempted to bring more cases on behalf of and initiated by corporate fraud whistleblowers. 316 more words


Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer discusses Nonbank Financial Intermediation, Financial Stability, and the Road Forward

It is an honor to speak at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s 20th Financial Markets Conference, and I am grateful to President Lockhart and the organizers for inviting me to do so. 3,237 more words

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