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The Historical Jesus and Paul Tillich's God

Are all of the stories about Jesus in the Gospels historically accurate?  There are three main answers: 577 more words

God Project

Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday. I know I’m late with this post. The eggs have been gathered, the camp site packed up, the hot cross buns toasted and tasted. 1,787 more words

Wednesday What Is It?

The Greatest Conspiracy of them All

Recently Glenn Beck conspiracy theorist extraordinaire and general degenerate fucktard has decided to start offering classes to recent high school graduates to teach them an alternate version of reality. 1,121 more words

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

Written by Lisa Hunt-Wotton & Mitchell Hunt

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Does God exist?  If there is a God, a creator, a being powerful enough to comprehend and to speak into existence all that is.  1,287 more words

Tuesday Talks


My daughters and granddaughters are all atheists. I have been deeply spiritually based all my life. I have been asked several times if it bothers me that none of  my immediate family go to church or believe in God. 398 more words



On August 6th, 1930, a man by the name of Arthur Stace was converted to Christianity. He then spent 35 years writing one word with chalk on the footpaths of Sydney, Australia. 562 more words


Does Science Leave Room for God?

There are problems with believing in God and trusting in science.  The easy solution would be to stop trusting in science, but as I have written before… 1,237 more words

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