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5 Most Basic things to get better understanding of Bokeh

Did you ever watch any movie/tv shows where during night-time people are standing near river/lake, talking – laughing – relaxing, and there you see some Twinkling – Hazy – Illuminated – Heavenly circles in the background? 611 more words

Daily Dose

My sin, my skin.

Scars/Bandages: CUREMORE / Scar Tissue [In World]

Pose: Body Language SLC –  SSPoseBento – Fine Sand [In World]

A different point of view - Extreme wide angle and fisheye zooms

Photography and Cinematography is about capturing a point of view or really your own point of view. To do this we all make decisions on location of the camera and subject as well as the time of day or night to shoot. 289 more words

Sydney DOP

Exercise 2.7 deep depth of field

Why yes, this exercise is rather late. I did try it at the time, and encountered every problem listed in the blurb. I started wondering if my camera was cleverly engineered to ignore the laws of optics and physics and be the only budget dslr to offer bokeh at f22. 222 more words

Part 2

Social sessions 

Social media has, despite my rural base, enabled me to meet, learn from and assist so many great folks.

I have made many photography friends around the world, but more particularly many right here in Australia. 104 more words

Serial Student Assignment

Follow the money... it's all in the numbers...

“We no longer believe because it is absurd: it is absurd because we must believe.”

 Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

At some point companies are going to have to stop reporting poor financial results and say things are looking good from a tendering perspective to retain credibility (or will they maybe their shareholders want to believe as well?).

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Bokeh Shootout #1

One of the main reasons that photographers prefer larger sensors, is that gives them the ability to create a very shallow depth of field (DoF) affect, so that portraits in particular really ‘pop’ and separate from a creamy out of focus background. 1,014 more words