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Snow’s Face When Mentioning Fasting

The boys and Sasja fast once a week the day after they have a larger meal. Fasting means they just don’t eat for the whole day. 128 more words

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Friends:  I am getting queries regarding the relationship between my last two dog-related books: The Bog, the Legend of Man’s Best Friend and most recently… 82 more words

The Dog that Never Sleeps

Ever since Echo came to stay, things have been topsy-turvy around here.

Now don’t get me wrong, Echo’s not living with us. I do not now own three dogs. 703 more words


Why Are We Doing This?

Dogs have dramatically impacted both of our lives in so many ways. Obviously, we love our dogs and want the best for them, just like every other owner out there. 194 more words

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What is Lake Erie Dogs?

You are experiencing the beginning of what we hope to be a company that stands for years to come. Lake Erie Dogs is essentially an informative place where we plan to share all things dog with you. 237 more words

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5 Common Traits of a Rescue

After taking a pet in from a shelter, they are absolutely skeptical about their surroundings. I am going to share 5 common traits of a rescue dog… 587 more words