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What Works And What Doesn't

Why do we spend four years preparing high school students for college admissions, yet neglect to teach them the application’s most taxing, time-consuming component? Weiner and her allies should continue agitating to see more women reviewed and treated as serious writers. 651 more words


26 fascinating things you never knew about Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II might be the most private public figure in the world.

She’s been on the throne for 65 years and has become one of the most recognizable faces on the planet — but she rarely speaks about herself and never grants interviews with the media. 1,775 more words


Highlights doesn’t kid around when it comes to science and tech

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Tony Shaff, 44 Pages

  • Tony Shaff, 44 Pages

  • Tony Shaff, 44 Pages

  • AUSTIN, Texas—If you ever attended a pediatric dentist or loved reading between the ages of two and 12, chances are good you’ve come across Highlights.  1,304 more words


    Here's How Mass Effect: Andromeda Handles Sex and Romance

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    When Bioware first showed off Mass Effect: Andromeda, some fans didn’t care about the premise, the story, or the combat. The question many of us had was, “what aliens can I fuck this time?” … 1,405 more words


    Here's What's Coming To Netflix In April That Doesn't Suck

    Believe it or not, the end of March is almost here which means those of you fortunate enough to have a spring break better enjoy it while it lasts. 1,341 more words


    Just Because a Game Is Old Doesn't Mean It Must Be Cheap

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    I’m nuts for Secret of Mana. That blend of Final Fantasy RPG gameplay with Zelda-style action combat was the game that made me a fan of what we used to call “Squaresoft” back in the day. 698 more words