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Does God exist?

Although the existence of God can not be proven only by rationality, because human rationality is limited, there are some possible arguments.


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Have you ever been in soul conflict? Meaning that you know what you feel, you know you are intricately a part of the universe, you acknowledge your spirituality and that of others.. 105 more words

Healing Messages

Too be honest...interesting take on Does God Exist

Tom Chi is the Co-Founder of Google’s secret innovation lab, Google X, and was responsible for bringing Google Glass to the world. Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and data-driven design that has allowed him to both get new things off the ground and move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. 53 more words


Truths about God!

Truths about God

  1. God created the world we live in, and created us specifically to have a personal relationship with him.
  2. He deeply Love us.
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No God?? If He didn't push the button, who did?

If you look at the first few plancks, a weird assortment of energetic “thingies” begin to communicate with each other.

They realize they are in a relationship with one another. 158 more words


What Is the Nature of God?

John 1:1-18

What is the nature of God?

At some point, a Christian has to ask this question, and it is impossible to answer without speaking vague impressions and metaphors.   469 more words


In 350 Words Or Less: The Existence of God

In 350 words or less is a series that attempts to explain ridiculously complicated topics in 350 words or less.

Does god exist? Obviously there are conflicting theories about this. 339 more words