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The Mellow Yellow Lick

October 17th, 2017

The north is often associated with the call of the wild.  In our house, it is the “Call of the Butter Wrapper”.  Bailey can be in a deep sleep, more or less dead to the world, oblivious to anything going on around her.  447 more words

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Happy's Thought of the Day: Worry

Worrying never solved anything. All it does is create more wrinkles which only adds to your list of things to worry about. So instead of worrying make an extra large cup of warm coco with marshmallows as well as one plate of your favorite cookies. 38 more words


A Festive Aroma

October 10th, 2017

The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend has now past.  Our waistlines are slightly larger after days of feasting.  We celebrated on Saturday night, a day earlier than the family normally does.  760 more words

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Labor and Delivery: The First Stage Of Labor and What Constitutes an Emergency

Today’s post will be covering Labor and Whelping – how to predict when labor will occur based on body temperature, the first stage of labor, a list of things to worry about during delivery that probably require veterinary attention, and another list of things that can seem troubling but are NOT emergencies.  972 more words

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Breathing Down My Neck

September 26th, 2017

The harvesting is done and the freezer is bulging with berries, rhubarb and herbs.  It was time to turn my attention to preparing the yard for winter.  384 more words

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Picture Perfect

September 19th, 2017

In my head, it was the perfect place to take the perfect photo of Bailey and her human pack.  The execution of this plan was not so perfect. 600 more words

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