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The past month

It’s been a roller coaster ride the past two months! Life has just been so busy. 742 more words

Saying Goodbye

Friday morning at about 10:00am our vet called us. It turned out that weird empty space was just an oddly large fat deposit. She evidently had a small liver and spleen which weren’t causing any significant problems, but they were oddly small for her size. 917 more words


How To Get Timely And Cohesive Treatment For Canine Tumors

The parlance encapsulating cancer can be confounding and its definitions are tough. Additionally these are called growths. Tumors can be non-cancerous and cancerous. It depends on what they are doing inside the body. 483 more words

To radiate or not?

One of our treatment options for Lilly was radiation. Something, I would not even do myself. 191 more words

Our Chihuahua Betty has a malignant tumor

Our Chihuahua Betty has a malignant tumor on her butt. The other day I was walking her and when she relived herself I noticed a swelling on her bottom. 90 more words


Diagnosis Day 2

Lilly can’t possibly be sick. This has to be some twisted joke, right? 666 more words