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The Dodo (ii)

My ideal existence didn’t last for long. The meals came less often, the plates came less full. I complained to Kidd but he seemed to be losing weight as well. 831 more words

Creative Writing

My Vote

In this years coming election this is who I shall be voting for, to make it clear that I want to see some change.


The Dodo (i)

A good rest was all I needed. Now with my back stretched and my head on straight, I can tell another tale for you. It’s a tale I’ll need vigour for. 874 more words

Creative Writing

An End-of-Semester Wish List

The other night, I graded my last paper of the semester and cracked open theĀ bottle of wine that had been calling out to me all week. 358 more words


Dado Akui Kondisinya Bugar

BANDUNG, FOKUSJabar.com : Gelandang Persib Bandung, Dedi Kusnandar mengaku kebugarannya saat ini dalam kondisi bagus dan sudah fokus untuk menatap pertandingan kandang menghadapi Persipura Jayapura di Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA), Kota Bandung, Minggu (7/5/2017).
Sebelumnya, pada…

BeanaPlan Tortilla Cups

Hello Bellas, hello all,

Hope your week has been Luscious or should I say Liscious from work to family.

Today’s recipe is sure to be a love at the starter table, at the appetizer stand or which ever names we tend to give these little delicacies we indulge in before the main course. 413 more words


Raising Lazarus: the exoticism of extinction

The promise of the ‘resurrection’ of the mammoth has been causing a stir in recent media. A group of Harvard scientists estimate that in a few years, ‘mammophant’ embryos will be produced, using the genomes of Asian elephants into which sections of mammoth DNA have been spliced. 846 more words