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Licences, Supplies, and Potty Problems

I always have trouble finding the Animals Services office among the county buildings. There are groups of buildings all down B Street for different departments and services, and I always drive up and down the street at least two times before remembering that Animal Services is actually much farther down the street, across an intersection, past the jail and juvenile detention centers, past the fenced lot where they park unused school buses and other vehicles, at the very end of the road in a sad little stone-block building that is also the animal shelter, or pound. 190 more words


Pitbulls and tough guys

First off ….where did those things come from? When I was a kid all I had to worry about were German Shepherds. Couple a bites and some screaming at it and they let go and ran off. 323 more words

Dog Licensing



State Law mandates all dogs, at least four months old, must be licensed annually by April 30th. 20 more words

Town Clerk

How responsible of a dog owner are you?

September is Responsible Pet Ownership Month. Sounds boring, right? But it’s important!

It’s easy to think of your furry friend as part of the family, one of the kids, (a holy terror… ), but it’s also easy to forget that they are totally dependent on you. 423 more words

Veterinary Medicine