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doG (poem)


Homecoming not just a doorway

We are delight

Joy the depth of our soul

Sanctuary of warmth and muscle

Our path the tall grass parting… 93 more words


My Dogchild Leejah

I don’t talk about my kids much. I have three. Oh it may help to mention they aren’t currently incarnated as people.. But they still assume they are equals. 376 more words


Permanently Employed By My Dog's Ears

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day: 

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.”

Franklin P. Jones

Dog is my co-pilot: dog hanging out right window… 183 more words

Consider Yourself Retooled

I’m retooling my blog. Writing about unemployment is all well and good but it felt limiting and I just got sick of it.  It’s depressing to write about finding a job (especially if you don’t have one yourself) and honestly after I found a job what interest I had in writing about finding a job went the way of the dinosaur. 392 more words


Buster Beat Cancer

My dog Buster had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a cancerous tumor from his right hind leg.

He’s eleven and a half years old and considering he’s a black lab-retriever mix he’s not exactly a young pup anymore. 440 more words


like her inhabitants

sometimes dark

sometimes the sun breaks through


Review: Dog Is My Co-Pilot

As I’ve said before, I’m not one who likes to read sappy stories about dogs. This is why I don’t watch dog movies. The dogs are always exceedingly and supernaturally noble and then they always get killed in the end. 412 more words

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