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Welcome to a Dodo's World

I live in a world that does not exist they say
But here I would rather stay

Where dodos still play

Unharmed by those so cruel… 47 more words


The War Machines

‘Doctor Who is required.’ Wotan

25th June – 16th July 1966

The Memory Cheats

The first story from this season that I have seen before. I have been looking forward to this one. 1,537 more words

First Doctor

Dödös get a mönögraph

Here’s an awesome thing that just landed in my mailbox: the new monograph on the Thirioux dodos by Leon Claessens and his collaborators. They’ve done a better job describing what’s cool about these specimens than I could, so for the rest of this post I’m just borrowing their text from the… 315 more words

Stinkin' Theropods

The Savages

‘In this strange complex of time and space, anything can happen.’  The Doctor

28th May – 18th June 1966

The Time Space Visualiser

Another big concept science fiction adventure with the notion of a futuristic race depending on a ‘lower’ life form to The Elders seem to know of the Doctor and have been following his travels through space and time. 845 more words

First Doctor

The Gunfighters

‘They played out the game and we never more shall hear a story the like of the O.K. Corral’ – Singer

30th April – 21st May 1966… 1,029 more words

First Doctor

Good Morning

The dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Yesterday we all planted trees for the earth, and did all sorts of good deeds. 854 more words


Serve in style with the NHM Rory Dobner Plate as seen in Metro

The Rory Dobner Illustrated Dodo Plate from the Natural History Museum shop is pure perfection in the Metro home pages. Serve in style and delight your guests with the antique and arty design.

Neat PR Press Coverage