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Dog Leg Weaving

Start with your dog sitting or standing at your left side. Hold several small treats in each hand. Take a large step with your right foot and drop your right hand straight down on the outside of your right leg while giving the verbal cue “WEAVE”. 140 more words

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Safety in Your Backyard for Your Dog

Durfey’s Dogs Canine Hints:   Protect your dog from dangers in your own back yard. Fence your yard and make sure that gate is closed before he goes out. 67 more words

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Louie the Dog

I’ve got plenty of poems to post, but I’ve postponed posting new pages.  Just posted… Louie the Dog in the Poems section by VJP.



My parents own 2 dogs. A terrier and a German shepherd. My girls and I have fallen in love with the German shepherd. Her name is Shelby. 400 more words


What's your dog's name?

Visiting the pristine Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria last weekend, I was happily soaking up the peace, gazing at the gorgeous vistas, deeply breathing in the natural fragrances, running along Norman Beach, taking dips in the crystal clear waters, and wondering what else makes me love this place so much. 333 more words

Make My Day

Once, I caught a man in our front yard. With leash attached to the dog’s collar and gripped in the man’s hand, he watched as his dog urinated on our newly planted bushes. 1,366 more words

Clean up Dog Poop

Durfey’s Dogs Canine Courtesy: Clean up after your dog. People take pride in a clean community. It also prevents the spread of worms/eggs in the feces to and from other dogs.


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