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Hi There Everyone...

Hi there everyone my name is Cheri. I started this blog because i wanted to share some of the funny and not so funny stories of pet sitting. 391 more words


Bella's Recovery

Since learning Bella’s diagnosis, I’ve had some major writer’s block. When I started this blog, I thought I would just be writing about the things I have learned about the breed from being around them and from research. 498 more words

Animal Rescue

Bella's Diagnosis

Bella has cancer. This is not easy to write about. I always knew one of the dogs getting sick was a possibility, but I didn’t think I would be writing about it so soon. 466 more words

Animal Rescue

Ways To Protect Dogs From Developing Canine Cancer

Cancer affects humans and animals alike. The pain of having to go through something like that or to watch a beloved one fighting cancer is just excruciatingly heart wrenching. 541 more words

Been Gone 5 years now....

This was my baby pic at the shelter in Haverhill, Mass that my Daddy saw.  I was named “red rover” at the time.  Then he came to see me with Mary.  265 more words

Dealing with Canine Cancer

For most people their recollections of the year 2016 were defined by the American Presidential election, the British exit from the European Union, gun violence, terrorism, and a smattering of other issues. 1,923 more words


Cancer in dogs

“Cancer” is probably the scariest word that could come out of your veterinarian’s mouth in relation to your dog. Hopefully you never have to face that potential diagnosis with your dog, but you should know that many types of cancer that we deal with in canines are treatable, and even completely curable. 1,088 more words