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Study On Different Types of Dog Tumors

Tumors are quite common in dogs in the middle and older years. Some of these tumors are benign in nature while some turn out to be cancerous in nature. 522 more words

Golf balls and POTP


It me Ludo!

I thinks I is going to have to ask for some Power of the Paw… At the weekend I started feeling a bit ouchie on my tummy and not wanting to move like I usually do. 738 more words

The Silent Killer - An Update

Cancer sucks. Period.

It has no boundaries and does not discriminate on whom it touches. This article helps explain a silent killer many dog owners are not aware about that can come on suddenly and leave behind only heartache. 1,837 more words


Pet Cancer Awareness

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and although we hate to think of any pet being not at his happiest and healthiest, as pet parents it’s important to know the signs of canine cancer. 76 more words

Camp Bow Wow

My sweet dog is now on Chlorambucil

It got real in our house earlier this week. I picked up two small, innocent-looking tubs of chemotherapy pills from my vet. The nurse had to fetch them from the fridge, where they have to be stored, and also provided me with some plastic gloves I need to wear when handling them. 320 more words


The big day at the Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals

Driving onto the grounds of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA) in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, doesn’t feel scary. Set on a lush green field with manicured lawns, the mostly new buildings feel reassuringly modern, but neither intimidating nor cold. 575 more words


Chie's Last Day

When Chie rallied due to feeding adjustments (see previous post), it became obvious that once the nausea was fixed, the real problem was pain. Her back could never really straighten or relax because of the huge mass on her side, she couldn’t breath when she lay down, & she was exhausted when standing. 1,159 more words