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Grooming services are offered Monday through Saturday.

We offer complete and gentle grooming services Monday through Saturday. This includes stylish clips/trims with a soothing bath using a variety of all natural products, such as flea treatments, whiteners, and conditioning oatmeal. 195 more words

Dog's Day Inn Launches NEW Website!

We got a new look! Dog’s Day Inn of Richmond, VA, has launched a new website. We understand that the web is taking over how our customers are looking for businesses and services. 47 more words

Start to Finish--Miniature Poodle Haircut

Here is just a little something from my grooming journey today.

When I showed up.

Bathed, blow dried, and combed out.
Finished after his haircut. 19 more words


Transformation Monday: Before and After 

A lot of undercoat was removed from this guy! He looked so much better afterwards.


Today's Corgi Trim

A picture of a Corgi I groomed today. Wanted to do a comparison of one back leg tidied up versus not. You don’t need drastic cutting to make a huge difference in the appearance. 11 more words