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One Day Left!

So the house is pretty busy this week.  Mom and the boys have been doing a lot of reorganizing and cleaning.  They keep telling me it’s for me… but…I really don’t need… 249 more words

Canine Amputation

Just Gross

Warning… this is ugly.

So for anybody who wanted a closer look, this is what I’m dealing with.  And this picture doesn’t show the worst of it.  333 more words

Canine Amputation

Not Feeling So Well

My lump ruptured with another hole.  This one is high up, near my armpit, and could possibly be related to the bandage I have to keep on.  336 more words

Canine Amputation

Three-Legged Dog

Mom was watching some post-op videos on amputees this morning.  She came across this one, and showed it to me.  She said it reminds her of me a little bit–this is way too much energy for me to put forth on anything.  157 more words

Canine Amputation


   Look at my new bed!

My house has hardwood floors that are really old.  Mom said when she moved in, the kitchen–which is where we go in and out–was in… 617 more words

Canine Amputation

Truck Ride!

I haven’t been in the truck since early summer because of the weather and the air-conditioning.  So when Mom said, “Daisy, let’s go!” I came running. 646 more words

Canine Amputation

Mom Can't Sleep

I am dozing on the couch.  I feel better today–that medicine Mom has been giving me has helped a lot.  My leg isn’t quite as swollen.  186 more words

Canine Amputation