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Ponderings: Why do people ask for miracles?

There is one thing that I cannot understand;

Why do people demand a miracle from God so that they may believe? For an Atheist and Agnostic, they want God to show up at their front door proving that He exists. 298 more words

God's Word

One Reason I'm an Atheist

A recent conversation with a family member about my lack of belief inspired me to think more about why I’m so different than others in our family.   475 more words

To Believe or Not To Believe?

Imagine this, you’re old, you’re sick and your days have dwindled down to hours, your hours down to minutes and your minutes to seconds. You turn to your significant other or your family and everyone in the room knows you won’t make it through the night. 1,020 more words


I Saw God in a Smashed Banana

This picture is hard to see, so allow me to explain it…

Our church hosted Vacation Bible School this week. Each morning, we began with a Wake-Up/Worship Rally. 879 more words

Molecular Machines & God

This may sound like something from a Star Wars movie, but it’s actually an important topic – and one that exposes holes in current theories of evolution. 586 more words


God Clearly Exists, Just Take a Look Around You

All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator
for all I have not seen.
 ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What can be so plain and evident, when we behold the heavens and contemplate the celestial bodies, as the existence of some supreme, divine intelligence, by which all these things are governed? 698 more words

Spiritual Observations

Is There Proof God Exist?

It’s interesting how one can grow up believing things as fundamental as God’s existence, and yet feel wholly unprepared to defend those beliefs when put on the spot. 866 more words