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Hump Day Humour

No offence to my male followers.  But saw this on a friend’s wall, who happens to be male by the way, and thought it was so funny and just had to share  ;-)


Dog Houses - A Must Have Selection to Protect Your Dog from the Elements

With summer coming to a close, whether we like it or not the cool fall and cold winter weather is on the horizon. For that reason, having a place outside for your dog is pretty important so it is protected from the harsh elements, especially if it has to spend any length of time outside. 453 more words

What a "Dog House" Actually Looks Like

Many of us in the blogging world try and depict our perfect homes and perfect lives. Well that’s not the case here at Pippin Tails. 51 more words


What are we doing?

As mentioned previously we are doing a lot of work on preparing Sage for wherever we end up going in the Atlantic Ocean. We are also enjoying the wine, the food, the hikes, the sea and whatever special events are on offer. 271 more words


Post Series: Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related: Tiny dog house

it’s actually work,
building a tiny dog house,
despite the small size

This artwork was made of wooden sticks glued together.  A picture was taken, the picture was cropped, and there was computer alteration of the background.


Post Series: Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related: Dog house

the dog house ponders,
and asks the bowls and bright toys,
when will sound be heard

This artwork was made using a computer.

P.S.  Today on… 14 more words