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Happy's Thought of the Day: A Day of Love

A day of love is wonderful. It gives you time to pull away and tell your special someone how much and why you love them. But if you save up all those kind words and feelings of pour out like a feast upon one solitary day, is it any wonder that like a delicate flower, love dries up and shrivels away from a year of dearth and famine? 96 more words


Grief Is A Thing With…Fur? #dogs #novel

Sigrid Nunez’s new novel, The Friend (Riverhead), wryly and thoughtfully details how a woman copes with the loss of a dear friend — when she inherits her late friend’s dog, a gigantic Great Dane named Apollo. 14 more words

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Daisy, Daisy - A Song

Daisy, Daisy

My little Daisy-Poo

You’re so crazy,

You know that I love you

 You look like a teddy bear,

You lick and bite my hair,

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In The Dark

February 6th, 2018

The family found themselves in the dark without power on Saturday night.  It was to be our family night of watching the pilot episode of Deep Space Nine, part of the Star Trek World.  482 more words

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The Nose Wipe

January 30th, 2018

At the start of the weekend, three family members were taken down by a nasty flu bug.  Activities planned had to be cancelled as we realized that this health crisis was not going to be a 24 hour thing.  405 more words

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Read All About It

January 24th, 2018

Bailey will be three years old tomorrow.  I keep wondering, “Has it been that long?”  I only have to look back on Big Dog in the Big Land’s 115 blog posts to get my answer.  274 more words

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