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The God Puzzle

Are there clues to God’s existence hidden in plain sight? What picture emerges when we begin to pick them up and piece them together? I took some time recently to look at myself and the world around me and jot down a few  54 more words

God is either wonderfully merciful, just, and kind, or He can't exist.

I’m going to try REALLY hard to avoid my typical ‘stream of consciousness’ type brain barf that I usually write. Please read the whole way through and forgive any inconsistencies that may pop up. 2,267 more words

Old-school concepts of God are actually kind of intuitive

Back in December, I spent a month really exploring atheism.  I read a book by Richard Dawkins, began listening through a cool atheist podcast, and listened to a few lectures on influential skeptical thinkers, from Hume to Marx.  1,179 more words

God Project


If you’re someone who has faith do you get those days when you almost feel like giving up on it, or that it’s almost gone anyway? 1,806 more words


Do All Religions Lead to Heaven?

Let us consider, that, in matters of religion, whatever is different is contrary; and that it is impossible the religions of ancient Rome, of Turkey, of Siam, and of China, all of them, be established on any sound foundation… 605 more words


Building a compass (pt 1)

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Stop! Before you read on, take a moment and ask yourself these questions:


Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Baptism is the discarded jewel of Christian churches today.

There is a lot of confusion about baptism today, and many end up at one of two extremes. 336 more words