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Petit moment détente

Coucou !

Ce soir, c’est petit instant détente avec maman.

Elle est partie toute la journée, elle m’a manqué. Alors je la colle partout.


Ma Vie

1245. Resurrected extinctions

Mitch never realized it would make him a billionaire. He woke up one morning and discovered he was a billionaire. He had developed a technique to “resurrect” extinct species. 116 more words


What Offerings Do Ancestor Birds Like?

A really common question from folks who are new to working with any deity or spirit is what to offer. After all, you’re meeting Someone for the first time; you want to show some good hospitality, and you certainly don’t want to offend. 1,125 more words

Spirit Work

J'ai trouvé mon plaid préféré

Coucou !

Dès que je me mets sur ce plaid, je ronronne instantanément.

C’est mon plaid préféré pour faire des câlins et mettre en marche la machine à ronron que je suis !


Ma Vie



of good ol’ pro bono publico Political Correctness?

I DO~!

But I’m just a jaded and tired old dog. And as always the world belongs to the young—how can I complain? 251 more words


Meet the Amazing Service Dog, Colt!

Dogs are our best friend… and for good reason. They just care so much. Watch this video about one of many service dogs who help people each and every day.


The Ark

The Ark shows us a bleak vision of the future.  Not for the last time we see the final moments of planet Earth, and the remaining humans are off on a journey to find a new home.  1,765 more words

Doctor Who