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Disease from Hell that doesn't have any specific treatment!

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a contagious illness that caused by different viruses. An infected person may spread the viruses to another person by means of contact with contaminated objects and surfaces, contact with blister fluid, coughing and sneezing, contact with feces (changing diapers)…


Zayn Malik releases debut single as solo artist, Harry Styles says he doesn’t like it

Zayn Malik releases his debut single from his album Mind of Mine
The song “Pillowtalk” became an instant hit in 60 countries
One Direction’s Harry Styles disses the song, claims it puts you to sleep… 19 more words

Rob Kadarshian: "Doesn't Care" What Kylie Jenner Thinks of His Relationship With Blac Chyna, Source Says

Though neither party has publicly confirmed it, at this point, it’s official: Rob Kardashian is dating Blac Chyna.
That’s right, we said “dating,” not “hooking up.” Rob says it’s a real relationship, and apparently he doesn’t care what anyone … Readmore..

1.o - The First Valentine

Hey there! First of all, if anyone doesn’t know who I am (and let’s face it, that’s probably most of you!) I am Jessica and I got into sims thanks to my sister, Amy. 1,696 more words


Anti-nightmare Med That Doesnt Drop Blood Pressure?

This isnt a big deal but im seeing a member(s) speaking about an anti-nightmare med (had never heard of that) but the one ive seen posted here is a blood pressure med & my bood pressure is on the low side due to my pain meds/morphine pump & its actually getting lower to the point that my dr doesnt want to do any increasing of dosage morphine pump is putting into my spinal cord (we are currently tiering the pump up & my oral/patch meds down) so i cant lower my blood pressure any more, IF the… Anti-nightmare Med That Doesnt Drop Blood Pressure? 7 more words