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Does God Exist ?

No matter what you see or what people may say, you must know the truth about this question that is Does God Exist. This question is one of the most difficult questions that’s pop up every single people’s mind but nobody want to find out the answer of this question. 151 more words


IDOLATRY IS STILL PART OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist

Ancient civilizations used inanimate objects, animals, and multiple gods to pledge their allegiance and find solace in life’s travails. Obviously there were many! No microwaves. No Netflix. 596 more words


The Existential Argument Against God's Existence

Nobody denies that there are some people who don’t find life to be meaningful and/or purposeful. But if God exists, why is this the case? Wouldn’t God be concerned with us wanting to find purpose and meaning? 388 more words

It's so good to be loved

I had the most interesting experience this week. I passed out in my house and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. I’d been to the zoo that day, with my daughter, my son and his wife, and my two grandchildren. 2,757 more words



Discuss the merits of Aquinas’ arguments for God’s existence

Thomas Aquinas took on the quest for a reasonable and evident answer for the existence of God. 519 more words

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Is there a God?

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If you remember or you have read our about page (which is found here) I said this website will talk about the Scientific and the Religious beliefs of the universe and compare their info side by side. 931 more words