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Proving God’s existence and universal supremacy is something that many Christians relegate to the realm of faith, and this becomes the basis on which many non-believers attack Christianity, or question which god is the real God. 1,324 more words

Science Of Christianity

Does God Exist?

People will often contend that God does exist (theism), or He may exist (agnosticism), or He doesn’t exist (atheism). And if it can be shown that He does exist, then the latter two options are rendered irrelevant. 377 more words

Big Picture: War

“I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven.”   -Jesus, (Luke 10:18)

The simple choice, motivated by love, to allow other wills to exist, has lead to some disastrous consequences within God’s creation. 839 more words


"causes of chronic [diarrhea]"

i’ve noticed for a while that when i start typing something into an online search engine, the stuff it suggests to automatically finish my sentence is usually pretty funny. 215 more words

A Moral Argument for God - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

The question is not whether we are capable of doing good moral deeds without believing in God, but do “good” and “bad” even exist if God doesn’t exist? 10 more words

Big Picture: Eve

“The mother of all living…”  Genesis 3:20

This is a chapter I can’t provide a photo for.

Eve, beautiful Eve-the most beautiful thing in the world. 335 more words