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The Resurrection of the Dodo

If you’ve landed here in hopes of learning that the flightless bird which became extinct in the mid-late 1600s has miraculously reincarnated, I’m sorry to say you are in the wrong place for this is a different kind of dodo entirely. 368 more words


Character Profile - Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet

Wither Dodo? The poor dear. She wanders in at the end of one story, speaking with an accent we never hear again, is constantly overshadowed by other characters, and has only a few of her stories intact. 301 more words

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My Thoughts on Story 027 - "The War Machines"

Here we are, at the final complete First Doctor story. “The Tenth Planet” mostly exists, and the one missing episode has been animated. “The Smugglers” exists only in reconstructions, which…well, from it’s reputation, likely won’t be an experience I’ll treasure. 415 more words

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Prawn Dodo 

A few days ago, my Gizdodo was featured on a blog and it really cheered me up. Thing was I had been ill, drifting in and out of sleep from being heavily medicated with flu pills and antibiotics, I had initially thought it was malaria and so I self medicated (don’t be like me). 426 more words


Episode 124 - "The War Machines" - Part Two

So the message I get from the first minute of this episode? Apparently someone named “Doctor Who” is required. I believe I can deliver that. 370 more words

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Episode 123 - "The War Machines" - Part One

I do like the fact that the show sometimes explored what might happen if the Doctor arrived in a place where police boxes are still in use. 531 more words

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