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16 Embarrassing Moments All Dog-Owners Will Instantly Recognize And Relate To

1. Jumping into a conversation tell a HILARIOUS story about something your dog did when people were clearly (most likely) talking about their human children. But you have pictures too! 423 more words

Raising a Child Vs Dog: Tweets to note

Early this morning as I was scrolling through twitter I saw a chain of Tweets that caught my attention. It was an old high school peer of mine who just so happened to have a son recently. 254 more words

Teddy and Donny

In the waiting room were two women, not actually at the same time but they were together. Both about 5′ 4″ tall, probably around the age of 70, with collar length hair, hairdresser set with coloured blonde patches. 251 more words

The pup...

The following appeared on my email this morning.  I do not know from whence it came, but thought you would enjoy.

The legend of the pup:  His father takes him into the forest and leaves him alone.  167 more words

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Friday's Quick Pick: Poem/My Dog at the Park

The usual motley group was there
as I passed muddy grass slopes where
everyone brings their canine companions,
then circles up to watch them romp and court. 193 more words

Counting my chickens

Tonight was destined for greatness. We sat together for a fantastic dinner, spring break was on the horizon, Big Sister was catching up with a friend on the phone, I was prepping lunches for tomorrow, the kitchen was cleaned and Little Sister was about to shoot some hoops with my husband who was home for the evening. 570 more words



Friends don’t keep scorecards!!!

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