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Ear crops

This is a highly controversial subject, but I’m gonna touch on it anyway: ear cropping in dogs.

What is ear cropping? To crop a dog’s ears means you cut off part of the ears. 293 more words



The funny thing about readers and bookmarks is, that true readers know, anything can make a good bookmark. From a receipt till a really expensive and cute bookmark from a bookstore and from a piece of carton till a thread that suddenly fell off of your sweater. 273 more words

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Why will my washer not agitate or spin?

If your top-loading washer will not rotate or agitate your wash, and you can turn the top of the agitator without turning the bottom of the agitator, then you may need to replace the… 271 more words

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Book Club No. 1

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
Held at Laura’s place on Thursday the 12th of Feb at 7PM… 553 more words
Book Club

The Miniscule Escape

It was a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast, and yet I was trapped inside a casino, losing yet again. Cigarette smoke surrounded me, seeping into my clothes and despite silicone earplugs, the sound of slot machines playing alluring tunes was like a million cuckoo clocks going off at once. 377 more words


Coby just continues to surprise us. Today both his ears are standing (normally one is up and one’s down). Could he be any cuter?


Ask Dr. Swingle! Topic: Ear Exams

Q: My veterinarian took an ear swab from my dog Boomer’s ear to analyze prior to giving me medication for his ear infection. Why was this necessary? 207 more words