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Good Manners

Good manners do pay off. For being so well behaved, Patches and Cali were upgraded to their “doggie suite.” Thanks to the superb front desk staff at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel for making this extra sweet!


Yep, It's Still Cold...

I embarked on an adventure outside this morning with brother Gus and yes it is still cold… I could have sworn dad said it was going to warm up this weekend, but my paws tell me it’s about 6° outside. 131 more words

French Bulldog

WATCH OUT!!! You Almost Stepped In That. : Volume 2

It’s a shame that I have to write yet another blog post about people not picking up their dog’s poop. But it seems that the situation is getting worse. 199 more words


Are Dogs Right or Left Pawed

Left or Right-Pawed? Can dogs be left or right-pawed like people are left or right-handed? Sure can. Scientists placed a piece of tape in the middle of a dog’s nose and recorded which paw they used to remove it. 19 more words

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what an agile beast
is the labradoo
it can crouch on a wall
while doing a poo
I saw one this morning
by the cemetery gate… 197 more words


Oh Where Has Time Gone?

Trudy the french bulldog here. Yes, it’s been too long since I last posted. What can I say? I’ve been busy learning to be a big sister to my 111 more words

French Bulldog

Doggone It. Stop Jumping on Me!

Dogs usually jump up on people to get their attention. It doesn’t matter to them if it is negative or positive attention. The more you push them away, the more they jump. 72 more words

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