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Day Five


Today I was reminded of the most important things to remember when a friend has left you behind: it’s harder on their side.

To be specific, my friend has left behind all of her friends. 81 more words

My iPod #495: Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why

“He Doesn’t Know Why” was the second single released from by indie-folk band Fleet Foxes from their self-titled debut album in 2008.

A mid-tempo track with a general soothing atmosphere, choral church-like vocals and varied instrumentation, it is written from the point of a person whose brother has returned from who-knows-where, looking a very different person from what he was once before. 89 more words


The Potential In Every Person

The first time you make eye contact with someone, you have no idea how their future could intertwine with yours. Like a sunrise at the beginning of a new day, they are full of different colors, gradually changing and becoming more beautiful. 235 more words

Day One


My best friend moved away today, and I haven’t been taking it so well.

It’s like someone has ripped a piece of my soul out of my body and hidden it in a box. 73 more words

For Everyone With A Broken Heart

This blog is for anyone who has lost friends to other cities, time zones, and people. It’s not about the type of long-distance relationships people normally think of, it’s the kind that doesn’t seem to break despite the distance: friendship. 15 more words