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Who Gets the Dog?

Dogs are family. That’s obvious to most people who share their lives with family. But under the law, pets are treated like property — no different from a table or a toaster. 235 more words

The Thinking Dog Blog

On a lead or not?

It seems that  a future Glen of Imaal Terrier owner (never owned one before) thinks it ” very sad to see a dog on a lead in the countryside……. 212 more words

General Glen Things

What should I do if my dog bites someone?

Every dog has the potential to bite and cause serious damage—even small lap dogs.  The best thing you can do as a pet-parent is 335 more words


Education, Education, Education

While I was being interviewed by a radio station this morning about a child who had had his thumb bitten off by a Staffie, it got me thinking about the importance of educating people – both owners and children in general – about dogs. 508 more words