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Vintage Toronto Ads: The Dodo Lives!

Originally published on Torontoist on May 29, 2017.

Source: Toronto Life, November 1975.

It’s a big week for the Royal Ontario Museum, with the public unveiling of… 310 more words



Dodo is the name given to plantain in Nigeria. Over the years dodo has come to be loved by a wide variety of people both young and old. 710 more words


Broadband Incompetence In Australia

I have never had an issue with the internet providers or the service of the internet. This even goes back to the days of dial-up. But I have never come across the bureaucratic red tape incompetence and laziness the way I have right now with the NBN rollout in Australia. 531 more words

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Commentary, conscience and The Savages (1966)

Ah, Season 3. The season of politically incorrect inversion. It started with Galaxy 4, which imagined a world where beauty was bad and ugly was good, and in doing so created a race of evil women up to no good. 1,117 more words

Gabriel 4 yo

Super late post 😂

Seharusnya ditulis pas 19 April 2017 yak.. Namun apalah dayaku, rempong banget hihihi.

Ga seperti kebiasaan ultah sebelum2nya, ultah ke 4 ini ngga dirayakan di panti asuhan. 291 more words


Plantain Veggie Sauce

This was inspired by a post I saw last night on “So You Think You Can Cook”. The poster didn’t have enough time to share her recipe but I created this from visual inspiration . 234 more words


Review: Dodolashes

Another week, another review… This week we’re going to take a look at these super beautiful lashes! 268 more words