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The Year of the Dog

One year ago, we added a canine element to our household — a 2-month-old Newfoundland puppy named Nelly.

She has certainly made a difference both to house and garden. 705 more words


Perimeter Dog Fence Made in the USA

Dash35.com Pet Supply Company is always looking for high quality America made pet products.  At this writing there is only one company called Perimeter Technologies. Perimeter Technologies, Inc. 1,515 more words


Pet Product Reviews Dash35.com

Visit Dash35.com for pet product reviews and feel free to write a review of a pet product. Dash35.com makes it so easy and no account needed, just write your review.     71 more words


Invisible Fence Rechargeable Batteries

IMPI EcoCap Rechargeable Invisible Fence Compatible Batteries. Save more than $1000 over the lifetime of your dog! Save more with multiple dogs!

IMPI EcoCap Invisible Fence Compatible Battery and Charger. 89 more words


Wired or Wireless Electric dog fence? What is best for you?

In Ground (wired) dog containment systems work by using a boundary wire that you place in a loop forms a perimeter for the containment area. 564 more words


The Gardening Dog Lover – a Conundrum No More! - News - Bubblews


Spring is right around the corner which means gardening time for many. These are some tips by a fellow blogger regarding gardening and dogs. It’s a good read. 8 more words


The Most Advanced Electronic Dog Fence Systems

Every dog owner would want to contain the pet within the vicinity to keep the dog safe from the danger. When a dog gives freedom to roam around, accidents can happen; the pet can get lost or stolen; he or she might get into a fight with other dogs; as well as can pick up diseases from outside water and food. 369 more words

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