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Birds are for the Dogs

Most people say that their dog loves to look at, chase or bark at birds. If you have one, you might want to consider putting a bird feeder outside a window that your dog can see. 46 more words

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Doggy Do

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
Charles de Gaulle

I’ve been noticing lately on my daily walks that dog owners seem to spend more time on their dogs grooming than themselves. 39 more words


Sam and Routine Gr-r-r

Sam can tell time, well…..sort of.

Every afternoon at four o’clock Sam gets hungry. His regular dinnertime is five-his humans keep him on a strict eating schedule-but Sam’s tummy clock tells him he needs to eat. 140 more words

Small Talk About Sam

Lights Out

Sidney’s Bark Out

Hey, friends. Mom has moving us to a new house with a big yard and woods where we can run. I know mom is concerned about not being able to see me at night. 91 more words

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Death Throes of the Guilty Look

I just talked to a potential client who is interested in bringing his 7-month-old Golden Doodle to train with us at AutumnGold. His dog, Penny, has the usual young dog issues – jumping up, a bit of nipping during play, still the occasional slip in house training, etc. 1,565 more words


Dog Training at a Tijuana Brew Pub

A well-dressed young couple sitting at the table next to the table where I am sitting decides it is a good time for their husky to practice her training skills. 275 more words


10 Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

Your dog is your best, most loyal friend, and you want to make sure he’s getting the best care he can get. As technology addresses real-life needs more and more each day, companies and non-profits are creating apps to make sure every Fido, Spot and Princess receives the attention he or she deserves.

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