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Cancer in dogs

“Cancer” is probably the scariest word that could come out of your veterinarian’s mouth in relation to your dog. Hopefully you never have to face that potential diagnosis with your dog, but you should know that many types of cancer that we deal with in canines are treatable, and even completely curable. 1,088 more words


Why Is There An Increase In Levels of Animal Cancer?

Cancer refers to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, which is found both in animals and humans. In fact, many different types of… 493 more words

Losing Kiera, and God's Mercies

Written around 1 pm today:

It is a beautiful, unusually warm, late October day.  I sit in a chair outside, feeling both sorrowful that tomorrow we say goodbye to a beloved family member, and grateful to God that He has provided blessings within this time.   1,092 more words

Christian Life

The Dreaded Diaper

So, you know how I was wearing those diapers on my leg?  I didn’t tell Mom something pretty important.  I ate one, and I let my siblings take the blame.  201 more words

Canine Amputation

Out And About

Good morning everyone!  I am happy to report I’m having one of the best days ever today!

Let me tell you about yesterday.  I was too tired to fill you in last night. 850 more words

Canine Amputation


I know I’m supposed to be here every day telling you this and that, per Mom, but… I haven’t had anything to say, really.

I’m doing really well, all things considered.  394 more words

Canine Amputation

One Day Left!

So the house is pretty busy this week.  Mom and the boys have been doing a lot of reorganizing and cleaning.  They keep telling me it’s for me… but…I really don’t need… 249 more words

Canine Amputation