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GIS & Valentine's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day this week! We know, though, that inevitably some people are still in the dog house from a not-so-great Valentine’s Day performance. 108 more words


L-Shaped Doghouse

Nice big and unique house for your dog our dogs. Carpentry instructions to build an L-shaped doghouse with two doorways entering from ninety degrees. Its dimensions are 6x6x5, sitting on a deck that is six inches off the ground. 59 more words


On the bright side...

Sad day for America, but more locally, we found out what was going on with the chickens!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Only one egg yesterday! 74 more words


Help a Cold Dog Survive the Winter

Become a PETA “Angels for Animals” sponsor and help supply a sturdy new doghouse to a “backyard dog” struggling to survive the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures this winter. 22 more words

In the Dog House

I couldn’t find Meg this weekend, which was kind of concerning since she’s one of my old ladies in the yard. I called to her, and she was good enough to answer. 30 more words


Sundog, muddog..

Have you ever seen one of those colorful little rainbow “chunks” in the sky called a Sundog?

Photo credit Wikimedia.org

Now have you ever heard of a Muddog? 115 more words