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Dog Houses - A Must Have Selection to Protect Your Dog from the Elements

With summer coming to a close, whether we like it or not the cool fall and cold winter weather is on the horizon. For that reason, having a place outside for your dog is pretty important so it is protected from the harsh elements, especially if it has to spend any length of time outside. 453 more words

Most popular DIY in the Pack

Dog Pack: Carpentry projects for the dogs

Got lots of dogs? A big dog? Just love dogs… well this is the package of carpentry projects for you. 67 more words

Do It Yourself

Can I put my husband outside?

Hello people,

I haven’t written on this thing since my first post, which was only to get my mother out of my hair, but I’m having a really bad day, so I’m using the Internet as my venting box. 304 more words

Did Winter catch you unprepared?

With shopping, travel and the holidays having an extended Fall season was great!  No bad hair days on Christmas morning, no white-knuckled drives to Grandma’s house, and no house-full of guests dragging in snowy boots!  1,372 more words

Ridiculous doesn't cover it...

So, we have a dog house. But our dog house is custom-built thing that has shingles on the roof and everything. The entrance is separated from the house but facing the wall so that the rain doesn’t bother our pampered pooches as they enter. 131 more words


Chester, PA - Shop Amazing Dog Boxes For Your Pet

The Dog Kennel Collection specializes in Hand-crafted, quality made outdoor pet structure, boarding kennel or Dog Box in Harrisburg or Adams PA. Create your own custom kennel with additional options and upgrades including air conditioning, heat and more. 12 more words

Boarding Kennels

If we were having coffee...

If we were having coffee, I’d be chatting about this week and asking you how it went. What was your highlight? And what part would you rather forget? 192 more words