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One last day in Santa Cruz

This is my old stomping grounds and it feels quite natural to be here; that combined with some pretty perfect weather made me reluctant to leave when I’d planned to on Thursday, so I’ll stay an extra night and leave Friday as soon as the tent is dry enough to pack. 468 more words

Dog friendliest city in the US?

That’s what the Asheville, NC tourist board would have you think. We found that almost all the shops welcomed dogs, there was outdoor seating at many restaurants, and lots of the street art involved, or revolved around, dogs. 651 more words

Day of errands & treats

On Tuesday, Chico and I went to town, that is, the bigger town near me where things like stores and medical appointments happen for me. With a dozen or so errands to run, a number of them in dog friendly establishments, it was a good day to work on socialization. 668 more words

Paul's Liquors

Last fall I was in Washington, DC, visiting my family, and I went to the liquor store for my dad. Paul’s Liquors is a family run operation on Wisconsin Avenue, almost at the Maryland line and across the street from… 388 more words

My old home town goes (back) to the dogs

I went to college in Santa Cruz, California. A few years after I left, the city fathers banned dogs from the Pacific Garden Mall. The Mall is the town’s main shopping street and there used to be a lot of dogs there, many of them apparently unsupervised. 83 more words

Dog friendly

Chico came into my life as a very reactive dog. Anything that he didn’t understand made him lose his cool and because there were a lot of things he didn’t understand, he lost his cool a lot. 228 more words