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Day 114: You broke my heart, then I took my revenge 

Dodo’s trip to India happened and like every other instance, I was left with a milieu of conflicts in my mind. What sinister plot was the universe playing on me? 523 more words


Le dimanche au soleil

2 demies copies plus tard*…

Aya dimanche néanmoins, avec inclus au programme grasse matinée – jusqu’à pfooouuuuu 7h30 (!**) -, grocery shopping (tofu brocoli, c’est bon, je peux survivre à une nouvelle semaine***), rattrapage de déficit de dégrouillage de jambes et adieux déchirants à ma copine la piscine, faille spatiotemporelle -> ah-tiens-il-est-6h30 -> ah-tiens-si-je-commençais-à-bosser -> à écrire un article de blog. 291 more words


Dodo My Dodo

Dodo My Dodo

Dodo My Dodo
How great thou art
Those who know not call you fried plantain
I pray thee to forgive their blasphemous heart… 98 more words


Life is misery... But then it is so much more, of the same(On Cockroaches and Dodos)

Life is tough. Its hard to get by in life with any certainty for what fate awaits you. Its a burden which is borne by each and everyone of us. 174 more words


How to prepare dodo and gizzard (Gizdodo Recipe)

Gizdodo also known as dodo and gizzard is a delicious Nigerian meal which is prepared mainly with fried plantain (ripe) and spiced gizzard and of course both mixed with sauce. 388 more words


Doing More Dodo

The first half of this demonstration can be found immediately below this entry.

I left the dodo in my last update, fully formed but naked. So the next thing to do is to add fluff in the various dodo-ish colours and textures. 794 more words