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In Darkness Looms the Runner

Of late my runs, the kind of foot not of bowel, have had to take place at that magic hour of sunset, when shadows pull across ones path eventually bleeding into darkness. 126 more words


A Woman Is Suing Her Employer For Not Giving Her Maternity Leave After Adopting A Puppy

UPDATE: Whoops. Looks like this story was a stab at satire by CBC. Why would a legitimate news source have a satire section under it’s banner? 299 more words

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Dog Attack Victims Say Owners Not Punished Enough

(CBS) — We often hear of dog attacks, some even fatal. So what’s being done to stop attacks or punish the dogs’ owners?

In this original report, CBS 2’s Mai Martinez found the answer is: not much. 411 more words


21 Definite Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time With Your Dog

1. There are days where you talk more to your dog than to people. And by “days” I mean every day.

2. You choose your outfit according to your dog’s fur: What clothes will match the dog hair best? 321 more words