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I LIVE FOR THIS - Tommy Lasorda

Title:  “I Live For This

  Theme: Biography of Tommy Lasorda

 Author: Bill Plaschke with Tommy Lasorda

 Copyright: 2007

Tommy Lasorda is an icon of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  236 more words


Some Brief After Season Thoughts... The Ravine Life

For the 27th year in a row, a World Series will not be hosted in side the walls of Chavez Ravine. To any Dodger fan born after 1988, keep your heads up, your day of glory will come eventually. 609 more words


Murphy's Law Sinks 2015 Dodgers

Say this about the Dodgers over the past decade or so- even though they’ve always had the decency to get eliminated anywhere from fairly early on to VERY early on, they nevertheless find new, creative, and increasingly painful ways to break the spirits of their fanbase.   1,115 more words


Don’t Do it Harvey

Harvey has made it clear in the past that he will stand up for his teammates and throw at players if he feels it is necessary. 414 more words


Who Takes the NLDS?

Tied at 1 going into the most crucial game of the series, if not the most crucial in the year for both sides, LA will send Brett Anderson to the hill to face the infamous of late Matt Harvey. 785 more words


Thoughts on Utley Slide

The slide was dirty and legal.  Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it clean.  Rule should be changed.  Go Dodgers.  That’s all I’ve got.


Game 2 NLDS Recap- Utley Being Utley Helps Save The Dodgers Season

No one who is familiar with Chase Utley should be all that surprised at what he did in the seventh inning of game 2 at Dodger Stadium, because he has been doing that sort of thing throughout his career.   1,233 more words