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Animal Small Paws Rescueūüíē

This is a fab charity taking in all kinds of rescue animals. They are so well cared for by them and many have come from death row! 186 more words

A Jack Russell Face Plants During Skills Challenge

During the skills competition at a dog show, ¬†it’s probably best to avoid tripping and falling on your face. ¬†Olly the Jack Russel learned that lesson the hard way. 59 more words


Molly the Maltipoo enjoying her grooming

Need we say more? ¬†Isn’t Molly cute? ¬†Molly is enjoying her dog grooming session. ¬†She behaves through every dog grooming processes. ¬†Like what you see? ¬†Call us at (310) 329-2649 to book your grooming appointment. ¬† 10 more words

Dog Grooming Examples

KOOL Dog of the Week - Holiday

Holiday is a min pin that was found as a stray. ¬†We think she’s about 5 years old; her face has grayed but her teeth are really white and clean ¬† She gets along well with other dogs, but would be fine ¬†as an only dog too. ¬† 55 more words


KOOL Dog of the Week - AVERY (AAWL)

AVERY, the German Shepard mix, needs a home for the holidays.  She is FULL of energy and will need a family the train  her tobring thebest out of her. 25 more words


KOOL Dog of the Week - Farley

This pint-size pup loves to snuggle and be held, but he also has spunk and will play with just about anything.

Farley- Tied up to a fire hydrant and abandoned by his owner, this 11-week-old pup was left without a friend in the world. 154 more words