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Tips and Tricks for Leaving Your Pup Home Alone

Any dog lover knows the feeling of having to leave your dog for long periods of time occasionally. You’re out busy at work, school, or with friends and you can’t help but think about how your pup is holding up back at home by themselves. 612 more words


Owners that yell: snapshots of a day

Interesting day.

Nothing particularly special happened; it was a Sunday, I traveled into town and walked around a pet friendly in- and outdoor market, then walked back some 8 miles along the shore. 851 more words

Dog Training

so you want to be a dog mom

My siblings and I did not have dogs growing up – a direct result of my dad’s allergy (only now better classified as an “allergy”). Because of this, I often consider only the idealized facets of becoming a pet owner: being welcomed lovingly after a long day; taking walks in picturesque weather; experiencing a unique kind of unconditional love. 514 more words


Tun Mahathir May Bark like He’s the Top Dog, but Lim Kit Siang and His DAP Still Control the Leash!

Tun Mahathir barks before the media like he is the ‘Top Dog’ for Pakatan Harapan, but Lim Kit Siang and the DAP still control his along with Pakatan Harapan’s (PPBM, PKR and Amanah’s) leash. 518 more words

Tun Mahathir

The Special Bond With Your Dog

Chemical bonding is a lasting attraction between two atoms creating an attraction with opposing charges. Much like this known fact, the bond of a mother and her child is a strong bond just like the bond between a dog and its owner. 166 more words

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Love Your Dog!

I am so absolutely discouraged by whoever it is that lives behind me that claims to be a dog owner. I get up very early, I mean 3:00 a.m. 327 more words

Random Thoughts

Are Dog Owners a "Special Breed?" What Your Dog Says About You

By Claudia Klett

Wherever you go hiking, one thing is clear: You will encounter dogs. And their owners, of course.

But whether you are a dog lover or not, have you ever asked yourself if dog owners share certain character traits – because they own a dog? 373 more words