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Can I Know God Exists?

Can I Know God Exists? – Part 1

              A reflection made by men, women, scholars, philosophers, and religious persons down through the ages, could simply be summed up into the question, “Does God exist?” Is it possible to know that there is a God? 738 more words



Written on the theme of Conflict, this short story takes on the biggest questions of all time ‘Why are we here?’, ‘Does God exist?’ and ‘Why is there so much poverty and suffering if he does?’ 

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Short Story

Thoughts on David Wood vs Michael Shermer @ KSU, GA 10/10/2016

I actually really enjoyed this debate. I enjoyed both Michael and David’s presentation. Michael was mellow, mostly pleasant and he gave old classical arguments against God. 2,204 more words

Modern Day Job

Where Faith and Nihilism Meet

When I published Teddy a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends commented that its nihilistic outlook and my Christian faith might seem at odds. 1,224 more words


An Ismaili Muslim Discourse on 'God as All Transcendent Reality'

Readers Note :This article aims to present position of God in classical Ismaili metaphysics and presupposes the existence of God;for those who do not believe in God, 2,332 more words



Some years back, I stumbled on some literature that made me question the existence of Christ. It was a deeply tumultuous time, and I even stopped ending my prayers with the “In Jesus Name we pray” phrase. 1,890 more words

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