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Poppies & Pipers

Edith, Lady Londonderry, agreed wholeheartedly with Gertrude Jekyll’s adage – ‘Paint while you plant, and as you work, design’, and so she set to work and painted with her trowel, especially in the Italian Garden. 291 more words


Maybe I still love my ex...

I have been thinking too much a lot lately. And I am really asking myself whether I am ready for a new relationship. No, I’m not talking about Ken, I’m talking about Momo. 495 more words


what am I even doing with my life?

As you know, I have been away for a week on holidays. I did end up with wifi-access, so this means I also talked to Dodo during that time. 995 more words


The Gunfighters

Well, here we are again, boys and girls. It’s that time of year. Stars, stripes, fireworks, hot dogs, watery American beer, and all that.

So for all you 4th revelers out there, I thought I’d look at the best of the stories set in America, The Gunfighters. 846 more words

Doctor Who

Causerie nocturne #4 (Bons cauchemars)

Moi– Bonne nuit, mon amour! Cette nuit, maman va venir dans tes rêves.

L’Enfant– Pour de vrai dans la vraie vie?

Moi– Ben… dans tes rêves, là… 62 more words


56 flew over the Dodos nest

The government is finding its stride and the opposition is still sleeping it off in the foetal position so the need for a strong SNP presence is more important than ever. 1,367 more words


Is Dodo anything like Ken!?

I’m not sure whether I just already got used to him, or whether he really has adapted to me already. But it seems to me that it was already that much better, the kissing that is. 758 more words