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Bake Off: The Movie

Trick or Treat? Ah, I haven’t got any sweets. You’ll have to have this… But that’s a piece of paper, mister! Yes, it’s a web address, which will lead you to this week’s scary edition of Mundanevision. 1,207 more words


So, um, how did you celebrate Oilfield Prayer Day?

❝ In an announcement we only wish were part of an SNL cold open, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin proclaimed Oct. 13 Oilfield Prayer Day. All you need to celebrate is rest, relaxation, and a solemn request to the heavens to make fracking great again.

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John Isaacs

Untitled (Monkey) 1995 – wax, hair, syringe, glass

John Isaacs Untitled Dodo 1994 – fibreglass, silicone rubber, electric mechanism, glass, acrylic paint

Everyone’s Talking About Jesus 2005 – wax, epoxy resin, polystyrene

Say It Isn’t So 1994


'Hello, Mr Dodo!' by Nicholas John Frith.

Martha is a twitcher – she just loves to go bird-spotting in her garden every day.  One day she gets more than she’d bargained for when she spots a rather large and funny-looking bird.   191 more words

Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo

Bachelor No. 2 is the product of a woman whose 40th birthday looms months ahead, and it illustrates how a little seasoning has paid off creatively for Aimee Mann. 150 more words

Dudo of Saint-Quentin

Dudo, born in 965, wrote a history of the Normans for Duke Richard I of Normandy.