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Water, Perfect Water

What is there NOT to like about water??  It’s AMAZING!  It appears from the sky, it comes out of hoses and faucets, and let’s not  forget out of bottles, too! 142 more words


#Pugs in Costumes Fashion Show?

Ever wanted to see Pugs in Costumes? Well, now there’s a book about it. Check out the pugilicious fashions HERE (via Entertainment Weekly)!

Dog Books

State of Confusion

It has been my mission to find out what’s in their hands at all times.   Is it food, is it a toy, or maybe something else I can have???    208 more words


Drax's Handy Tip #3

If you are keeping up on my home life,  you know I have impulse control issues.

I have so far been caught with paper towels in my mouth, eating butter from the butter dish, knocking over beer bottles on the counters and well, the list goes on. 71 more words


Surprise Zoomie Attack

September 29th, 2015

Bailey surprised my husband and I with a “zoomie” outburst in the house.  It was not that we have never experienced Bailey zooming around like a deranged puppy.  493 more words

Newfoundland Puppy