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The BARBARIC 'Blood Sport' Of Dog Fighting On The Increase In The UK.

Dogs are being mauled and left for dead as the blood ‘sport’ of dog fighting grips Britain.

Dog fighting was outlawed in England in 1835, but carries on in a secret underground world run by organised criminals. 536 more words

Walking Around A City As A Female Alien?

Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a fictional city with some of my family like my brother GC and some other people, and I was possibly not myself during the dream or during the end of the dream but it is unclear. 217 more words



Dog fighting: Man bought cats on Gumtree as live bait

2 October 2019

A man who bought cats on Gumtree to use as live bait for fighting dogs has been jailed for 10 months. 444 more words


I-TEAM: Cleveland man investigated for dog fighting speaks out

CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I-TEAM went one-on-one with a man suddenly at the heart of a dog fighting investigation after what witnesses saw and videotaped in his back yard. 351 more words


GPD report: No indication of dog fighting in case of alleged cruelty to animals


A Griffin man – Courtney Montez Thomas, age 35 – has been charged with animal cruelty as the Griffin Police Department (GPD) is investigating the circumstances that resulted in one dog being euthanized and the placement of three others in the custody of Spalding County Animal Control. 844 more words

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Spike in stolen dogs could point to underground fighting rings in Alberta: animal society


It’s a brutal blood sport. A fight to the death match. Dog fighting rings involve high-stakes gambling and spectators bet on which breed has the stamina to win. 1,265 more words


Investigators seize dozens of dogs from Portsmouth home during dog fighting investigation

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – Investigators seized 33 dogs from a home on Bold Street during an investigation into dog fighting, according to a search warrant.

On March 7, Animal Control met with a man at a home and found 10 pit bull-type dogs chained up in the backyard. 250 more words