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If there is a creator would we ever understand it?

I would be surprised if I chose to identify as anything but an atheist in the future. It’s not that I am so stubborn in my views that I am unwilling to have a change of heart when presented undeniable evidence of a God, but that I honestly do not believe that we will ever answer that question and I’d rather play it safe. 675 more words


Do prayers work?

The only person who can make prayers work is you.

Fold your hands and with the noblest of intentions think of what you want. If it’s unbearably hot and you pray for it to rain, there is a fair chance that it will. 132 more words


Does God Exist?

God does not exist. You do. Nature does. Science does.

In physical form, God does not exist, neither did he / she exist in any form in the past. 190 more words

Does God Exist

Don't Ask Me That: Boundary

Hopefully you are starting to see answers to the question (Check out the first two parts of this message) Does God exist start to be formulated. 759 more words



The trouble with atheism today lies in it’s inability to offer a valid explanation to the belief in the non-existence of God……. read on and share your views.

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Ponderings: Why do people ask for miracles?

There is one thing that I cannot understand;

Why do people demand a miracle from God so that they may believe? For an Atheist and Agnostic, they want God to show up at their front door proving that He exists. 298 more words

God's Word

One Reason I'm an Atheist

A recent conversation with a family member about my lack of belief inspired me to think more about why I’m so different than others in our family.   475 more words