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Can you know?

Dear Friend,
Please forgive me, I have been thinking a lot on our discussion, and there are some things I just can’t “shake”. You dug in your heels somewhere…I guess I don’t really know when, and ended your search for truth. 638 more words

Life Applications

Sometimes We Have To Retreat To Win

I retreated to the Georgia mountains yesterday for a time of reflection, introspection, redirection, prayer and focus. In fact, I’m writing this entry from my secret hideaway. 823 more words

Coming Home

In the silence I can hear His voice. I can feel His love surrounding me. Covering me entirely. I have such peace, it is addicting. With the noise of a family sometimes it is hard to find the silence. 427 more words

Christ Love For Us

In the Silence

Have you ever felt alone? Even in a crowded room. You are there in the bleakness. In the silence. In the emptiness, truly and utterly alone.  354 more words

Does God Exist

Growing on Rocks

Recently my Mother in law traveled to Hawaii. While there she took this fantastic photo. As soon as I saw it, I sat in wonderment. How does this tree grow and flourish in the middle of rocks?  380 more words

Does God Exist

Does God Exist?

God’s Not Dead was released just over a year ago on March 21, 2014. It tells the story of a college student (Josh Wheaton) whose Christian faith is challenged by an atheist professor (Jeffrey Radisson). 695 more words


Does God Exist?

Its hard to imagine that there is someone called god that is responsible for everything around us.

Do I believe in God ? The answer is yes !! 144 more words