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dripping faucet

From behind me, I heard the soft ping of splatter hitting a hard surface.  Seconds later, another drip followed.   A sort of pling…. pling…. pling sound vibrated through me.  493 more words



You’re getting dressed

in shirt and jeans

and all of us

know what that means.


We’re planted by

the riders door

we won’t be left, 45 more words


Pop Goes The Weasel!

April 21st, 2015

Last Wednesday started out like just another routine day with Bailey – up at 5 am for a quick session outside, played a round of fetch “Moosie” while I gulped that 1st cup of coffee, fed her at 5:45 am and out again at 6:20 am for her main business break.  770 more words

Big Land

Three Tips for Having a Smart, Working Dog

Having a Border Collie (or a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd Mix, as I do), is special.  Let me preface by saying I never dreamed of having a Border Collie.   882 more words

Travel Nursing

The Marshall is in town.

You stare at me but I dont flinch. This moment has been in the making for months. If you really feel that I owed you something, where is your knife or gun to enforce your thoughts? 93 more words