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If you buy from a breeder, it better be from a good one

Purchasing a puppy is fun experience and a big responsibility. One of the most important considerations potential owners face when getting a puppy is choosing a responsible breeder. 354 more words

The Dog Squad

The sun fought its way through the cloud cover as I waited for the traffic to clear. I crossed Greenwood Avenue and made my way to the event entitled “Join the Dog Squad” at Phinney Books in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. 355 more words



Yesterday, when I got back home, I found one of our three puppies lying in the backyard. Lifeless. I only had enough time to bundle him up in an old towel and move him to an area that provided enough shade from the scorching heat of the sun before I had to attend to the second puppy. 592 more words

This Is How You Know If Your Dog Loves You As Much As You Love Them

Dogs do so much for us: they protect us, they transport us, they guide us, and they love us. All they ask for is food, shelter, exercise and affection. 818 more words

Pet Owners Have Healthier Hearts

A furry (or scaly or feathery) friend offers an extra health boost for people living with chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure by strengthening their tickers.

Find out why.

Health & Safety

Moving with a Pet? Here are some tips.

The following is a guest post, contributed by John at MovingFC.com. Thanks, John!

Are you a pet owner who is looking for a new home or will be moving to a new one soon? 417 more words

Buying A House

What a veterinarian and a dog massage therapist have in common

I came across an article recently which was a sort of a “Vets Tell You What They Really Think” piece.  It listed 50 things that the veterinarian would love to say, but can’t, because it would be either too forward or too unprofessional (or both). 545 more words