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Things that make me grumpy....when running....or this could be a really long list!!

All this time running is giving me plenty of time to think. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had time to reflect on how lucky I am for lots of things in life….family & health to name just a couple. 507 more words


Like a dog, if you find yourself in a hole…just stop digging!

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Reader Letter: Clean up after dogs in our parks

I’m not sure who the ignorant owners are that leave dog crap in our parks. I have walked the Ford Test Track for many years and have seen hundreds of piles of poop that someone has eventually cleaned up. 128 more words


Judgement day...

Dogs don’t judge us by our relatives. So, even though it might be tough, maybe we shouldn’t judge our friends by their relatives either.

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When you (or your dog) wallows with pigs, expect to get dirty!

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A dogs path

Even for dogs: Every path has a few puddles!!