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Help George Find His Smile!

George is a super sweet 8-year-old pug/beagle mix. We adore him, but we’ve noticed that George seems sad. Although we are doing everything we can to give him lots of love, we believe that he would feel much more comfortable in a home environment with less commotion. 77 more words

Daily ECPR

Sophy The Star Proudly Shows Off Her Jester Costume!

Today was Comedy Show day in the ECPR playroom, and adoptable pup Sophy earned the coveted role of Playroom Jester!

Even though Sophy and her bonded sister Tippy came to the rescue from a sad situation, their own had cancer, and they’ve now been with us for quite a while, they still find reasons to smile and enjoy life. 106 more words

Daily ECPR

Look For the Good

I’m a person who likes a plan. I’m not naturally inclined to waste time or wander. (Obviously, the dogs have much to teach me.)

With Gala, alas, I have no plan. 1,689 more words


Flies Coral Tuna Hounds and Lemurs

Carol: Hello there Hurst! I’m gonna start off this week’s discussion with a question for you. How many different families of flies are there?

Hurst: That is certainly an interesting question. 1,190 more words

Shelter Vs. Breeder

You know that feeling after a job interview when you get the dreaded email saying they went with someone more qualified for the position? That feeling of your gut being yanked through the center of the earth. 391 more words

Adopt Don’t Shop

Puppy Prep: Why I'm Choosing to Adopt

Since I was a little girl, a huge part of my heart belonged to dogs. Even now at 25 I still stop to stare lovingly at a pooch as it walked by, secretly (or not so secretly) hoping it wants to stop for a quick snuggle. 718 more words

Dog Rescue

Volunteer or Rescue from Westside German Shepherd Rescue!

Are you considering getting a dog, but don’t know where to start? With so many options out there, it’s hard to figure out if you should go to a breeder, the pound, or a rescue. 718 more words

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