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Run free Frida!

The last few days I could clearly see that Frida’s health was deteriorating quickly. On Wednesday she barely ate some pieces of scrambled eggs, I knew we were in trouble. 1,394 more words

Canine Cancer

Why Chemotherapy Is Not The Best Method To Treat Dog Tumor

On discovering that your dog has tumor, you may have to deal with an array of difficult emotions. You might come across lots of people who feel closer to their dog than anyone else in their life. 466 more words


It’s been about 3 years since I have been active blogging about my Luna girl and my store!  There is so much to learn about marketing strategies on the internet.  553 more words


Scrambled eggs along the way

Those of you who have known my Frida for a long time, know that she’s a food lover. Frida loves food, and she would eat anything at anytime. 693 more words

Canine Cancer

Don't worry Mum, I feel fine!


Ludo here, I is being a doggy scarf on my favourite spot on the sofa. In case you missed the last post I recently had a small lump removed from my back leg and it comed back from tests as being a kind of cancer. 684 more words

Lake District

Dog Cancer Diagnosis And Symptoms To Look For In Your Pet

If your dog has been diagnosed with Dog Tumors, you may react by saying, “Why didn’t I know the warning signs and symptoms?” There are numerous veterinarians out there who will tell you that you should have looked for this symptom or that symptom. 434 more words

Canine Cancer and Insulinomas - Sharing the experience with other dog owners

I never expected that writing about Daisy’s insulinoma would lead to meeting others who had gone or were going through the same thing.

It’s such a scary thing to find out your dog has cancer, no matter what kind it is, but having to make a quick decision on whether or not to do surgery is also scary. 732 more words