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Raising Lazarus: the exoticism of extinction

The promise of the ‘resurrection’ of the mammoth has been causing a stir in recent media. A group of Harvard scientists estimate that in a few years, ‘mammophant’ embryos will be produced, using the genomes of Asian elephants into which sections of mammoth DNA have been spliced. 846 more words


A DODO in flight

Why would a modern telecommunications choose the name of an extinct bird –

Because they are complete and utter imbeciles.

This blog post is really just a great big whinge about a telecommunicaitons company that is quite hopeless.

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On the shoulders of giants

In 1835 the young, and somewhat cavalier, Charles Darwin landed for the first time on the Galapagos archipelago. As well as sending hundreds of specimens back to England, Darwin enjoyed exploring the islands and watching the local species in their natural habitat. 981 more words

Charles Darwin

Dailies 4/2/17: souvenirs, a dodo, the impotence of love

Stephen Kampa – Dodo

Standing before his boss, his clipboard clutched
Tightly against his chest as though it might be
The breastplate of some long-outdated suit… 153 more words


We’re going to be home for a few days helping out Bishop but decided to take a small road trip today. Bishop insisted! He even gave us food money and told us to go find biscuits or gravy or a combo of both of them stuck together. 523 more words

Second Life

WondLa Fan Arts Vol. 3


I don’t just have new fan arts of various fandoms…

I HAVE A BUNCH MORE WONDLA ONES!!! *loud noisemakers* * intense confetti* 71 more words