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Sympli Natural: African Ripe Plantain (Dodo)™ Review

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to do a review of a relatively new food product I stumbled across during my weekly shop at the supermarket late last year. 629 more words

Nigerian Food


As stated by David Quammen, “the story of the dodo is obscured by a fog of uncertainties.” By about 1690, if not earlier, it was extinct in its area of endemism, Mauritius. 1,037 more words


Chapecoense begin squad rebuilding

Chapecoense have announced their first signings to begin the teams rebuild after the tragic plane crash which resulted in the deaths of 71 people, including 19 players, in late November. 153 more words


Douglas Grolli, Rossi, Moisés, Dodô e Elias: quem são os novos reforços da Chape para 2017

Por Bruna Coelho

Depois da tragédia envolvendo o elenco da Chapecoense, além de profissionais do clube e jornalistas, aos poucos, a equipe da Arena Condá vai ganhando novos reforços para a próxima temporada. 442 more words


The first blog post

As a Dodo learns how to fly

You’ve probably already seen the Dodo somewhere; in some scenes of the intoxicated Alice in Wonderland, during comical scenes of Ice Age (where the bird is depicted as quite silly, jumping to its own extinction) or maybe you have seen a representation of it in London at the museum and for those of you who have been to Mauritius I am sure you have seen it standing in several places across the island, like in Port Louis the colourful capital city. 818 more words


The Dodo

“What does a dodo taste like?”

“Like nothing else on land or sea.”

“Do you think that excuses you?” growled the Captain, “Or that it will save you from the noose?” 1,590 more words