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April 6, 2015 | Dream Journal | Aircraft Trying To Assassinate Michael Jackson In My Parent's Yard?

I really do not feel like typing my dream today and I feel like giving up on blogging as the WordPress.com team/Automattic continues to move in directions that make blogging more annoying/difficult/less enjoyable/buggy/impractical/illogical/limited/et ceterea for me, and they continue to mostly ignore our feedback/et cetera; but I am making myself type this anyway, but I can only handle so much and so at some point I will probably quit blogging if things get too bad here on WordPress.com. 1,154 more words

Dream Journal

Help Slacker Raise Money To Get Out Of The Michigan Human Society 'Dog House'!

Michigan Humane Society’s 26th annual Bow Wow Brunch is right around the corner and I volunteered to be “in the doghouse” this year with a few other CBS Radio personalities Chuck Edwards from WYCD and Holly Hutton from WOMC. 160 more words



Hello there! Do you want something new? are you fed up on buns and patties? Let me share to you my different food experience!

Because BURGERS are too mainstream nowadays! 210 more words

And so it (almost) begins: our last day before the crazy comes in

Hello everyone, it’s Cypress from Ms. Jo’s Engineering class. Today we watched a film called If You Build It  about thirteen teenagers from Windsor, North Carolina that participate in an unconventional and untested pilot design class. 521 more words

High Tech Dog House with a $30,000 Price Tag

I love dogs!  I absolutely love them.  I have a preference for big dogs but in the end, they all show unconditional love and are truly man’s best friend. 121 more words

Dog House

Dog House carpentry projects

Build your own doghouse:

Some of us are not as creative or skilled enough to design our own doghouses. This instructional document is to help the novice or semi-experienced carpenter to create their own doghouse for their children or even pets. 157 more words